Will Texas Lead The Second American Revolution?



Will Texas Lead The Second American Revolution?

Tillamook, Oregon
September 3, 2017

by Rich Scheck

There is every reason to believe that what just happened in Texas with hurricane
Harvey was the result of weather modification manufactured by those with the
power to use technology to weaponize our climate.

The strange behavior of the storm, its sudden arrival and careful targeting of a key
industrial region of the country makes it the equivalent of an act of war. Whether
this was done by the Deep State, those promoting a New World Order relying on
manmade Global Warming to justify its mandate or was somehow a true act of
Nature, the impact of the storm is surely serving as a dramatic wake-up call for
Texans and others paying careful attention to what went down.

The following article is quite clear in believing the event was intentional and part
of the scheme to implement global government. Rather than succumb to the
tragedy and submit to the tyrannical powers behind this aggression, the author
invites the residents of the Lone Star State to rally in response to the attack and
launch the “Second American Revolution”! http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=82296

Decades of assault on our liberties by the Shadow Government acting in secrecy
in the name of national security has seen unending violations of our liberties and
the undermining of the Constitutional regime created by our Founders.

The election of Donald Trump was the reaction of countless millions who are
disgusted by this abrogation of their rights, the theft of their property through
excessive taxation and the sending of their children to fight endless wars based
on lies in support of the Pax Americana/New World Order agenda.

The potential for rebellion is quite real. By selecting Texas, the author points out
that the architects of this invasion may have grossly miscalculated in expecting
its citizens to meekly accept what occurred. Perhaps more than any other place in
the US other than maybe Alaska, Texans have the spirit of independence and self-
reliance that lay at the Foundation of our country by the hardy folks who broke from
the control of the British Monarchy more than 200 years ago.

Now another Imperium has arisen to take the place of the British Empire. Only this
time the villain operates under the banner of our own nation. For decades, those on
the Left have rebelled against the excesses of the Banksters and the military-industrial
complex as we saw with the Occupy Movement and the rise of Bernie Sanders in 2016.

The Right has also bridled at the increased powers of the Corporate State that have
grown exponentially under the Administrations of both parties. That accounted for
the rise of the Tea Party and the victory of Trump over the dreaded Hillary last year.

But Trump has been stymied by the Deep State and his own errors in judgment. The
National Security State seems triumphant again with 3 generals in apparent command
of the White House, more wars abroad and endless domestic attacks like Harvey,
Charlottesville………..and now maybe Irma.

Will Texas be forced to go it alone by rebelling against this relentless NWO monster?
Will the “Lone Star State” rally to the call and start the long-awaited Second American
Revolution? We may not have long to wait to answer those questions.