Yes, The Russian Ambassador To Turkey Died After Being Shot. No, It Was Not A Hoax.


Andrey G. Karlov, left, with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia at Ataturk airport in Turkey in October. Credit Osman Orsal/Reuters


Yes, The Russian Ambassador To Turkey Died After Being Shot. No, It Was Not A Hoax.

TMR Note:
As usual, there’s a LOT of chatter across the alternative news media that the Russian ambassador to Turkey was not shot and did not die this week.

This conspiracy theory is full of holes.  It is also totally ridiculous and highly disrespectful to the deceased.  More significantly, this false narrative is yet another example of Alt Media websites climbing on board a fabricated story without any evidence.  And, without thinking it through.

First of all, President Vladimir Putin was a very close friend of the Ambassador Andrei Karlov.  Putin put one of his best ambassadors in the Turkey embassy because it is one of the toughest jobs in the diplomatic world.  Karlov was a very seasoned statesman whose deep and broad experience qualified him as very few others to meet such difficult challenges as the Syrian War.

First Putin would never want to lose such an indispensable asset, which is why the C.I.A. took him out.  Secondly, Putin would never participate in an obvious hoax if one has been conducted by the Turks.  Yes, Putin is a masterful geopolitical chessman, but he is not so stupid as to execute a false flag a day like the Western powers do.  That’s NOT who he is.

“No blood” — Yes, there was; they just didn’t see it.

Then there is the false proof presented that he was not shot because there was no apparent blood.  Those who present this baseless claim are completely unaware of what kind of bullet he was shot with.

They also do not know that if a bullet kills a person immediately whereby their heart stops beating, there is no pump to pump out puddles of blood.  Nevertheless, the photos which have been made public of the shooting event are insufficient to make accurate assessments about the amount of blood.  Unless these Columbo bloggers are on site and observing the crime scene, all of their speculation is just that… only it is highly uninformed guesswork.

There are now different videos and radio shows that discuss this conspiracy theory which are so juvenile they do not merit a response.  Nonetheless, we have posted this debunking so that other will not get misled.  The article posted below in its entirety also provides a bit of evidence that the good ambassador REALLY WAS MURDERED in cold blood on that fateful day.

Lastly, if this tragic event was really executed as a hoax, then who did it.  Turkey?  Russia?  The US, UK and Israel?  And why did the do it… as a hoax?  Cui bono?

This barbaric act was very real indeed, and has thrown a HUGE wrench into the Syrian Peace process which various [ZIO-Anglo-American] stakeholders do not want to be successful.

The Millennium Report
December 22, 2016


Ambassador Andrei Karlov prayerfully remembered in Moscow

Moscow, December 22, 2016
English Edition

The city of Moscow has seen an outpouring of love and prayerful remembrance for assassinated Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov. Muscovites gathered Wednesday evening around Christ the Savior Cathedral in a memorial rally for the slain diplomat, reports

“Orthodox youth have gathered today at the walls of Christ the Savior Cathedral to honor the memory of Andrei Gennadievich Karlov who far from his homeland gave his life for the fatherland, and his path in life serves as an example for us all,” remarked Mikhail Kuksov, head of the Moscow diocese youth department and the “Orthodox Volunteers” movement.

Representatives of several youth organizations and universities gathered to pray for the repose of Karlov’s soul, lighting and placing lamps in the shape of a large cross, followed by a minute of silence.

On Thursday His Holiness Patriarch Kirill served the funeral for the ambassador in the cathedral, following a farewell ceremony Thursday morning at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to RIA-Novosti, before gathered relatives, friends, clergy and political representatives, the patriarch noted that he had met Karlov several times when he served as ambassador to North Korea and later Turkey. He had helped to arrange the building of a church in Pyongyang, where his own wedding was among the first services.

“He will go down in the history of our Fatherland as an ambassador killed in the line of duty. We have had few such servants, and he will be a hero among them forever. In the categories of human life his death has immortalized him. That which is tragic for us, surrounding his casket, is not a tragedy for him—his immortal soul is together with them now. That world exists, and if it were not so, then the point of human life would be lost,” said the primate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

“We believe that through our prayers, and especially through his martyric death, Andrei Gennadievich will enter into the Heavenly Kingdom of glory, and upon him will be shed the grace of the merciful God,” His Holiness added.

22 / 12 / 2016