New Zealand’s ‘Elite’ Child Abuse Rings Exposed…


Former Prime Minister John Key

Former Prime Minister John Key

New Zealand’s ‘Elite’ Child Abuse Rings Exposed…


Minister of State Organised Child Abuse – Anne Tolley – has today announced there will be no investigation into mass child abuse by the Crown. The Crown presumably has the God given right to abuse as many Kiwi children as it likes – and its none of tax payers business….

Fearless blog Lauda Finem that specialises in exposing NZ’s pedophile corporate elite and the justice system that appears to systematically protect them has recently posted allegations that the NZ judiciary have also been caught red handed covering up pedophilia in NZ.

Nothing new to us at Media Whores. It has long been alleged that even New Zealand’s chief justice – Sian Elias – is married to a serial child sex offender – Hugh Fletcher. So perhaps it is no surprise that pedophiles are protected by the NZ justice system.

The Justin Davis Files floating around the web seems to suggest that the NZ judiciary is actively involved in the covering up and protection of powerful pedophiles and pedophile rings  in New Zealand – including some MP’s, and many top businessmen, doctors and dentists in NZ. Whistle Blower Justin Davis gives us a first hand look into the world of these pedophiles who use sophisticated date rape drugs to drug and abuse children in their doctors rooms, dentistry clinics, churches and even MP offices. The drugs they use mean the victims usually do not even know they have been abused, and just wake up in a haze feeling drowsy with no memory of the abuse – but they will never be the same – traumatised in the subconscious for life.

Every so often we see such cases float to the surface, but they are usually covered up and suppressed as quickly as possible – the fact is they are only the tip of the iceberg…..they are likely all connected, and probably using the same drugs and drug networks exposed by Justin Davis- drugs being distributed by top doctors and dentists around NZ…

“New Zealander charged with sex assaults on drugged backpackers”

“Jury finds former St John ambulance officer guilty on all eight sex charges”

Hawke’s Bay doctor accused of stupefying continues bid to keep name secret

“Doctor granted permanent name suppression”

“Auckland professional caught with 6000 objectionable images”


We have also recently seen the astounding situation of NZ Judge Lowell Goddard seeming to fudge the ‘investigation’ into the Westminister Scandal in the UK – where over 100,000 children are alleged to have been abused by ‘British’ MP’s, Lords, Judges and high profile entertainers. The NZ judiciary right in the thick of it. They are very much an International operation – that much is clear.

Ironically – it was the blogger Cameron Slater who exposed in 2014 that at least 5 sitting MP’s have name suppression for child abuse crimes. Slater is obviously part of same establishment with his blanket protection of John Key and his gang, but was being put under pressure during the Dirty Politics scandal and published it on his blog one day, presumably as a threat to those who he works with and for.

We know quite a few MP’s have had to stand down in recent years – Mike Sabin was one of them – but the public are not even allowed to discuss that case on the orders of the NZ judiciary.

We are aware that Nick Smith MP recently hired a Nelson lawyer to fight child abuse ring allegationscirculating online. Nick Smith was also tied up with the Civic Crache case in which young children came forward with stories of sexual abuse. Close to the fire it seems, is the NZ Housing Minister.

And then there was ‘Prime’ Minister John Key’s ‘joke’ about the escaped pedophile killer Phillip Smith (there goes that name again) on the world stage / G20 summit. John Key obviously thinks pedophilia is quite humorous.

The very fact they call these people “Ministers” is highly suspect – it stinks of religious overtones – and we all know too well about the reputation of Church ministers. It is all the same “church” in our view.


John Key and his love for little girls ponytails – and his highly sexualised children. Something is clearly not quite right with the PM.


To their credit it was Radio NZ who reported on the “1000 children” who have gone “missing’ from Child Youth and Family over the years – the Government and Anne Tolley raced to counter the fall out by relabeling the Crown’s apparent child trafficking operation with a new name. Radio NZ appear to spend most of their time covering this stuff up, but this article was good work on their part….’the-kids-never-came-home-from-school’

Facebook is awash with stories of Child Youth and Family now kidnapping children as young as 4 weeks old from their breastfeeding mothers – they do this using their “laws” and mandatory (and unverifiable) drug tests which they enforce on poor parents who are reliant on their communist welfare / warfare system. So they take a breast feeding child off its mother at 4 weeks and place it in the hands of strangers where the statistics say they are at least 10 times more likely to be abused. How can the public be assured these kids are not being  kidnapped to order by pedophiles who are connected to these people  who pose as Government and “Justice”?  Perhaps these freaks feed off children – in fact some argue this is often the case.

There are numerous petitions online from families who have had their children ‘kidnapped’ by the State under dubious circumstances. Can you imagine knowing your kids have been taken by people with numerous documented ties to pedophile rings and child abuse? Horrific.

Its was exiled NZ author Greg Hallett who first claimed (quote) ” The judiciary shows itself to be a paedophile and crime creation movement whose primary goal is fatherless families.” in his book available on Amazon – “New Zealand a Blackmailer’s Guide”.   Greg was denied a fair hearing by the same judiciary in NZ and then had a number of murder attempts on his life before fleeing the Country back in 2007.

Further below we post some links to recent name suppression cases in which the NZ judiciary protect child sex offenders, many of them caught red handed, some even with child murder videos but still escaped conviction. A reasonable person would have to at least suspect that this is in fact a major goal of the judiciary in NZ- to protect child sex offenders.

“You will know them by their deeds”. Very wise words. Not by the fancy titles and ‘honors’  they give themselves.

You can watch Greg Hallett’s interview with US researcher Jim Fetzer below – Greg maintains his sense of humor even as the mafia chase him around trying to murder him- a true National / Kiwi hero, exposing the child abusers of NZ and their global network and risking his own life to do so….


Recent name Suppression and related cases in NZ- the Nation is literally crawling with pedophiles and the judiciary seem to go out of their way to protect them…the list includes MP’s, top businessmen and many more high profile New Zealanders. Quite a club they are running.

“Jury finds former St John ambulance officer guilty on all eight sex charges”

“Ex MP charged with indecent assault”

“Cabinet minister’s brother accused of abusing two 11-year-olds”

“National MP Nick Smith found in contempt of court”

“Hon Dr Nick Smith, M.P and the Family Court

(C) Found guilty of contempt”

“Permanent name suppression for top professional”

“Name suppression for Auckland professional”

“Doctor granted permanent name suppression”

“Auckland professional caught with 6000 objectionable images”

But they only give name suppression to “protect the victims” right?

“Abused sisters lose High Court bid to name attacker”

“Investigated teacher refused to open laptop, but can still teach”

“GP accused of indecent assault finally loses his right to practice”

“Fight to keep name suppressed in couch-surfing case”

“Convicted rapist back tutoring”

“New Zealander charged with sex assaults on drugged backpackers”

“Permanent name suppression for prominent New Zealander”

“‘Prominent’ Auckland actor on sex charges retains name suppression”

“Sex offender Ronald Van der Plaat’s release angers Te Atatu community”

“Name suppression for New Plymouth man who imported pornography”

“Invercargill underage sex accused not guilty”

“Acquitted prominent NZer wins permanent suppression”

“Man jailed for 13 years for raping daughter”

“Name suppression threshold “too high” – QC”

“Sex offender seeks further name suppression”

“Kiwi entertainer retains name supression”

“Suppression for man on rape charge”

“Community work and name suppression for child porn downloader”

“NZ actor facing sex charges keeps name suppression”

“Judge declines to lift suppression of kiwi actor on sex charges”

“Comedian says incident was drunken accident”

“Wellington child pornography offender discharged without conviction”

“Pharmacist suppression orders lifted”

“Upskirt filmer gets name suppression”

“Name suppression for Auckland flasher”

“Teachers found guilty of misconduct over relationship with 13-year-old girl lose name suppression”


Some argue its the same agenda as Political Marxism and it springs from these people’s ancient religious beliefs – a scientific and/or spiritual method of destroying communities for power and control….and New Zealand is suffering under it at extreme levels under the John Key foreign banker regime, at least as much as it did under the Marxist Clark regime ….

US Vice President Joe Biden feeling up children:


Mike Gillam - Thompson & Toresen
Mike Gillam – Thompson & Toresen

Pictured- Mike Gillam – Private Investigator whom pedophile exposing website Lauda Finem has exposed many times. Such people are deployed to help with cover ups Lauda Finem claims

Kiwis need to ask themselves- are we governed by a gang of child sex offenders that feed off our children?


“They have recruited the rich and powerful”

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