BOMBSHELL: Clinton Crime Family Floated Story About Hillary Droning Assange As A Threat Not to Release Info Today!




BOMBSHELL: Clinton Crime Family Floated Story About Hillary Droning Assange As A Threat Not to Release Info Today!

Too coincidental that the drone story was released just prior to Wikileaks biggest revelations  yet about Hillary Clinton

Julian Assange promised that the story would knock Clinton out of the race.

State of the Nation

Something very BIG just happened and yet very few political commentators have picked up on it.

A HUGE story was just released that claimed that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was the target of a Hillary Clinton initiative to have him eliminated by way of a drone attack.

Hillary Clinton considered drone attack on Julian Assange – report

This story was floated throughout the alternative news media just prior to a worldwide announcement that Assange was to give from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.

First, he was compelled to cancel the live announcement from the balcony.

Then, he abandoned the release of information altogether from a livefeed that was being broadcast from Berlin., for one, reflected the intense disappointment with the ensuing “radioactive info” FAIL. Many other news sites also posted similar sentiments in the wake of a complete failure to release news of Clinton wrongdoing. As follows:

Special Note:
The Wikileaks cache of emails related to Secretary of State Clinton’s conduct contains the highly sensitive and classified information about the utter lawlessness of the Obama Administration, particularly with regard to naked warmongering.  Those who are initiated at this level of geopolitical espionage know that the real conspiracy that the emails illuminate is the SINGLE BIGGEST STORY OF THE MILLENNIUM.  What other plot is anywhere near the joint State-C.I.A. implementation plan that was executed to create the Islamic State (IS), arm ISIS, and support ISIL so that as many Daesh terrorists as possible could swarm throughout the Northern levant, especially Syria and Iraq.  This engineered mass exodus and ongoing genocide of the Syrian people is also at the heart of the greatest immigration crisis the world has ever seen.  Hence, the entire U.S. Federal Government is working overtime to prevent the release of the Wikileaks material. (Why is the Clinton Emailgate Scandal so HUGE?)  Even if a drone assassination is deemed necessary!

Did Hillary Clinton herself send Assange the warning?

The story about the Clinton drone plan has been authenticated, so Assange knew beforehand that the DNC would take him out in a London moment… should he release the damaging information on Mrs. Clinton.

The bottom line to this evolving narrative is bigger than any information that Assange could have released: that the Clinton Crime Family put out a contingency hit contract on Julian Assange — in real time — which would surely be executed should he follow through on his October Surprise release of explosive Clinton info.

Now that’s a BIG story!

State of the Nation
October 4, 2016

Editor’s Note

It is critical to understand that the true story about Secretary of State Clinton’s serious consideration of sending a drone after Assange during her tenure did not originate with Wikileaks.  The source was apparently unrelated to Wikileaks treasure trove of Clinton emails.  Therefore, it appears that Julian Assange himself just found out that Hillary Clinton was ready to murder him once; so why would she not carry out an extrajudicial assassination were she to be elected POTUS, or kill him via a CIA drone right now?