Did Trump foil a new 9/11 terror plot? It that why Comey leaked a fake memo?



Did Trump foil a new 9/11 terror plot? It this why Comey leaked a fake memo?

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The Mainstream Media made a HUGE issue out of Trump’s meeting with the Russian diplomats for very good reason.  Everything now points to some very serious intelligence being shared by Trump with the Russia in order to avoid a new 9/11 scale terror operation.  From the report below it appears that Israel planned the attack as they were behind the original 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The exposé below delineates a timeline which perfectly parallels the reported events in such a way that the planned terror attacks are quite plausible.  What is particularly noteworthy is the fact that DHS made the announcement about banning laptops on all flights from Europe on May 10, 2017.  U.S. May Ban Laptops on All Flights From Europe

Clearly Deep State is quite angry with Donald Trump for doing something at the meeting with Russia.  It now appears that the POTUS really is serious about re-establishing strong diplomatic ties with the Kremlin.  Such a move is highly discouraged by Israel because of Putin’s demolishing of the Greater Israel project.  Of course, Deep State only seeks to use Trump to maintain the perpetual war economy without which it would collapse as quickly as the Twin Towers did.

The Millennium Report
May 17, 2016



Jim Stone

Just in case Israel does this anyway, this was posted on May 17 at 7 AM cst.
I believe this leak is highly credible.

Israel hatched another new 911 terror plot, and Trump shut it down. Here is how the story line was supposed to go:

“Terrorists were going to board a U.S. bound plane from Europe, with laptops. They were going to hack the plane with their laptops, and do a second 911. When Trump mentioned terrorists with laptops to Russia, and to get them off of planes, and then Trump banned laptops on flights to the U.S., he shut down the Israeli terror plot.”

The plot was obviously as fabricated as 911.

I do not know who leaked it to Trump, but Kushner is close enough to all of it to do it. And even if Trump did not know it was Israel (highly probable he did not know) even if Trump thought it really was an independent terror plot, the end result was that him telling Russia to get laptops off their planes, shut it down.

SO THAT is the HUGE “Trump Russia intelligence leak” and Israel is PISSED AS HELL ABOUT IT, because they had a whole new plan, and now it will not go forward.

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