Barcelona False Flag : Why Operation Gladio Terrorized Catalonia



Barcelona False Flag : Why Operation Gladio Terrorized Catalonia

The Millennium Report

The obvious false flag terrorist attack in Barcelona, as well as other planned attacks that were foiled  in Catalonia, were conducted by proxies of NATO’s never-ending Operation Gladio.

The van incident in Barcelona has all the hallmarks of yet another C.I.A. black operation, which are often conducted in concert with the “North Atlantic Terrorist Organization” when they occur in Western Europe.

No matter where Operation Gladio carries out a terror event, it’s always quite gruesome so as to blame on a targeted group or nationality.  There is no effective way than a false flag operation to quickly alienate an entire population from the group or country associated with the patsy perpetrator.   8/17/17 Barcelona False Flag?

Operation Gladio terror events almost always end the very same way.  All of the alleged terrorists are either killed by law enforcement, or they conveniently commit suicide.

“All the suspects have been killed. No testimony, no controversy, the suspects are terrorists. As in previous terror attacks in Western Europe, almost without exception, all the suspects are shot dead by police. “
(Source: Who Was Behind the Barcelona and Cambrils Attacks?)

Whenever the mainstream media launches into all kinds of speculative analysis and fingerpointing without having the all facts, someone is being set up as the fall guy–BIG TIME!

In this case, it’s a 17-year-old kid from a Moroccan background.  That such a young ‘terrorist’ quickly became the object of a massive manhunt indicates the true intention of these unrelenting mass casualty attacks. Barcelona and Cambrils: ‘Bigger’ attacks were prepared

As to the deeper reason why this terror operation was staged, that’s really very simple.

The European Black Nobility, who control Operation Gladio, do not want Catalonia to hold a referendum to leave Spain.  The referendum has been officially scheduled for October 1, 2017.  Such a major move, if successful, would further erode the integrity of Spain, as well as the power of the European Union superstate.

The Catalonian independence movement is gaining steam just like it did in Great Britain. The Catalonians want out of the EU as much Greece and the Brits do.  This dramatic terror event was primarily a warning to those who are pushing for independence.

The Millennium Report
August 20, 2017