Trump Faces Threats Much Greater Than Assassination! Especially More Dangerous to the American Republic!



Trump Faces Threats Much Greater Than Assassination! Especially More Dangerous to the American Republic!

This is how they plan on taking down President-elect Trump, and especially sabotaging his global peace initiative.

‘It’s NOT An Assassination Plot Trump Needs To Worry About;
There’s A Much Greater Conspiracy At Work’ 

— The Millennium Report

Because TPTB cannot assassinate Donald Trump, they will try their hardest to use him to advance their NWO agenda

State of the Nation

Is there a bipartisan national movement afoot to sabotage Donald Trump’s worldwide peace initiative?  You bet there is!

In fact, this clandestine [INSIDER-driven] movement within the Beltway ostensibly began as “A Highly Organized Democrat Strategy To Destroy Trump’s Peace Plan With Russia”.

The historic loss by Hillary Clinton and woeful failure of the Democrat spin machine to steal the election has put the DNC into damage control overdrive.

Nevertheless, all the recent Democratic party-wide hysterics concerning Russia are actually orchestrated theatrics with an extremely dark purpose.

Hillary Clinton: Warmonger-in-Chief

Hillary was the Neocon’s chosen warmonger specifically selected by the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) to start World War III with Russia.

While Clinton can no longer do that from her home office in Chappaqua, New York, she can agitate for war using the ever-loyal and sycophantic Mainstream Media (MSM). She also has the full backing of the Chicago-based Neocons, the Bush Crime Family and the Zionist agents behind the Greater Israel project.

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

Ex-candidate Clinton has galvanized her fellow Clintonistas and Obamabots to instigate irrational animosities toward Russia which have no basis in fact.  The Clinton Campaign has simply been converted into a twisted anti-Russia propaganda factory.  All that these juvenile political operatives do is manufacture groundless accusations against Russia.

Special Note:
Obviously, if the Russians had hacked the DNC, they would have done so in a manner that was completely untraceable.  Likewise, if orders came from the Kremlin, there would be absolutely no trail of evidence.  In the same vein, President Putin himself would never leave a fingerprint at the hacking ‘crime scene’ had he directed such an operation … and the Democrats know it.  Which essentially means that the Obama Administration has no evidence whatsoever of Russian involvement.  Therefore, it is clear that the Democrat shills and flacks are making up stories about Russia and Putin as they go along.  Really, would Putin risk provoking the USA (and NATO) by directly interfering in a U.S. presidential election?  Only the Neocons have such chutzpah!  There’s the answer!    

There is a clandestine plot to goad Trump into war

Now we come to the real intentions behind so much Russia-bashing.

Because ex-candidate Hillary will be unable to declare war on Russia as she intended to, the Neocon cabal will continue to use the Clinton Crime Family and Democrat Machine to do everything in its power to manipulate Trump into a hot phase of war with Russia. They have already begun their war propaganda, attempting to overwhelm Trump with guilt by association so that he will have only ONE way out.

Herein lies the core of the Clinton conspiracy which needs to be fully exposed for the world to see.

The Neocon warmongers are using their stooge Hillary and desperate Clinton Crime Family and the Mainstream Media to tar and feather Trump as a Russophile.*  The Democrat co-conspirators take every opportunity to closely associate Trump with Putin as though they are secretly collaborating.

*This is all that real Russophobes know how to do, particularly those born and bred in Chicago like Hillary Clinton and John Podesta. Barack Obama’s whole political career was centered in the Windy City.  Chicago is a well-known breeding ground for Russophobes especially for the many Zionist Neocons who have devastated the Mideast.
(Chicago: U.S. Headquarters of the NWO Zionist Neocon cabal)

The Clintons used this “smear and fear” tactic throughout much of the campaign season, falsely asserting that Putin was actively helping Trump to win.  Obviously Putin wanted Trump, the peacemaker, to win.  Why wouldn’t he?  Especially after Secretary of State Clinton transformed the Middle East into a dystopian, post-apocalyptic wasteland. Clinton also encouraged protests against Putin right there in Moscow’s Red Square back in December of 2011.

What’s the point?

Clinton is a certified warmonger of the highest order whose main mission in life is now to front for the Zionist Neocon cabal and Military-Industrial Complex.  Therefore, everything she does from this point forward ought to be looked at through the lens of this understanding.

No one has ever seen such naked warmongering during a campaign season.  The Obama Administration has actually conditioned the American people to accept waging unlawful and unprovoked wars of aggression at will.  There is no longer even a declaration of war by the POTUS or a call for one by Congress, so complicit are they all in this multi-year war crime spree.

Why Was Obama Threatening Russia With World War 3 Right Before The Election?

If they can’t beat Trump, they will use him.

Until the Democrats can execute a scheme to remove Donald Trump from power, they will look for ways to cynically utilize him any way they can.  Saturating the media with scandalous articles trumpeting treason or insinuating that he is a traitor is just one of many ways they will try to corral him into a pen of compliance.

