Is This Rudy Giuliani’s Twitter Feed About #Pizzagate? Or Is It A Hack?



Is This Rudy Giuliani’s Twitter Feed About #Pizzagate? Or Is It A Hack?

by Rudy Giuliani
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    Official Statement – please read & share:
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  • RudolphGiuliani Retweeted C Speng
    James Alefantis is a child rapist & child killer. They have murdered children. He is protected by W.H., CIA, DHS & media.
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    C Speng@speng_c
    @RudolphGiuliani @btfoooo #jimmyComet Instagram is so incriminating he went private/ “babies for sale “looked like to me/ Tiny coffins…..?
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  • RudolphGiuliani Retweeted Joanie Webster
    Foxes guard the hen-house at Amber Alert, DHS & child-trafficking units in government. They rape, sodomize, murder & cannibalize children.
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    Joanie Webster@JoanieWebster
    @RudolphGiuliani To say the number of missing children is high in VA is an understatement. Check the dates… Mostly 2014 and on.
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  • RudolphGiuliani Retweeted Ted Zeppelin
    Our entire government is filled with criminals, child rapists & child killers. I am speaking out now. I may not be long for this world.
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    Ted Zeppelin@TedZeplin
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  • RudolphGiuliani Retweeted Alex Jones
    CNN is nothing but pure propaganda & lies, and they have disrespected the victims of this terror event. The FCC needs to shut them down.
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    Alex Jones@RealAlexJones
    CNN Calls Act Of Terror “Truck Crash” Again – … #infowars #LyingCNN
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