La Hague: France’s Nuclear Waste Nightmare And Extreme Greenwashing



La Hague: France’s Nuclear Waste Nightmare And Extreme Greenwashing

All Nuclear Recycling Facilities Release The Equivalent Of A Three Mile Island Nuclear Disaster Radiation Each Year—Legally

La Hague is a nuclear waste ‘recycling’ facility located in France. It claims to be clean and green, but what is the reality of the situation?

This short news clip above provides you with a ‘sanitized’ pro nuclear propaganda view of the La Hague nuclear fuel reprocessing plant. Stop here if you do not want to look at both sides. The narrator ignore all of the downsides, 100%.

What comes out of the ‘vent’ stack? What effect does that have? What comes out of the huge pipe that goes out into the ocean? What is left over after reprocessing, and where does it go? What you will find out if you dig into this, is that reprocessing facilities anywhere in the world emit more radiation than the TMI accident did, EVERY YEAR.

La Hague is extremely unprofitable. It’s one of the most irradiated areas on the planet. This is where german CASTOR radioactive waste transports are being reprocessed – the largest amount then goes to “Gorleben” (map), an emergency interim storage location for this violent deadly waste – because no repository is possible. The first PUREX nuclear fuel reprocessing facilities were built in the USA.
Reprocessing plants such as La Hague operate mostly with military grade plutonium. They are an invention of the military. And the used PUREX method is an invention of the military also. La Hague emits, with the support of the CASTOR, more than 1,000,000 CURIES of Tritium each Year:
La Hague emits 1 MILLION CURIES PER YEAR. Remember: 1 Curie per km² = 37,000 Bequerel per m². 20 Bequerel per Kg inside the body cause heart problems and can lead to death. Download and Upload and share. Basic knowledge for pro human activism: “Chance for children carcinogenic tritium emissions from each reactor every second: 100%” – first two pages above are from a 300 pages long german document (not for the public):
60 radiation particulate monitoring stations are currently delivering data to the International Data Centre of the Preparatory Commission for the CTBTO in Vienna. There the IAEA conceals all of the meaningful radiation data:
Cancer and leukemia rates are much higher the closer you get to these reprocessing and nuclear energy production facilities, globally. Of course, because radiation is invisible and hard to detect, you will see none of this, so these reprocessing facilities look pristine and innocent.

Professor Von Hippel, gives a talk; Managing Nuclear Waste: The Illogic of Reprocessing, starting at about 7 min. in.
Greenpeace did a movie about La Hague, well worth watching;
At 47 minutes into the video; below is a picture of the outflow pipe from La Hague, taken from the video above. This pipe goes out into the ocean, where the plant pours out highly radioactive waste 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The equivalent is like dumping 33 million 200 litre barrels of waste.
The toxic radioactive waste going into the ocean is the equivalent of a nuclear accident such as Three Mile Island each year, only it never stops. Every ‘recycling’ nuclear facility in the world is just like this one. This means humanity is enduring and suffering from the radiation released from many nuclear accidents on a never ending basis.

At 49 minutes into the video, this organization then went up and measured what was coming out of the vent stacks that go high up in the air above the La Hague plant. What they found was shocking. They found tens of thousands of Bequerels of radiation per litre of air coming out of the vents at the time they measured. What if this was a low reading, measured in between high releases? Again, this toxic, dangerous and poisonous radiation is coming out of the vent stacks of every recycling facility, and nuclear power plants. There is a reason why ALL of these nuclear radiation filled facilities do not have measuring devices that nearby communities can see on these stacks and outflow pipes. Are there even filters on what is coming out?


All nuclear fuel reprocessing facilities generate HUGE amounts of radioactive garbage and use enormous amounts of energy, which are not used in the energy calculations about nuclear energy. Dr. Ivan Oelrich goes into the greenwashing claims about reprocessing plants via the link below…

Dr. Ivan Oelrich; Nuclear Spent Fuel Reprocessing Greenwashing via @AGreenRoad


“Krypton-85 85Kr is a beta emitter with 687keV maximum energy and 10.7 year half-life. It’s produced by uranium fission with 0.27% yield (137Cs and 90Sr: 6%). Here is a report, a bit old and in French, but figures read the same in English anyway:…ts/Kr85SAN.pdf
“When reprocessing used nuclear fuel rods at La Hague, solid fission products like 137Cs and 90Sr are separated for storage, but 85Kr is just diluted and emitted in the atmosphere. For instance in 1999, La Hague emitted 2.9*1017 Bq of 85Kr, more than the radioactivity of 137Cs and 90Sr released by the Chernobyl disaster.
“Iodine, caesium, strontium radioisotopes fall on the soil more quickly and locally if emitted, and accumulate in the food chain. Krypton, as a noble gas, dilutes in the whole northern hemisphere’s atmosphere, where in 2001 it added 1.2 Bq/m3, with 3/4 of it coming from La Hague – it must be worse by now.”


