Let Trump Be Trump and Damn the Political Correctness



Let Trump Be Trump and Damn the Political Correctness

How Trump administration ‘crimes’ are just a drop in the bucket

One World of Nations
By Carla | The Right Side of Truth

For those of us with the hope of breaking down the false barriers put up by those in power to keep us fighting amongst ourselves and distracted from their evil ways, the election of Donald Trump was a disaster. His rejection of “political correctness” and his desire to attack everyone around him (whether his supporter or not) has been a major shot to the ideas of solidarity and of the hope of coming together as a global brotherhood of humans thriving with peace and harmony.

This administration’s view of the world and plan for the future is distorted at best, and this has led many to say what Trump and his minions are doing are criminal acts. While this might be true – even Trump himself has admitted the current Republican health care bills are “mean” – they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the assault against the citizens of the world and their attempt to coexist in their natural state.

The CIA is not under executive control

Fooled by the corporate propaganda spewed from the mainstream media, many of us make the mistake of associating government institutions with the politicians in power. However, the politicians are nothing more than the puppets of someone else’s master plan, and the Central Intelligence Agency provides one of the best examples of this.

We are all aware of how the CIA interfered in the affairs of other countries in the form of supporting coups, defending dictators or carrying out extensive bombing campaigns in secret alongside government denial of such actions. But these were not the actions of those we traditionally consider to be in power. If it came out that these were the direct consequences of the government’s plans, people would likely be far less tolerant. In fact, the government typically actively works to conceal the efforts of the CIA. For example, more bombs were dropped on Laos by the United States than were dropped on all of Europe in WWII, amounting to an average of eight bombs per minute for nine years.

However, throughout this campaign, the government denied US interference in Laos, but permitted the CIA to train ethnic minorities as paramilitaries to fight against the leading Communist party. Additionally, the CIA used a fraudulent aid agency to disguise the bombings, and there have been claims they supported opium production as a way of funding their operation and “providing” for the local population, which has obviously had devastating effects on how these groups were able to integrate into greater Laotian society after the war.

In many ways Laos was simply a testing ground for a strategy the CIA would use all over the world. Mysterious plane crashes, assassinations and bombing campaigns became the norm in Latin America during the 1980s. President Harry Truman, the one responsible for the CIA’s creation, indicated in his biography how the CIA had become a government of its own—creating wars as it saw fit and entirely unaccountable to any branch of government. President Kennedy is also quoted saying the CIA needed to be split up, but he was assassinated one month later. One can conclude from this what they wish.

We know all this about the CIA, but what has changed? It is still there, operating in virtually total secrecy, doing who knows what to people all around the world. So while the Trump administration’s onslaught on public education, free speech and health care may seem like egregious crimes against the American people, they are nothing compared to the crimes being committed by institutions like the CIA against humanity and its desire to live in harmony.

Nor is the Fed

Once you really figure out how the Federal Reserve, and central banks in general, work, every other issue starts to become rather petty. One of the first major corporate entities in the U.S., once said:

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

– Henry Ford

The first thing that needs to be cleared up is that central banks ARE NOT under government control. Many people think they are, but that is just because they are misinformed. They are passed off as institutions designed to control macroeconomic stability, but what they really are is a mechanism for diluting the value of our money, indebting us forever and enslaving us to the will of the bankers.

Some will argue central banks are necessary for the proper functioning of the economy, but this argument is based purely on the ignorance of the people and is supported by the massive media efforts to sustain this lie. But where’s the crime? Well, it’s pretty simple. By maintaining a system of constant inflation, the central banks are essentially stealing our money by making it constantly worth less. We assume the fact $10 can’t buy what it used to as a simple fact of life, but it is really the result of a manipulative system designed to prevent us from accumulating enough money to be able to become independent of the corporate-government teat. It creates the scarcity we all fear, and this feeling of not having enough stands firmly in the way of any real attempt at global peace.

If you haven’t already, invest in free currencies, such as Bitcoin [*1], to protect your wealth and to be able to break free from the bondage created and propagated by the central banking system. And when you do this, make sure to protect yourself [*2]. Bitcoin works through an online database, and if you think the Fed and other central banks don’t have the means and motives to go after these codes to devalue them and return you to slavery, think again.

Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy and the gutting of social programs hurt, and they need to be stopped, but compared to what the Fed and other central banks have been able to do to the world since they became part of mainstream government makes Trump’s crimes look petty.

Don’t forget about the planet

There has been a lot of talk about the Trump administration’s embarrassing denial of climate change in the face of solid scientific evidence [*3]. Whether it is the withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, the attempted dismantling of the Environmental Protection Agency or the delusion that coal can and should be mined even further, Trump appears to be waging war against the environment.

While this is true, it deflects attention from the real enemy: us. Humans have deluded themselves into thinking the natural state of things is a consumerist society that allows us to satisfy our every urge and whim with the swipe of a plastic card issued by Visa or Mastercard. We have no idea what having 100 items of clothes made with cotton produced through extractive agriculture, sewn by Asia’s poor and shipped all around the world does for the environment. Or maybe we do, but we just don’t care. It’s not clear which is worse.

The global economy is designed to grow forever, but it is also based on the consumption of natural resources. Since these resources are limited, this whole infinite growth thing really starts to look pretty silly, also destructive. So while Trump’s actions are certainly painful and should be punished, they pale in comparison to our stark refusal to make the necessary changes in our behaviors and ways of doing things to genuinely protect the planet and live together in peace.

As the Trump presidency continues, people are sure to call for his head – we already see this with the Russian investigation. But despite the crimes he is committing against the well-being of all, they are small potatoes compared to the CIA, Fed, and our own misunderstanding of human existence and purpose on Earth – all of which are elephants in the room no one wants to talk about. Those of us prepared for a future filled with peace and brotherhood know these are the real crimes, and now it’s time to make sure the rest of the world sees this so that we can finally come together and restore order to the universe.

What do you think are the real crimes being committed by modern man? Is there someone to blame, or is it just the result of 7 billion confused, imperfect creatures slowly taking over the only home they’ve ever known? Let us know your thoughts below so that we can come up with a plan to make a lasting peace.

Carla is a citizen of the world who frequently writes about what she considers to be the real issues. Nations, governments and politics are all mere distractions from the underlying truths of the universe, and she hopes to help people realize these truths so that we can take genuine steps towards a world of peace.

Carla has her own website – The Right Side of Truth.

[*1] OWON does not give financial advice. We suggest you do your own research. OWON is of the opinion that Cryptocurrencies are very risky, just like any other currency.

[*2] If considering a VPN, OWON suggests Private Internet Access (PIA).

[*3] It is OWON’s belief that the science on climate change is NOT consistent, nor credible, at this point. Just recently their formula had failed and has been re-calibrated to add multiple decades to where they thought we would be in just a few years. However, we DO believe that a cleaner world is better for everybody. Renewable, clean energy and living in harmony with mother earth with all its species is our way forward.