Neocon traitors and Deep State agents within Trump Adminstration advance Israeli agenda



Neocon traitors and Deep State agents within Trump Adminstration advance Israeli agenda

“Neo-Con Traitors, Trumpian Deception, And The Israeli Agenda”

by Patrick J. McShay

“To refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain the last best hope of earth for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems, is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma that Americans consigned to the ash heap of History” – John “Traitor McCain”

“It’s a big Club and we’re not in it. The table is tilted folks, the game is rigged, and nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care. And that’s what our owners want. It’s what they count on. They want us willfully ignorant.” – George Carlin

Traitor McCain forgets that it was those spurious nationalists that rightly said invading Iraq for Israel was a horrible idea. I suppose he thought invading Iraq was part of our “obligation of international leadership.”.The Iraqis would beg to differ Mr. McCain. Those crazy nationalists won’t soon forget the phony evidence cooked up by McCain’s handlers in Tel Aviv to deceive our nation into an illegal war. They won’t forget disgraced former General Colin Powell’s fabricated yellowcake uranium speech at the UN and They won’t likely forget the little Eichmann’s that made up the “Project For A New American Century” that planned the war for Bibi Netanyahu years before 911. You might remember some of the authors of this long-planned war in Iraq. There was Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Jeb Bush to name just a few. History won’t likely forget McCain’s support for the unconstitutional and illegal Patriot Act and National Defense Authorization Act that gut the Bill of Rights.

What “tired dogma” is he referring to? Is he talking about our precious American sovereignty that he thinks so little of? He said, “We have a moral obligation to continue our just cause.” Does he mean arming terrorists in the Middle East? Traitor McCain was more responsible for the rise of ISIS than any other single person on the planet. The fact that this despicable human stain is still in a position of power should send chills to every American.

Unbelievably Traitor McCain was giving his recent speech in Philadelphia while receiving The National Constitution Center’s Liberty Medal in recognition of his decades of service. This vile, belligerent, warmongering, little bully who has broken promise after promise to the people of the State of Arizona and America should spend his remaining years apologizing to his constituents for his years of lying and his disappointing leadership. I don’t recall McCain ever criticizing Obama the way he has whined about Trump. Obama took some time off from his highly lucrative speechmaking to stump for candidates in New Jersey and spoke about the unnamed former reality star turned politician who has “time and time again attempted to divide us”. This from a president who divided us everytime he opened his mouth.

Russian scandals only get attention in the media if Donald Trump is involved, and it makes him look bad. They aren’t interested at all in covering the Obama/Hillary Clinton deal to sell 20% of our county’s Uranium to Russia. Peter Schweizer, the author of “Clinton Cash” said that as the Uranium deal was coming together The Clinton Foundation received more than $145 Million from the 9 shareholders in this Uranium Company that was sold to the Russians as this deal was being put together. These donations were never declared publicly and were hidden by the Clinton’s. This blatant pay for play should result in a long prison sentence. Instead, we get a special prosecutor to waste millions of taxpayer dollars looking for a non-existent Russian/ Trump connection. So the question is why is the Trump Administration protecting Hillary Clinton but are OK with Paul Manafort being raided by a SWAT team at the crack of dawn? Is Hillary Clinton above the law? Trump’s attorneys would have to say yes.

Deep State cover-ups are not uncommon at this level of government. Thousands of documents that were sealed away since John Kennedy was assassinated, to no doubt hide an even larger cover-up than most conspiracy theorists already have uncovered. No one who has looked into Kennedy’s assassination just a little bit believes that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, yet every year the corporate owned and controlled news media will report the same old tired lies with a straight face and we roll our eyes and get on with our lives. These sealed documents that hold so much truth and so many government secrets and lies are due to be released very soon and Trump has said he will make a determination soon on whether he will unseal them. The CIA is urging him to keep them sealed so don’t hold your breath.

Tom Fitton the President of Judicial Watch, a watchdog on government corruption, has accused Trump administration appointees of continuing to cover up crimes committed by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and many others in that administration. Fitton has said that their attorneys have been battling Trump Administration attorney’s in Jeff Sessions Justice Department who are defending Hillary and Obama. Fitton says they have filed dozens of lawsuits since Trump took office and can’t believe Sessions is working so hard to cover for these criminals. This is getting no coverage in the media.

Just recently 2800 emails were recovered from Huma Abedin’s computer and Sessions Justice Department has refused to release them. Why? This story appears to be off limits. No one in the media will report on it. It reminds me of the Iran Contra hearings where it was revealed the American CIA, the military the Governor of Arkansas, and a number of high-level officials that went all the way to the Vice President of the United States were involved in a massive Cocaine drug smuggling operation. The media went into cover-up mode and the public never learned details of the Cocaine operation.

The CIA was actually using street gangs like the Crips and Bloods to distribute the drugs that fueled the Crack Cocaine explosion in the 1980’s. Gary Webb won a Pulitzer for breaking the blockbuster story that the rest of the media ignored and then attacked Webb relentlessly until he was blacklisted from working and later suicided with 2 bullets to his brain.

The public still looks at accusations of government drug smuggling as a conspiracy theory. Why do you suppose Loretta Lynch was questioned behind closed doors today about her tarmac meeting with Bubba? The same reason Bush and Cheney were interviewed behind closed doors during the 911 investigation cover-up. The public is not allowed to see the crimes of the elite because these people are above the law and will never pay a price for their crimes.

