WAR! The Alt Media Declares War On The Mainstream Media—Game On!




WAR! The Alt Media Declares War On The Mainstream Media—Game On!


‘War’ Declared! – Why We All Should Join This Historic Battle To Save The Republic – This Is A CALL TO ACTION



By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Before he died in 2012, the founder of Breitbart News, Andrew Breitbart, declared ‘War’ on the Democratic Media Complex, and in the years since his death, thousands of  websites across America have been fighting that war, which peaked in 2016 when Alternative Media broke through the barriers, became mainstream enough to bypass traditional liberal media outlets and their bias, and refused to let them influence the masses into electing Hillary Clinton, their “chosen one.”

The election is over but the battle rages on with the MSM attacking Alternative Media, declaring any outlet that refuses to toe the “official” line, meaning the liberal narrative, as “fake news,” and Russian propaganda, so it seems fitting that it is Breitbart’s CEO Larry Solov that is announcingWe’ll handle this the way we always do — war.”

Insurance company Allstate and food company Kellogg’s, maker of Fruit Loops and Cocoa Krispies, are the latest to declare that they’ll no longer allow their advertising to appear alongside Breitbart articles, which progressive activists are calling “racist,” “sexist,” “anti-Semitic” and more.

People with knowledge of the matter say activists have been gathering screenshots of online ads at Breitbart.com and pressuring companies to pull them. It’s a tactic similar to ones that have worked to varying degrees against Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and other conservative pundits.

“We’ll handle this the way we always do — war,” Breitbart CEO Larry Solov told The Hollywood Reporter (founder Andrew Breitbart, before his death in 2012, declared “war” on what he called the “Democratic-Media Complex,” his term for a liberally biased news and entertainment industry).

“What you’re seeing is Kellogg’s and others buying into a false, left-wing narrative that our 45 million readers are deplorables,” said Solov, referencing Hillary Clinton’s charge that half of Trump’s supporters belong in a “basket of deplorables.”

Breitbart’s words are as relevant today as they were before he died, when he said “What the left has stood for with political correctness, is to try to get those with whom they disagree, to shut up. The Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Allen West, and all the people who have gone out there against the mainstream media, and said ‘you’re gonna call us racists? You’re gonna call us potential Timothy McVeigh’s? F**k You…………………… war.”

The biggest measure of Breitbart’s success isn’t the fact that they have seen a surge in popularity with Hollywood Reporter saying that according to comScore unique visitors to Breitbart.com more than doubled in two years to 15.8 million in September, but is the expansion plans being set in motion over at Bretibart, at a time when the MSM is suffering “their greatest declines since 2010,” as Pew Research reported in June 2016.

Compare that to the following quote from the Hollywood Reporter article:

Solov says he will open bureaus in Germany and France in the next few months, as well as expand its existing offices in Jerusalem, Texas, London and Washington. Breitbart is adding to its staff of 115 worldwide, and insiders say there are talks to expand its Breitbart Daily show on Sirius XM into an entire channel on the satellite radio platform. Plus, Solov says he wants to “take the next step into video and television” with a channel streamed online or via traditional cable.

In that article they state that Breitbart senior editor at large Joel Pollak, laid flowers on Andrew Breitbart’s grave three days after Trump beat Clinton, stating “Not to celebrate Trump’s victory, but because Andrew succeeded in leveling the playing field. That’s all he ever wanted. Just a fair and open debate where people aren’t judged on evil motives impugned to them.”


The mainstream media, progressive activists, social media giants, and Barack Obama, realizing that no matter how much they actively colluded and “promoted” Hillary Clinton for president, and losing the battle, have now gone on a full frontal assault against Alternative Media, including Breitbart, with a carefully crafted, scripted and coordinated message, blaming “fake news,” aka Alternative News, for Clinton failure to win the election.

According to Google Trends, the term “Fake News” garnered a rank of 28 from November 6 to November 12, 2016, then the media finally managed to coordinate their “message” as to why, despite their false reporting, their skewed polls and their constant negative stories about Donald Trump, their favored candidate, Hillary Clinton, still lost.”

Article after article was written about “fake News,” social media giants such as Twitter and Facebook declared they would crack down on “fake news,” Google declared they would stop their advertising from showing on sites they deemed “fake” news sites…  and suddenly the rank of 28 spiked to the peak of 100 in the Google Trending search terms over the next week, November 13th to November 19th.



Google explains their ranking system as “Numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for the given region and time. A value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term. A value of 50 means that the term is half as popular. Likewise a score of 0 means the term was less than 1% as popular as the peak.”


As Andrew Breitbart so accurately pointed out back in 2012, the mainstream media is still attempting to “shut up” anyone that goes against them.

To that end, some advertisers are bowing down to progressive activists and allowing the MSM to label Breitbart as “white nationalists,” and are pulling their advertising from the Breitbart website, such as Kellog’s, AllState, pharmaceuticals maker Novo Nordisk, online glasses retailer Warby Parker, and the San Diego Zoo.

If every Trump supporter, every Breitbart reader, Alternative Media readers, and everyone that refuses to buy into the mainstream media’s false assertions and lies, joins this battle and counters the progressive activists, we can win this battle.

This is not just for Breitbart, this is for every single Alternative News site that is being attacked, slandered and targeted for destruction….. as Andrew Breitbart once said, this is …………………………… “WAR.”

Contact information on these companies below, as well as their social media account links and contact pages.

Kellog’s products we should all stop purchasing, which is our right as consumers, shown below:


Kellog’s Contact Information:

Phone: 1-800-962-1413
Monday – Friday 9 AM to 6 PM ET
Kellogg’s Consumer Affairs
Battle Creek, MI 49016

Contact by email at this link.
Twitter @KelloggsUS

AllState, told progressive activists they would also stop advertising at Breitbart, with the following Direct Message sent a user:


AllState Contact Information:

Phone: 1-877-810-2920
Allstate Insurance Company
P.O. Box 660598
Dallas, TX 75266-0598

Online Contact Form
Twitter: @Allstate

Norvo Nordisk Contact Information

Phone:  1- 609 987-5800
Novo Nordisk Inc.
800 Scudders Mill Road
Plainsboro, NJ 08536

Online Contact Form
Twitter: @novonordisk

Warby Parker Contact Information:

Phone: 1-888.492.7297

New York City HQ and Showroom
161 Avenue of the Americas
6th floor
New York City, NY 10013

Email: help@warbyparker.com
Live Chat

Twitter: @WarbyParker

UPDATE – Join the Movement Against Kellogg’s Bigotry – Pledge to Boycott Kellog’s Products