At 51 minutes in, this is a lab technician talking about the invisible but highly toxic and radioactive Krypton and Xenon gas that is being released into the air from this plant, making the air very radioactive. These radioactive gases decay into highly toxic, solid, radioactive elements wherever they land. All by itself, the amount of radiation released into the air, is like a ongoing nuclear accident, only it happens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


At 48 minutes in, this is what the toxic, radioactive stuff looks like that comes out of the pipe that is out in the ocean. All by itself, the amount of radiation released here is like a ongoing nuclear accident, only it happens 24 hours a day.

Normal operations at all nuclear power reactors release huge amounts of radioactive elements. Multiply all of these times many orders of magnitude, and you start getting an idea of what is coming out of a reprocessing facility that takes spent nuclear fuel from a nuclear plant, and makes it into ‘new’ fuel.


At 50 minutes into the video, this is a map of the toxic, radioactive gases released from this plant. The map shows where these radioactive, cancer causing substances end up going. All of Europe is affected, but eventually, this gas spreads out and affects the whole world. Remember, no one can ‘see’ this radioactive gas plume going out at all hours of the day or night from La Hague, and then spreading out all over Europe. But everyone downwind of this plant is breathing in these ‘hot’ particles and gases, guaranteed. The risks from inhaling all of these radioactive gases and hot particles are well documented and have been studied. Access more information, via the links below.

Individual Radioactive Elements/Isotopes, USA Radiation Exposure Prevention and Reversal, Music


The reprocessing plant only actually ‘recycles’ about 10% of the total spent fuel it receives from nuclear plants.The rest is all high level very radioactive nuclear waste material, which is stored out in the open, above ground in Russia. Of course, the pro nuclear reprocessing ‘experts’ and the news channels do not like to focus on that.

They like to deceive people say that they recycle 99% of the spent fuel, and the 1% that is left goes into these clean vitrified glass waste containers in the floor of the reprocessing facilities, and that is all. Of course all of this is a complete lie and 100% greenwashing, designed to deceive people into thinking that these reprocessing facilities are somehow green, clean, safe and healthy, all of which is completely untrue and the opposite of reality. But time and time again, the nuclear industry does this same thing.


This is an aerial view of the Tomsk facility, where the containers of radioactive wastes (uranium hexaflouride) are stored in the open air, above ground.


The nuclear industry is too dangerous to have around human beings. They emit life destroying and genetically mutating substances that are not sustainable and have only negative effects on seven future generations. Reprocessing facilities are the most dangerous, life threatening facilities on the planet, emitting more radioactive garbage into the water and air each year, than a TMI accident. To see more details about all of the reprocessing facilities around the world, click on the following links;

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Nuclear Industry’s Cover-Up, Lies And Denial: Beware of the French Nuclear Model

April 23 2011
“Two independent medical studies found elevated rates of leukemia among young people living around La Hague and similarly around Sellafield. The sea around La Hague has been measured 17 million times more radioactive than normal sea water. La Hague routinely releases a highly toxic radioactive gases including concentrationq of krypton-85 found at levels 90 000 times higher than in nature. Some 83 metric tons of plutonium is stored in La Hague, making it a very dangerous location.”

Ozyorsk – Kyshtym – Mayak Nuclear Waste Reprocessing Center Disaster And Coverup; via @AGreenRoad

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Reprocessing plants take used spent fuel from nuclear power plants, and reprocess it into ‘new’ MOX fuel. MOX fuel is supposed to be ‘better’, and it is supposed to solve the nuclear weapons proliferation problem, but in actual reality, the situation is quite the opposite.

MOX Plutonium Fuel Burning, Reprocessing Nuclear Waste Fantasies, Reality And Dangers; via @AGreenRoad

What you have learned here is the tip of the iceberg, as there is much, much more to this story. Dive into the links below and find out more.