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Poland’s judicial reforms bill has the European Union in a foaming lather that could escalate quickly. But Poland continues to get support from its closest neighbors, most notably Hungary.

The issue is national sovereignty and their enemy is George Soros. Taking out His vast network of agents around Europe through his Open Society Foundation is the tactical goal.

Soros always responds with charges of anti-Semitism, which now even Israel is calling him on, and appealing to our better nature. But as I pointed out in a recent article:

For this purveyor of global butchery who openly admits to having a god-complex to claim the moral high ground from anyone not named Hillary Clinton is an act of hubris so disgusting dogs will want to roll in it.
Viktor Orban finally laid the cards out for everyone. We have to fight back against “Soros’ Empire.”

Visegrad’s Trump Card

This week a summit of the Visegrad Four – Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic – welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyanu was then “caught” on a hot mike criticizing the EU’s treatment of Israel.

This was a clear shot at German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Soros. Both are determined to destroy national sovereignty in Europe. Soros actively undermines the social fabric of the United States through funding Antifa and Black Lives Matter protests.

It is also clear that President Donald Trump understands this dynamic. This open insurrection against Soros’ meddling in Eastern European affairs is supported by Trump’s team to counter the idiotic “Russia hacked muh election” non-scandal kept alive daily by shills in the U.S. and European media.

Where this leads to is open defiance of EU directives by Poland over its judiciary selection process. The EU has deemed this law undemocratic.

This claim is the height of hypocrisy coming from an EU where it’s elected officials hold no legislative power and unelected technocrats refuse to respect the democratic wishes of the people they govern.

In the words of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, “There can be no democratic choice against the European Treaties.” He and the rest of the Gang of Brussels always move against any democratic push back to their agenda of integrated control of Europe.

Soros’ ability to secretly fund regime change organizations must be stopped. Hungary passed a law like one that was successful in Russia in stifling paid foreign influence. Israel is set to discuss a similar law, long overdue there.

But, with Trump’s open support, Poland and Hungary are leading the opposition to the EU and it will force a potentially explosive stand-off. Neither country is backing down. Orban takes every opportunity to go after Soros publicly while denouncing Merkel’s immigration policy.

Apocalypse Visegrad

Now he’s looking for reimbursement from the EU for his border wall needed for European security. From the Daily News Hungary article linked above on Orban’s latest speech:

Referring to some German politicians accusing Hungary of not being loyal to the rest of the EU, Orbán said that Hungary had spent as much as 260 billion forints (EUR 0.85bn) on defense against the wave of migration, and said that “the EU should not speak about solidarity before they repay what they owe us for protecting Europe”.
It is leadership like this that is persuasive and effective. And the European Parliament will eventually have to invoke Article 7 and push for Poland and Hungary’s removal from the EU or back off on these immigration demands.

Hungary is already on thin ice with the hard-left among MEP’s. Poland and Hungary are in court defending against the EU. But that is a delaying tactic to forestall an Article 7 vote, which Soros has been pushing for a while now.

Make no mistake, Merkel enforcing immigration quotas are a means to an end. She knows Europe can’t take on much more. Therefore, she’s letting French President Emmanuel Macron work with Donald Trump to end the war in Syria.

But, she’s not going to let the Visegrad group openly defy the EU on these matters either.

She’s battling Turkey’s President Erdogan over his reinstatement of the death penalty as well the U.K. as Brexit talks stall. Merkel cannot cave to Poland and Hungary when Germany has taken in so many migrants on the eve of her re-election.

As always with Leftist politicians and their base, this gets framed in terms of ‘fairness’ and not what’s ‘right.’ Poland and Hungary have to take their ‘fair share’ of Soros’ migrants or they aren’t sufficiently European enough.

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