Illuminati Esoterica Associated With The Las Vegas Mass Shooting


The photo on the right shows Luxor and Mandalay Bay’s second tower


 Illuminati Esoterica Associated With The Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Route 91 Harvest Massacre

Research Leads and Notes on the 
The map of our collective dream world is being perpetually redrawn
By Michael Hoffman •

Updated October 3 at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time

Our colleague S.K. Bain notes that the Route 91 Harvest Massacre took place on October 1, with 91 days left in the year. The countdown has begun.

1. The shooter’s father, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock II.
2. The shooter, Stephen Paddock
3. His live-in girlfriend: Marilou Danley 

4. The Weirdness

Washington Post online, Oct. 2, 5:10 p.m. Pacific“After the shooting, officers found Stephen Paddock dead with 23 guns on the 32nd floor…”
“23” and “32” are significant numbers.
October 2: “Police believe Paddock acted alone in executing the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.”

Less than a day after the atrocity, when a thorough investigation should just be starting, police are certain that Paddock acted alone and had no help whatsoever? How can they know this? On what basis can this clairvoyant conclusion be reached so soon, without the kind of massive investigation that would take days or weeks?

Is a lone nut meme being implanted in our minds early, so that the meme will be fixed in the collective consciousness of the people and preempt our susceptibility to subsequent revelations that may demonstrate that the Route 91 Harvest Massacre involved more than one man who may have indeed had assistance or direction of some kind?

Benjamin Hoskins Paddock II
(“Bingo Bruce Ericksen”)
Ten Most Wanted by the FBI

Father of Stephen Paddock

What strikes this writer thus far, apart from occult synchronicities and symbolism (see section 4), is the biography of the shooter’s father, a Ten Most Wanted fugitive who enjoyed a partial and episodic immunity from the Federal and local governments for his crimes. Benjamin Hoskins Paddock was not even required to serve out the remaining eleven years of the bank robbery sentence he had evaded by escaping from prison; nor was he punished for a subsequent bank robbery, or attempting, in Las Vegas, to kill an officer with his car — beyond serving several months in jail. Subsequent financial crimes years later, involving racketeering, also proved to have little consequence for the shooter’s father who, it can be said, seemed to live a charmed life.

This is reminiscent of a contemporary A-list movie star who, in return for not publicizing his father’s role (of which the actor is well aware), as one of the riflemen who assassinated President Kennedy — can do no wrong in Hollywood. Like the famous movie star, Stephen Paddock seems to have lived a charmed life prior to allegedly machine-gunning the patrons of the Harvest Festival in Las Vegas.

The FBI Wanted Poster for Benjamin Hoskins Paddock stated that he “was an avid bridge player,”  and “ had been “diagnosed as psychopathic, has carried firearms in commission of bank robberies” and “reportedly has suicidal tendencies and should be considered armed and very dangerous.

Benjamin Hoskins Paddock II was born in Wisconsin in 1926. His life of crime began with a 1946 conviction in Illinois on ten counts of auto theft and five counts of running a confidence game.

From the Eugene-Register Guard (Oregon) Sept. 15, 1978:

A Springfield bingo parlor manager arrested last week as a long-sought federal prison escapee was ordered to San Francisco to face a 1960 robbery charge. Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, 51, manager of The Bingo Centre at 612 Main St., received the order in an appearance before US Magistrate Michael Hogan in Eugene.

Paddock is charged with the armed robbery of a San Francisco bank on June 4, 1969, about six months after this escape from a federal prison in Texas. Paddock — who had been sentenced to 20 years in prison after a 1960 conviction for bank robbery —  was placed on the FBI’s “most wanted’ list after his 1969 escape.

He lived in  the Eugene- Springfield area for several years under the name Brice Werner Ericksen. He managed to escape detection by changing his appearance and avoiding contact with law enforcement agencies that might have resulted in fingerprinting, according to the FBI.

According to the Tucson Citizen Daily, April 27, 1971, the massacre shooter’s father was arrested in Las Vegas. At the time of the arrest Benjamin Hoskins Paddock attempted to run down an FBI agent in Las Vegas with his car.
Benjamin “Chromedome” Paddock
Ex-Tucsonian Makes FBI List Of 10 Most Wanted
By Gilbert T.Matthews
Tucson Citizen Daily, April 27, 1971
Known to his associates as “Chromedome,” “Old Baldy,” and “Big Daddy,” Benjamin Hoskins Paddock is Tucson’s contribution to the FBI’s list of 10 most-wanted fugitives. He made the list after escaping on Dec. 31, 1968, from the Federal Correctional Institution at La Tuna, Tex., where he was serving a 20-year sentence for robbing a Phoenix bank in 1960.
Paddock — alias Perry Archer, Benjamin J. Butler, Leo Genstein, Pat Paddock and Patrick Benjamin Paddock — hasn’t been seen or heard from since.
At the time of the robbery, Paddock lived in Tucson with his wife and four children. Neighbors said they couldn’t believe that the colorful businessman, then 34 years old, was involved in crime.
Paddock sold garbage disposal units here under the business name of Arizona Disposer “Chromedome” Co. He called himself “Big Daddy” in connection with a night club operation on North 1st Avenue.
Before selling the disposal units, he operated an East Broadway service station and also sold used cars. Although he was imprisoned for the…holdup of a branch of the Valley National Bank in Phoenix, Paddock also had been accused of two other bank robberies. Those charges were dropped after his conviction.
Palmer M. Baken Jr., agent in charge of the Phoenix FBI office described Paddock as being “A glib, smooth-talking man who is egotistical and arrogant.” (End quote from the Tucson Citizen Daily).
Shooter’s criminal father enjoyed relative immunity
Benjamin Hoskins Paddock was paroled circa 1979 after his capture, serving merely a year for multiple bank robberies, attempting to run over a Federal officer and prison escape.
His parole application was supported by the City Mayor and the County Commissioner.
In 1987 Benjamin Hoskins Paddock was again arrested. He was charged with penalties amounting to $623,000 for racketeering. Circuit Judge George Goodrich reduced Paddock’s fine to $100,000 and no jail time.
“Bingo Bruce Ericksen” died in Texas in January, 1998 at age 77. His live-in companion for the last ten years of his life had been Laurel Paulson, a woman he’d met in Eugene.
(Cf. Eugene-Register Guard Feb. 9, 1998).
Stephen Paddock
Their father was once on the FBI ten most wanted list. He was an escaped bank robber. Because of that, their father was rarely around for either son. “I was born on the run,” said Stephen Paddock’s brother, Eric Paddock.
Property records show Stephen Paddock had homes in both Mesquite, Tex., and Mesquite in Nevada.
After the shooting, Paddock was found dead by officers on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.
Police believe Paddock was a “lone nut” attacker.
Lockheed Martin, the defense giant, said that Paddock worked for them for three years in the 1980s.
“He was worth more than $2 million, relatives said. Before retiring, he made a small fortune from real estate deals and a business that he and (his brother) Eric Paddock sold off. …Eric Paddock…recalled one time when the entire family took over the top floor of the Atlantis at the casino’s expense…California records show that Paddock married a woman named Peggy Okamoto in 1985. They divorced in 1990 citing ‘irreconcilable differences.” (Washington Post online, October 2).
Marilou Danley 

Police released a picture of Danley, 62, saying they were searching for her as a person of interest. They later said they she was out of the country, and has since been located and detained. Authorities called her a companion of Paddock. Authorities described Danley as a Filipina lady, 4 foot 11 inches tall and weighing 111 pounds.

“In recent years, Danley had become his girlfriend, relatives said. Authorities said Danley was out of the country at the time of the shooting and was located in Tokyo. She is not considered a suspect. At one point, Danley worked as a high-limit hostess for Club Paradise, a rewards program in the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in Reno, Nev.” (Washington Post, Oct. 2).

The Route 91 Harvest Festival turned into a harvest of human beings. In pre-Christian nature religions humans were sacrificed to the dark gods during the autumn harvest.

According to advertisements, the “Route 91 Harvest” was “powered by Sirius” (i.e. Sirius XM radio — no accusation of wrongdoing is being leveled against Sirius XM, or anyone associated with Sirius XM).

The obelisk, the control icon of Pharaonic Egypt which hallowed Sirius, squats in front of the Mandalay hotel.

33rd degree Freemason Albert Pike identified the star Sirius as the “blazing star” of the masonic lodges.

The people were slaughtered, like an offering, in front of these cult objects, that were directly across from them in “Sin City.”

Paddock shot from the 32nd floor of the hotel. The 32nd degree in Freemasonry is among the highest.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the name “Paddock” is another word for a “familiar spirit in the shape of a toad.”
In Shakespeare’s Macbeth (act 1, scene 1), the three witches speak:
I come, Grimalkin
Paddock calls anon.
Fair is foul, and foul is fair,
Hover through the fog and filthy air.

In Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare and issues of our Revisionist History newsletter, we pointed to a civic magic that was beginning to be revealed publicly with no noticeable counter-reaction from the people.
In the wake of the 9/11 Terror attacks, the mass open air occult process has increased dramatically, as the processing has increased. More than 30 million children safe in their mother’s wombs were subsequently ripped from them and tossed into Molech’s dumpsters with the assent of the US government and at least half of the American people.
Every year the U.S. government “accidentally” kills hundreds of civilians in the Middle East and western Asia in “wars against terrorism” which sometimes terrorize civilians, and then act as a recruiting device for additional terrorists to fight against us. Terror and counter-terror, with no end in sight of the damage to innocent people.
Satan is appearing in our midst with less and less of a disguise. His cloak is falling because in our programmed era he doesn’t require a cloak any longer. Satan is a murderer and a liar. Legalized murder and corporate media lies have never been more intense in these United States. With Satan rising, the mass murders outside the womb rise as well:
  • 1949, Camden, N.J. 13 killed. Howard Unruh, a World War II veteran, walks the streets of Camden killing random people.
  • 1966, Austin 18 killed. Charles Whitman fires from a tower on the University of Texas campus.
  • 1982, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 13 killed. George Banks kills five of his children and eight other people.
  • 1984, San Ysidro, Calif. 21 killed. James Huberty enters a McDonald’s and begins shooting.
  • 1986, Edmond, Okla. 14 killed. Postal worker Patrick Sherrill kills 14 people at his workplace.
  • 1990, Jacksonville, Fla. 10 killed. James Pough kills eight people after his car is repossessed. He killed two others earlier.
  • 1991, Killeen, Tex. 23 killed. George Hennard drives his truck into a cafeteria and then opens fire.
  • 1999, Littleton, Colo. 13 killed. The shooting at Columbine High School was the deadliest school shooting to date.
  • 1999, Atlanta 12 killed. Mark Barton kills nine people at brokerage firms in Atlanta after having killed three relatives.
  • 2005, Red Lake, Minn. 9 killed. Jeffrey Weise kills members of his family and then students at a local high school.
  • 2007, Blacksburg, Va. 32 killed. Until 2016, the 32 people killed by Seung-Hui Cho was the deadliest mass shooting in American history.
  • 2009, Fort Hood, Tex. 13 killed. Nidal Hasan kills 13 people at Fort Hood.
  • 2009, Binghamton, N.Y. 13 killed. Jiverly Wong murders 13 people at a small immigrant services center in southern New York.
  • 2009, Geneva County, Ala. 10 killed. Michael McClendon kills 10 people, including a baby, in rural Alabama.
  • 2012, Newtown, Conn. killed. Adam Lanza’s rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary including the murder of 20 children.
  • 2012, Aurora, Colo. 12 killed. James Holmes kills a dozen people during a late-night movie screening.
  • 2013, Washington, D.C. 12 killed. Aaron Alexis kills a dozen people with a shotgun.
  • 2015, San Bernardino, Calif. 14 killed. Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik kill more than a dozen people during a holiday party.
  • 2015, Roseburg, Ore. 9 killed. Chris Mercer kills nine in a shooting at a community college in Oregon.
  • 2015, Charleston, S.C. 9 killed. Dylann Roof attends a prayer meeting at a church in Charleston before opening fire.
  • 2016, Orlando 49 killed. Omar Mateen murders dozens at the gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando after pledging allegiance to the Islamic State.
  • 2017, Las Vegas 58 killed. Stephen Paddock shoots at a concert crowd from a hotel room on the Las Vegas Strip.
In 1953 Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End prophesied the coming acceptance of the revelation of Satan’s quite ordinary corporeal presence among us.


(Mr. Petty eventually did pass away later on October 2).

Gun grabbers rising: October 2, 2017, 9:22 a.m Pacific time — a mere 11 hours after the first reports of shooting at 10:08 p.m. Pacific on October 1.
After mass shootings in the U.S., the movement of those who seek to nullify the Bill of Rights as it relates to our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, is always strengthened.
Gun control = poor people control. Access to high-power firearms on the part of the wealthy, and of politicians, judges, lawyers and other well-connected big shots, or their privileged guards, will always be left intact. When President Obama was in office and pushing for disarming Americans, he was surrounded by as many as a dozen gunmen of the U.S. Secret Service. Implicit in this double-standard is the arrogant assumption on the part of the elite that, “I deserve gun protection but you don’t.” This is the unspoken factor that is missing from the self-righteous diatribes by the advocates of high-power firearms-prohibition.
The Founding Fathers’ Bill of Rights attempted to level the playing field and overcome the old Babylonian legal system of one law for the powerful and another for everyone else. Leftists are determined to revive this Babylonian inequality while ignoring the massive indicators of cultural degeneracy which contribute to the loss of inhibitions and the breakdown of civilization, leading to the proliferation of mass murder. The decade of the 1950s, which many liberals despise as “racist and homophobic,” witnessed not a single mass shooting in America.
Lastly, the mainstream media’s pompous purveyors of conformity will frown on our occult analyses and denounce them as “conspiracy theorizing.” These editors and reporters for the MSM would never dream of exploring occult correspondences in spectacular crimes. It is isn’t done, except with regard to Hollywood films. Thus, in the October 2 New York Times online, movie critic A.O. Scott approves of occult investigation — when it concerns fictional cinema; in his case the movie, “Blade Runner.”  A.O. Scott:
“Occult meanings” and “hidden clues” in America’s epidemic of mass shootings? It wouldn’t be politically correct to search for them. Establishment-approved conformists and media-certified good people believe official tales, and close their eyes and keep silent concerning anomalies in the script.

Some of us, however, hear the cries of the dead for justice. Our eyes are open and we refuse to be silent.