Is This More Proof America Is Under Weather Warfare Attack For Opposing Globalist Agenda?



Is This More Proof America Is Under Weather Warfare Attack For Opposing Globalist Agenda?

US Navy Website Shows Entire Planet Blanketed By Bizarre ‘HAARP Anomaly’ From Antarctica Including Direct Interaction With Rapidly Intensifying Hurricane Irma


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline

In the new gif image seen above taken from the US Navy Research Laboratory’s MIMIC (Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery at CIMSS – Total Precipitable Water (MIMIC-TPW) website as shared in the 1st and 2nd videos below, we see a bizarre HAARP anomaly shoot up into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans from the Antarctic region with ‘waves’ directly interacting with rapidly intensifying hurricane Irma. Evidence that incoming Hurricane Irma has been ‘weaponized’?

As we learn in this story, while the US avoided a major hurricane landfall for many years before ‘Harvey’, some alternative weather experts believe America is now under ‘weather warfare’ by the globalists due to President Trump’s opposition to NAFTA, the globalists ‘global warming scam’ and their overall agenda and as we see directly by statements made by various globalists, theories of ‘weather modification’ in recent storms and ‘weather warfare upon America’ may be right.

And as we see in this very strange anomaly coming to us from the bottom of the Earth, the waves echo across the entire planet and while you can visit their website to slow down the speed and get a more accurate view of how widespread these waves are, it’s clear that they run directly through hurricane Irma several times as they seemingly bounce off of each other while traveling across the globe. As the MIMIC website indicates, what’s being measured is total ‘precipitable’ water – are the ‘waves’ we’re witnessing injecting energy into several different growing weather systems across the world?

We’ve previously reported on several strange anomalies coming from the Antarctic region that have also been captured on the MIMIC website over the past several years as have others such as the UFO Sightings Blog as well as the excellent website Strange Soundson more than one occassion. Is HAARP injection energy into hurricane Irma, weaponizing it against America?


And while the National Weather Service has recently put out a warning to Americans to make sure we don’t believe ‘fake weather forecasts’, and we agree with them strongly (while referencing Houston officials who lied to their residents about VERY REAL warnings of catastrophe coming from one Houston woman who warned of 100,000 lost homes and 50″ of rain coming to Houston, calling her warnings ‘fake news’), we have to call out the NWS. When will YOU admit weather modification is real and stop calling it a ‘tinfoil hat conspiracy theory’? Until the NWS admits the now proven,  THEY are the ‘fake news’.

As we see in the story headline screenshot above and the ‘cloud seeding’ graphic below taken from this story over at The Green Sheet Farm Forum, ask any North Dakota farmer about weather modification and they know EXACTLY what it is, so why won’t the National Weather Service or the msm report upon this now-proven subject? As long as those within the msm and nws continue to call chemtrails or weather modification a ‘conspiracy theory’, we’ll know we’re STILL being lied to, Americans ‘dumbed down’ once again.


One of my personal, all-time favorite ‘weather websites’ called ‘Foot’s Forecast’ out of the State College, Pennsylvania area very rarely puts out entries to their website, usually only penning a story when ‘something huge is coming’ whether that be a winter storm or hurricane. The fact that ‘Foot’s’ now has a new entry on incoming Irma should tell us that ‘something huge’ may be on the doorstep. With the latest ‘arrival forecasts’ putting Irma very close to US shores between September 8th and 11th, Foot’s ‘Hurricane Irma 411 Center’ will be visited heavily over the next 2 weeks.


In some of the latest ‘spaghetti charts’ coming to us from Foot’s as seen in the image above, while the absolute track of Irma has yet to be determined, most of the models now show it striking somewhere along the East coast between Florida and New York. Interestingly, none of these show the hurricane going back out to sea as many of the original tracks did and, thankfully for the people of Houston, none of these latest tracks show it going into the Gulf of Mexico, either, thought that could change.

Note: the yellow lines and days/dates seen in the image above and below were added by members of Foot’s Forecast.


As we see in the Irma tracks that we zoomed in on in the image above, numerous tracks show the monster storm coming ashore between North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland with multiple tracks showing the Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia metropolitan areas directly in its pathway around the 10th of September.

As we learn in this Wikipedia entry, the megalopolis that stretches from the Washington DC metro area up to the NY city area and into Boston is now the home of more than 50 million people. Making up roughly 17% of the US population on only 2% of the nation’s land mass, the population density of the Northeast megalopolis is approx. 931.3 people per square mile, compared to the US average of 80.5 per square mile.

Considering that it has has long been warned within ‘prepping circles’ that ‘population density’ is one of the keys to look out for in survival situations, just imagine the kind of damage a storm the size and scope of Harvey, or bigger, could do to the Northeast megalopolis should these latest forecasts be correct.


In the next amazing graphic seen above taken from this story over at My San Antonio, we see the geographical area that Harvey would have caused damage to if it had struck along the East Coast megalopolis rather than the Texas area.

Showing much of the entire megalopolis from Washington DC to Baltimore to Philadelphia to New York under water or hurricane damaged, we may soon see Houston-like conditions along the East coast if the latest forecasts for Irma are correct with some meteorological experts warning a Category 5 East coast landfall is not out of the picture.

For those who aren’t aware, the cities of Washington DC, Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland and many others along the East coast are sitting right on the water, whether that be the Chesapeake Bay, the Potomac River or the Atlantic Ocean, and a massive wall of water created by a hurricane storm surge and many inches of rain could easily push many feet of water into those regions as previously happened in 1972 with Agnes and 2011 when non-major Hurricane Irene caused over 150 million in damage to the region.

According to this August 30th story from Dane Wigington at his Geoengineering website, Hurricane Harvey was just the latest example of covert weather warfare being waged on completely unsuspecting populations. Increasingly catastrophic climate cataclysms are being orchestrated and manipulated by an ever more desperate and aggressive global power structure.

And while the exact track of Irma will be determined in the days to come, knowing that weather modification and weather warfare are very real phenomenon as proven on the website of Dane Wigington, where we can find links to nearly 100 years of weather modification patents, and in Steve Quayle’s book “Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters”, leads us to ask if America is under ‘weather attack’ once again? This brand new story over at Washington Standard is titled “CATEGORY 6? IF HURRICANE IRMA BECOMES THE STRONGEST HURRICANE IN HISTORY, IT COULD WIPE ENTIRE CITIES OFF THE MAP”. 


Interestingly as we see in the tweet above from now retired ‘The People’s Sheriff’ David E. Clarke, even Clarke is warning of Hurricane Irma being ‘weaponized’ though his warning doesn’t involve ‘weather modification’ but ‘mainstream media collusion’ to use the incoming hurricane against President Trump. And as we see in statements made by various globalists all across the board, incoming hurricanes are being ‘weaponized’ against President Trump.

This new story over at the Economist is called “How Government Policy Exacerbates Hurricanes Like Harvey” while the LA Times reports “What’s Causing The Catastrophic Flooding In Texas Is Not A Hoax, Mr. President”.

While former demon-cratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says “It’s pretty dumb not to ask about climate change after Harvey”, we’d like to ask him, where does he stand on chemtrails and weather modification? And why are no mainstream media organizations nor major politicians talking about the ‘elephant in the room’? The final video below looks at Hurricane Irma possibly hitting a catastrophic stage, a CAT 6 or 7 storm, and the nws ‘fake weather forecast’ warning.