Shocking! One Of Tony Podesta’s Favorite Artist — stuff so bad journalists don’t show it in articles


Patricia Piccinini


Shocking! One Of Tony Podesta’s Favorite Artist

“Stuff so bad journalists don’t ever show it in articles”

by gizmosia in pizzagate

It reeks of demonic pedophilia and all the kids are shown calmly accepting it.

The “artist” has an obsession with “rear ends” and scrotums.

There is a horned goat with a deformed boy doing head stands on its back.

There are babies made to look like demons.

The “art” is by Patricia Piccinini, mentioned in the article about the Podestas below.

Some analysis of the boy in bed with monster behind him photo – worth reading – by a blogger.

The following article details Podesta’s admiration for Piccinini’s “art”. It was featured on The Age Australia site in 2004.