SERCO, MH Flight 370 and Pine Gap



SERCO, MH Flight 370 and Pine Gap

Serco Demon Search &Track / Pine Gap Boeing Infrared / Obama Red Switch MH Hack

From: United States Marine Field McConnell
Plum City Online – ( – March 24, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

Field McConnell, United States Marine and Global Operations Director of Abel Danger, has linked Serco’s alleged use of Demon face-recognition software to search for, track and blackmail pedophile newsgroups through the federal bridge* to the Pine Gap infrared search and track (IRST) network allegedly developed by Lockheed Martin for the Boeing HQ in Chicago and used by Serco air traffic controllers to hack Obama’s Red Switch Network and land MH Flight 370 at Diego Garcia.

But Pine Gap is also believed to play a key role in gathering target data for US drone strikes and its full function remains an official secret. The largest of the new radomes was constructed in 2013, and the researchers believed it to be linked to recently launched satellites from the “Space Based Infrared System”, described by defence industry giant Lockheed Martin as one of the “highest priority space programs” for the US. The infrared system, which includes components orbiting high above Earth, is said to alert the US president and other key commanders should any country launch a missile as well as collect intelligence.”

Malaysia believes data from US spy satellites Pine Gap could help find MH370

April 19, 2014 

Pine Gap
Australia and the United States  Joint Defense Facility Pine Gap Partly run by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and U.S. National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), the station is a key contributor to the global surveillance network ECHELON.

SUPER-SECRET FACILITIES: Jindalee, Pine Gap may have crucial radar, satellite readings

SEPANG: A CRUCIAL piece of the puzzle in the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 mystery could lie somewhere in the barren Australian heartland.

As recovery efforts for MH370 continue into the 12th day, the one element that could swing the odds in favour of search-and-rescue (SAR) teams — a super-secret installation just outside Alice Springs — remains cloaked in secrecy.

Aviation Week news portal has accused Canberra of being unwilling to disclose whether its Jindalee Over-The-Horizon Radar (OTHR) system had tracked the flight.

While it said the super radar had an official range of 3,000km, the Royal Australian Air Force system is reportedly able to reach further into the South China Sea.

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Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: Spy satellites in Australia ……/spy-satellites-in-australia-could-unlock-mh…

Mar 19, 2014 – US spy satellites monitored in Australia’s heartland could provide crucial information in the investigation into the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 – but the information is being withheld.”

*The Federal Bridge Certification Authority – A communication network allegedly set up by Serco to synchronize fake-news injects with sabotage, murder, propaganda and child-trafficking missions sponsored by a deep-state of Senior Executive Service bureaucrats and US/UK pedophile newsgroups.