Trump: Only ‘Stupid People’ or ‘Fools’ Think Good US-Russia Relations Are Bad


Image: Trump: Only 'Stupid People' or 'Fools' Think Good US-Russia Relations Are Bad


Trump: Only ‘Stupid People’ or ‘Fools’ Think Good US-Russia Relations Are Bad

By Sandy Fitzgerald

Only “‘stupid’ people or fools” would think that having a good relationship with Russia is bad, President-elect Donald Trump said in a series of tweets Saturday morning. 

The messages came on the heels of a post late Friday slamming the Democratic National Committee for its “gross negligence” that opened the way to allow Russia to hack into its computer servers during the presidential campaign.

Trump kicked off his morning tweets at about 6 a.m., when he insisted there was “no evidence” that Russian hacking affected the election.

His post came after he was briefed Friday by U.S. intelligence officials on a report that blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for directing hacking operations on the DNC and other party operatives in hopes of swing the election Trump’s way.

President Barack Obama, who ordered the report, received it on Thursday, and a declassified version was released to the public after Trump was briefed.

“All three agencies agree with this judgment,” the report said. “CIA and FBI have a high confidence in this judgment; NSA has moderate confidence.”

But Trump has continued to question the conclusions, and on Saturday continued his contention that maintaining a relationship with Russia would benefit the United States.

In the second of his earlier tweets, Trump said the continued discussion about the DNC hacks is occurring because of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s loss to him:

A few hours later, Trump reappeared on Twitter to comment about “stupid” people being against a good relationship with Russia:

Within minutes, Trump added to that, continuing his thought with two more tweets, promising Russia will respect the United States once he take office:

And his hope the United States and Russia can work together to solve the world’s problems: