Here’s Why Obama Pushes False Accusations Against Russia and the MSM Reports Fake News About Putin Being Behind the Hacks…This Week



HACKGATE: Why Obama, Clinton, Podesta Lie About Russia When Evidence Shows a DC Insider Hack

TMR Editor’s Note:
obviously the rapidly developing HACKGATE — yet another shocking Democrat scandal — is providing massive cover for so much serious Executive Branch law-breaking and U.S. Federal Government lawlessness.  Obama & Company have clearly taken government corruption and malfeasance to new levels of criminality.

NSA Whistleblower Destroys Obama’s Russia Narrative: “Hard Evidence Points To An Inside Leak, Not Hacking”

The following exposé represents just one small piece of this exploding HACKGATE. This ongoing scandal concerns the deliberate hacking of the DNC, the Clinton Campaign, and especially John Podesta’s emails.

What the Democrats fail to acknowledge, however, is that they have been officially informed that Russia had nothing to do with the hacking.  Nevertheless, the Democratic leadership (in collusion with the Mainstream Media) has consistently misled the American people to believe that Putin’s Kremlin ordered the hack, which was then carried out by Russian agents.

There is a very good reason for the significant uptick in false and absurd accusations being leveled at innocent parties for disseminating Russian propaganda.   This week’s MSM blitzkrieg against the Alt Media concerns the now proven fact that President Barack Hussein Obama — knowing and willingly — submitted a forged copy of his fake birth certificate to the American people in April of 2011.

Why is this particular criminal act so very HUGE?  Because now that it has been confirmed by a closed law enforcement investigation, the U.S. Congress will be forced to address the crime spree in an official capacity.

This eventuality then sets up the entire Obama Administration for collapse and the annulment of two 4-year terms.  There can be only one reason that a sitting president would risk posting a transparently fraudulent birth certificate copy on an official government website.  Neither he nor the government possesses a legitimate BC which verifies that he was born in the USA.

The Millennium Report
December 17, 2016


Here’s Why Obama Pushes False Accusations Against Russia and the MSM Reports Fake News About Putin Being Behind the Hacks…This Week

Because Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate Was Scientifically Proven To Be Fabricated Using Hawaiian Johanna Ah’Nee’s


State of the Nation

Scientific Evidence: Obama Birth Certificate Copy Proven Fake And Forged

What thoroughly corrupt and patently illegitimate POTUS wouldn’t do anything necessary to change the conversation when their proven fake birth certificate still sits on the
official website (shown below).



This type of diversionary tactic is exactly what Obama used the last time when Donald Trump forced him to post a fake copy of his COLB (Certificate of Live Birth) at the website.

However, the last time Obama faked the killing of Osama bin Laden, the only event BIG enough that was capable of sufficiently stealing The Donald’s thunder.  The entire timeline of that meticulously engineered distraction in Pakistan is clearly delineated in the following exposé.

Did Obama Really Kill Osama? Or was a fake killing staged of a bin Laden doppelgänger to
divert America’s attention from Obama’s fake birth certificate controversy stoked by Donald Trump?

Obama is in BIG trouble!

No matter how you look at it, Obama and the Democrats are in serious trouble.  Their entire 8-year crime spree is now at risk of being completely exposed by the incoming Trump Administration.

So much of the lawlessness that has occurred under Obama has never been investigated. In fact, his administration is guilty of so much institutional crime and serial law-breaking that a new federal bureaucracy would be required to responsibly investigate and prosecute it all.  Trump is not going to go there.

However, the easiest path to a post-presidential conviction and subsequent annulment of everything Obama ever did in the Oval Office as an imposter would be to expose his forged birth certificate in a court of law.  Of course, if Obama were to plea bargain in advance of a very messy and revealing public trial, every official act of his 2-term presidency could be simply expunged from the public record and repealed wherever appropriate.

Putin’s Russia

That Obama has recklessly and arrogantly turned Putin’s Russia into an MSM whipping boy for his very own transgressions and failures is quite par for the course.  For it is Obama’s war crimes and genocides, crimes against humanity and domestic scandals, financial fiascos and economic disasters that are being covered up with every assault on Putin.

It’s true, that every time Obama blames Russia for anything it is actually his administration that is guilty of the same act(s).  This includes the leaking of the WikiLeaks emails that were instrumental in destroying the Clinton campaign and forever ruining John Podesta.

Pizzagate: Podesta pedo perps and Clinton’s international child sex trafficking ring exposed

Obama knew that Hillary Clinton also roped him into her various scandals known as Benghazigate, Emailgate, Servergate, Weinergate, Recountgate, as well as Electorgate.[1] They were joined at the hip so much that Obama was even forced to outright lie about having knowledge of Clinton’s personal email and home-based server.

Obama Caught In Naked Lie A Second Time: Notified 6 Times of Hillary’s Private Email Address Changes

This is just part of the overall context that compels the Obama gang to rail on Putin et al. The Democratic Party has been exposed by Wikileaks for so much criminal activity it boggles any mind with a conscience.  Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta was actually running the political arm of the Clinton Crime Family more than anything else, as his many emails graphically reveal.