Quite fortunately, the Trump Transition Team (TTT) is well aware of their MO.  There is not a day that goes by that the TTT is not forced to deal with so many false allegations and scandalous accusations.  Truly, the MSM has become a mouthpiece for a criminally insane cabal of psychopathic Neocon warmongers.  And their first war is being fiercely being waged against The Donald.

President John F. Kennedy was similarly used to start the war in Vietnam by the same MIC and shadow government.  He succumbed to the inordinate pressures until he realized that he had been manipulated by the C.I.A., his Council on Foreign Relation advisors and many U.S. Military flag officers who counseled him.

Hopefully Trump will resist the various and sundry plots to reverse his peacemaking plans with Russia.  These Democrats know that their political obituary has been written for a generation, so much damage to the America Republic was inflicted on Obama’s watch. Hence they are well aware that they must turn Trump into their salesmen, if their agenda is not to be terminated.

Because of this emerging reality — that President Trump equals the demise of the Obamanation — the DNC is ferociously determined to maneuver him into a no win situation.  They will carry out any black op necessary to compel him to stealthily implement their nefarious agenda.  Consequently, the next 4 years are going to be very difficult for all concerned.

Alternative Media vs. Mainstream Media

There is one sure way out of this predicament.  Trump’s Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon is well equipped to steer the new administration away from the traditional media that populates the White House press corps.  By replacing them with personnel from the alternative media, he will take the power away from the MSM and transfer it to the truth-telling Alt Media.

This paradigm-busting initiative will immediately precipitate a sea change in the way that Americans receive their daily news.  In so doing millions of citizens will be treated to real news for the first time in their lives.  The decades of completely fake news fed to the public will come to a quick and final end.

Unless the future President Trump has the American people firmly situated on his side, accomplishing anything of note will be very challenging.  Even with the populace supporting his every endeavor, his will be an uphill battle at every turn.  The NWO globalists still have the upper hand in that they control the levers of power as they press buttons of finance which can create havoc anywhere, anytime.

How Globalist George Soros Singlehandedly Created The European Refugee Crisis

Witness what George Soros & Company has already done to the country… and gotten away with it.  Look, also, at what Soros has done to Europe.  Germany and France have been turned into war zones.  Greece is bankrupt; Italy is under siege from within and without. The United Kingdom has left altogether as other nations promise to hold successful referendums.

As for the crimes committed in the USA, there have been no arrests, no prosecutions, no sentences for subversion of this constitutional republic.  Hillary herself says whatever she wants to no matter how false or inflammatory, seditious or provocative.  Similarly, Democrat heavyweights like Bill Clinton and John Podesta, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi make their own incendiary statements to an MSM that is more than happy to accommodate their Purple Revolution.

BEWARE: The Purple Revolution Comes To America…
…Courtesy of George Soros, the Clinton Crime Family, and the Obama Administration

The bottom line here is that as soon as the globalists come to understand that Trump will not be coerced or co-opted to carry out their odious wars, they will execute their Plan B… or Plan C…or both.


This news platform has oft-repeated that it is always the Democrats which are installed by the ruling elites to set up and start and prosecute the world wars as well as other major wars.  Both World Wars I and II clearly demonstrate this long-term globalist strategy, as do the Korean and Vietnam Wars.  All of these wars were prosecuted by Democratic presidents.

The World Wars Are Always Set Up And Prosecuted By Democratic Administrations

The entire Arab Spring was likewise engineered into a regional war by the Obama Administration according to the Presidential Study Directive-11 blueprint.  In this way Obama was specially chosen to set up the global stage for World War III.  He did this not only through the unlawful wars against Libya and Syria, but also by coordinating the civil war in the Ukraine, after staging the coup in Kiev.

Obama and his carefully hidden Neocons have also sewn seeds of discontent all over Africa and South America, as the C.I.A. conducts one black op after another, one psyop after another. The whole European Union was thrown into chaos by the same Neocons, just as Mexico is in the state of disarray.  All of these highly misguided endeavors have contributed greatly to the current bellicose environment whereby war is on everyone’s mind.

This is where a President Hillary R. Clinton was supposed to take center stage since she was already propped up to be Putin’s new American nemesis.  The question remains whether she and her criminal cabal will find a way to trigger war with Russia.  They have already proven that no scheme is too perfidious or treasonous, heinous or treacherous to implement.

Best Recommendation: Lock ’em all up—POST HASTE ! ! !

State of the Nation
December 21, 2016

Editor’s Note

The Mainstream Media must be shut down.  The MSM has truly become the enemy of the people. It has been proven categorically that all of the major networks and newspapers of record have both participated in grave acts of treason against this nation, as well as covered up the same traitorous crimes.  Hence, there is no alternative but to close it down and start over, especially when the guilty parties conducted a massive ongoing cover-up of the 9/11 inside job. (9/11 VERDICT: Mainstream Media Guilty Of The Biggest Coverup In US History)

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