George Bush “the Dumber” was rolled out by his globalist controllers to read a speech, obviously written by someone else, criticizing Trump, extolling the virtues of open borders, illegal immigration humility, patience, freedom and enough “why can’t we all get along Bullshit” to choke 5 Afghani goat herders at Guantanamo. This from the guy who is responsible for killing over a million people. He read that teleprompter like a second grader reading a second language. Poor George, I doubt he understood any of it anyway.

He’s been holed up in a room like a mental patient these past few years painting bad portraits of disabled soldiers, who for some reason don’t seem to understand that Mr. Bush and his warmongering cabinet lied us into an illegal war over a sovereign nation that posed no threat to the United States. These liars have lost any moral authority that they arrogantly thought they possessed. You can’t lead as a nation when everyone on the planet hates you. Sociopaths like Traitor McCain and dopey W don’t get it and never will.

What is worse is they sell the lie to an ignorant and distracted public that our troops are fighting for our freedoms. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is Traitor McCain, George W Bush, and Barack Obama, and the Clintons have made this world a more dangerous place and our freedoms have continued to evaporate since 911. This government continues to spy on all of us illegally and says it is for our own good. You know, because of the war on terror. Do you still buy this nonsense?

Flamboyant Congresswoman Frederica Wilson D-Fla, who dresses like a colorful Rodeo Clown and reminds me a little of Weezy on the “Jeffersons”, exploited the death of an Army Green Beret Sgt La David Johnson when she accused Trump of disrespecting Johnsons Widow, and then accused Retired Marine General John Kelly of racist remarks because she didn’t understand a term he used. I know Trump says some really boneheaded things about I don’t believe he would disrespect a Veterans widow on a condolence call.

It did give the Congresswoman the opportunity, with the camera’s on her all week, to show America that she has a matching cowboy hat for every goofy outfit in her closet. This woman is an embarrassment to Congress. It’s no wonder people hate politicians. This woman believes she is a star. She dresses and acts like a game show host. We need serious people in these positions, not someone whose goal is to make a grandstanding spectacle of themselves at the expense of others.

Most Americans probably don’t even know that over a million people have been killed and trillions spent on this phony war on terror that sent this economy into a tailspin from which we may never recover. But hey the Stock Market is at an all-time high so let’s pretend that we aren’t in the middle of a retail bloodbath and a Stock Market bubble that most experts say is about to pop.

The market has been rising to record highs and most have no idea why. The Investment Watch Blog points out that the Central banks have been printing currency in piles and heaps and handing it out to corporations all over the World. Retail Inventories are up, sales are down and companies are borrowing big bucks to buy up their own stock to drive the value. shopping malls are ghost towns so it’s not difficult to predict how that will turn out.

This pervasive tactic has never been done in our history. The Central banks plan to roll back liquidity and they intend to roll back $1 trillion dollars in the US over the next 12 months. Anyone paying attention knows that would be a disaster. They can’t raise rates much more without causing major problems. 5000 retail stores are closing by the end of this year. Thousands closed last year and the year before. Rising vacancies and the inevitable mortgage delinquencies will create a big problem in the commercial real estate market. This should be good news for Gold and Silver that have been manipulated and undervalued for years.

If nothing else Trump has proven that he will be an obedient warmonger for Israel. With Neo-Con Nikki Haley and a Coterie of compliant Generals who are equally sold out to Israels plans to redesign the borders of the Middle East, don’t look for the US to get out of Syria anytime soon. The US is taking a lot of credit for the demise of ISIS except no one but the American people are buying it. Putin has accused the US and her allies of funding and supporting ISIS and the rest of the World understands what’s going on. John McCain has egg all over his face over the Syrian debacle. Nikki Haley scolded Iran on Wednesday and said the UN Security Council has allowed Iran to get away with violations and it must stop. Someone should tell this ignorant Israeli puppet that no country ignores and violates more UN Security Council resolutions than Israel.

No one was a bigger cheerleader for terrorism in Syria than John McCain. When you heard of atrocities and murders of Christians, Priests, and missionaries, you can point a finger at John McCain. Christians and Muslims lived peacefully in Syria for decades. That all changed when the US, at John McCain’s urging, began funding terrorist groups in Syria. He was also behind the Civil War in Libya where the US armed vicious terrorists that roamed the country murdering innocent civilians. Obama and Hillary Clinton were right there supporting this disgraceful policy.Benghazi was a gun running operation arming terrorists. Americans should be ashamed. They would be if any of them were to ever learn the truth through this sea of disinformation.

Anyone who takes the time to read the policy paper, “A Clean Break” written in 1996 by the aforementioned Neo-Con Project for A New American Century 5 years before 911, will find that US foreign policy has been dictated by Israel for a long time and the war in Iraq was being planned years before 911. This is a plan for Israeli full spectrum dominance over the Middle East. It is a newer version of Oded Yinon’s Plan written in 1982 for a Greater Israel that would stretch from The River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, which includes large chunks of several countries including Syria and Lebanon.

Trump’s decision to exit the Iran nuclear deal is really bad news. Bibi is no doubt ecstatic to have a president in the Oval office as easily led around as the Neo-Con patsy George W. Bush.The people surrounding the President are all sold out to Israel. Nothing good will come from it. They hate us and we pretend not to know.

E-mails confirm Bill Clinton met with Russian President Vladimir Putin just before the Uranium One deal was finalized. Right after his half million dollar speech to a Russian Bank

At least 16 gun control bills have been filed in Congress since the false flag shooting in Las Vegas.

By the time the American people realize that the war on terror was designed for them to be the final victim, it will be too late.

Patrick J. McShay

George Carlin — “The Big Club”.