People are Awakening to Truth: Have You Started to Wake Up?

For many people the term “full disclosure” means that the government or other powers will provide information about “the truth” of amorphous green aliens, shape-shifting extraterrestrials, Black Goo, Nibiru and Planet X collisions with Earth, UFOs, cosmic lights and balls, Area 51, the Vatican and Mt. Graham connection, and so forth.

Neoanthroposophists understand that spiritual-materialists cannot perceive spiritual beings in our midst because their spiritual organs of perception have not been properly developed. It is much akin to the story of the early American native Indians who could not see European ships off the coast because they had no concept of what a ship was. If you are a spiritual-materialist, you will experience the nature of that being up to the level of your perception capacity and no further. In other words, if all you know is a 3D (space) and 4D (time) world, then how can you know a being from a higher dimension? You can’t. You can only know the world to the extent of your perceptual capacity.

How we perceive the angels, archangels, archai, demons, Lucifer, and Ahriman is seen through the lens of our own morality, self-development, and higher spiritual knowledge. In the physical world, an eye is an organ that gives us the ability to “see” the outer world. To see the higher worlds, we must develop supersensible organs of perception. These organs give us the ability to perceive the higher, or inner, worlds. If you have not increased your vibration of love, morality, and higher knowledge, then the fast approaching revelations of the spiritual world may appear to you as demons, aliens, a variety of horrors, and colliding planets.

Simply put, as the veils of truth are beginning to lift, what you see will be largely determined by the development your spiritual organs of perception. Instead of worrying about Nibiru and UFOs, may we suggest that you start understanding the REAL VERSION of human history, not the illusory version that the Dark Brotherhood has forced upon you for centuries? By breaking down the barriers of cognitive dissonance and looking beyond your current perceptual capacities, you will begin to develop higher organs of perception.

You will begin to awaken….naturally, gradually, and with amazing clarity. All the random puzzle pieces that you have read about in the news or in history books will begin to fit into a grand picture of an age that we are energetically leaving–the Kali Yuga age. Then…wehn you are sufficiently awake and ready to enter a new age of light and wisdom, known as the Satya Yuga, join us in the Temple of Wisdom where you will find many revelations of our place in the universe.


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