Then there is PIZZAGATE.  This “Scandal of the Millennium” has the potential to literally bring down the Obama Administration before it triggers the dissolution of the Democratic Party.  It truly is that serious, and much more, because of what it really concerns—child pornography, child sexual abuse, child trafficking, child slavery, child sex slavery, satanic ritual child sacrifice, child organ trafficking, child tissue harvesting, child blood extraction, etc.

PIZZAGATE: The Greatest Scandal of the Third Millennium

If there is one scandal that Obama and the MSM want to kill through with their juvenile labeling of ‘fake news’, PIZZAGATE is it.  They know that if this global child exploitation operation leaks into the MSM, their agenda is finished … well before being implemented. This is exactly why Obama is “wagging the dog” so furiously; he has no other options, and his handlers have given him no other alternative.

The Obama Administration has produced no evidence that Russia did any of the hacking during the recent campaign season.  As a matter of established fact, there is much verified proof that Russia had nothing to do with any hacks during the presidential election cycle. Various key witnesses have come out at great risk to themselves and declared Russia totally innocent, while identifying the real source of the hacking.

Fake News vs. Real News

So while the phony President of the United States is disseminating fake news about Russia acquired from un-named sources in the CIA and/or FBI, the MSM completely fails to cover the explosive news about Obama’s forged birth certificate.  The MSM routinely generates fake news and spreads it around worldwide, and then sits on the biggest story of the year—that Obama knowingly posted a forged birth certificate.

Final Conclusion: Obama’s Birth Certificate Scientifically Proven To Be A Completely Fake Document

Obama appears to have no choice for his remaining month in office but to start a war of words with Russia.  This highly crass and unpresidential behavior only sets up Donald Trump with a LOT of cleaning up to do.  Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama not only re-started the Cold War with Russia, his State Department also set up the Ukraine Civil War and Syrian War, as well as the Libyan War.  Triggering these unlawful wars of unprovoked aggression was the very reason that George Soros funded both of Obama’s presidential campaigns—to tie up Russia both militarily and financially.

This is why Obama started so many wars.

Quite ironically, Obama implemented his catastrophic foreign policy via the systematic dissemination of fake news.  He has also benefited from so much fake news posted by the MSM in his favor, just as the same organs of propaganda have spewed so many falsehoods about Russia and lies about Vladimir Putin. Obama has also taken his fabricated ‘fake news’ narrative on his exit tour around the world.  As a means of preserving his bogus legacy in the face of so many truth-telling Alt Media news outlets, he now assails the alternative news at every opportunity.
Special Note:
There are multiple reasons for so much fear-mongering (and war-mongering) against Russia, not just the outing of the fake birth certificate. Whenever there’s a serious problem on the world stage, be it political or military, economic or social, the U.S. Federal Government has always found it effective to scapegoat Russia.  Every week brings huge problems for a morally challenged administration like the present one.  This week happens to be the one when Obama’s birth certificate was scientifically proven to be a fake document which was criminally concocted.  Therefore, the Russian bear is a very convenient bogeyman with which to distract the citizenry and divert their attention. The critical point is that whenever there is a serious crisis, Russia is always pulled out of their back pockets.  Because the Obama Administration has faced so much self-created conflict and so many self-erected obstacles, the Zionist Neocons who populate State, Defense, C.I.A. and other intelligence agencies always falsely accuse Russia to cover-up America’s shortcomings.  However, where it concerns Donald Trump, this strategy is being used like never before to smear him relentlessly with the false charge of cavorting with the enemy.  The Neocon cabal don’t understand that Putin is really our friend, whereas the NWO Zionists are truly our foes.


Everything points to the great likelihood that an extremely desperate President Obama will be hoist with his own petard.  His serial lying has become legendary.  Clearly, he was selected by his masters because of his extraordinary powers of nonstop prevarication and equivocation.  Few can lie about so much, so deeply, for so long, and show no strain from having to constantly cover for the sheer volume of lies.

However, in Russia’s Putin, Obama has met his match.  There is every reason to believe that Obama will overplay his empty hand to the master chessman.  By forever blaming Russia for the leaks of his own intelligence community, Obama has set the stage for deadly internecine warfare between the 14 plus intelligence agencies, secret services and law enforcement entities.

Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’

Obama’s many falsities about Russian hacking are certain to boomerang right back on the White House like an EMP shutting the place down in a way that really shows the West Wing they need to sit down and STFU! Wait, didn’t Putin just say that?!

Putin Lashes Out At Obama: “Show Some Proof Or Shut Up”

State of the Nation
December 16, 2016

Special Note

Lastly, the fake birth certificate is still here to haunt the prez.  There is so much wrong with it, some feel that it’s a practical joke gone bad—real bad!  The following BC graphic filed by Obama and vetted by the DNC points out only some of the most obvious flaws and ridiculous defects that distinguish the document as a very cheap imitation.



[1] Pizzagate: Podesta pedo perps and Clinton’s international child sex trafficking ring exposed

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