The Back Story Behind the Takedown of Humanity’s Heroes and Saints




The Back Story Behind the Takedown of Humanity’s Heroes and Saints

Who and why are the modern heroes being taken down so hard?

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

The post-modern era has seen a terrible scourge lay waste to secular society.

Truly, when a civilization or culture, nation or state permits the utter destruction of its heroes, it is only a matter of time before they, too, will be destroyed.

In fact the Internet Age has allowed for the wholesale destruction of some of the greatest personages in world history, both heroes and saints alike.

This insidious trend of tearing down our real heroes began with the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  It was quickly followed by murderous defamation of character which ensued in the wake of the assassinations of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy.


Once the Internet came of age, this same disturbing pattern was extended to the Founding Fathers of the American Republic.  What follows is an excerpt from a previous CCRG essay on this matter.

Special Note:
Let this essay serve as a serious warning to those who have taken to heaping scorn and disrespect on some of the greatest men of English and American history, as well as some of the most spiritual personages of all time.  With the advent of the Internet many writers have become instant ‘experts’ and supposed investigative historians.  In so becoming they have written material that is replete with utter falsehood.  Much of their fictitious writing is merely a regurgitation of purposefully planted false stories about the most noble and courageous men of past eras.

These highly inferior authors and researchers have no clue about the actual progression of many profound historical events which are integral to the emancipation of the human race.  They fail to make crucial connections and in so doing forever throw the baby out with the bath water.  For instance, because some of the Founding Fathers such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were known Freemasons, many modern-day bloggers wrongfully assume that they were in on the continual subversion of the American Republic by the British Crown.  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

As the astute historians recognize, Freemasonry was eventually taken over by the dark forces and co-opted whenever the opportunities presented themselves.  Even though the Founding Fathers routinely used the best that Freemasonry had to offer during their day, and it was truly indispensable, how can these courageous figures be criticized because the Freemason groups were later undermined by the malevolent Illuminati?  Simply put, they cannot possibly bear any responsibility for such an eventuality.

Then there is the much more serious matter of these same bloggers who take every opportunity to bash the Great White Brotherhood.  Woe to them who criticize or besmirch the virtuous reputations of those truly great beings who populate the firmament of the Great White Brotherhood.  These spiritual entities have worked tirelessly over eons toward the advancement and betterment of humankind.  Not only are they responsible for the protection of the current race of humanity, they continue to make untold sacrifices on behalf of nations and peoples everywhere.
(Source: THE NEW ATLANTIS: Master Plan Of The Ages)


Mother Theresa

Next we turn our serious attention to the matter of Mother Theresa, soon to be canonized a saint by the Roman Catholic Church.  Her canonization has triggered a backlash among the hardcore atheists who have taken every opportunity to bash her reputation.  By and large their unfounded criticisms amount to scurrilous ad hominem attacks designed to do one thing above all else: forever ruin her reputation and taint her goods works.

For those who are uninitiated in the business of libel and slander, almost everything negative that has been written about Mother Theresa is patently false.  Much of this fictitious material was thought up by the devout atheist Christopher Hitchens.  Since Mother Theresa is no longer here to defend herself, we will do it for her.

Wittingly or unwittingly, Hitchens was chosen early on to be a key hitman for the New World Order cabal.  The CCRG has followed his work very closely and found irreconcilable contradictions in his writings.  In fact, there was only ONE way to reconcile this curious situation: he was working for the elites all along.  Initially he may not have known such was the case being a classic example of controlled opposition.  However, his contradiction of thought became so egregious that he must have joined the cabal quite knowingly at some point.

Hitchens’ totally irrational and uncharacteristically avid support for the Iraq War is a perfect case in point.  How does a guy like Hitchens with all of his previous anti-war sentiments all of a sudden become the British torch-bearer for the odious and criminal Iraq War?  Enough said.

What is critical to understand about Hitchens, the original prevaricator about all negative things having to do with Mother Theresa, is that he was extremely proud of his atheism. He was the standard-bearer for the European atheism movement that has been so effective at turning Europeans against the very notion of God.  In the advancement of his cause he knew that the very best way to take down religion was to take down its best messengers.

The good works of Mother Theresa presented the best target Hitchens could find.  Once he started letting loose on her, he never looked back.  He knew she was no longer here to defend herself; he also knew that his calumny marked by sophistry was virtually impossible for anyone to respond to.  Why is that?

All of us are on our respective spiritual journeys.  We all go through difficult periods where our faith is tested. The Dark Night of the Soul is a well known part of the journey for those who are walking their path in earnest.  It is during those times that we voice our doubts internally, or through our writings (e.g. diaries) and speech.  The point is that becoming a saintly person, or trying to live a Christian life, is extremely challenging in modern society. It’s practically becoming impossible to do so in public.  Mother Theresa was in the public eye her entire adult life subject to the harsh scrutiny of men and women who were rich and powerful, egotistical and arrogant.

In many of her charitable pursuits she was called upon to be a negotiator, to be a saleswoman, to be a boss, to be a builder, to be many things all at once.  In those various roles it is very easy to have your words or actions misconstrued by cynical or godless people.  When stories got out, or were even made up by those who did not understand her, they could be easily used to tar her impeccable reputation.

It doesn’t take long for the steady drip from naysayers to reach the scandalous London press.  London is, in fact, the home to the original tabloid press corps.  The English-writing and speaking media was established by those who were intent on controlling every aspect of the planetary civilization.  Those same imperialists eventually set up an empire upon which the sun never set.  Without the media working its magic 24/7 over all these decades the British Empire would have never risen.

Because the Empire still lives on in the form of the New World Order, the financial arm of which sits in the Crown Temple in the Financial District in the City of London, the media which emanates from there is quite purposeful and all-powerful.  The removal of religion from Western societies is now an integral part of their NWO plan to establish a One World Government where the global citizen only has allegiance to the state and devotion to whatever new fake religion they attempt to fabricate.  Their template is very similar to the totalitarian communist model whereby religion is completely removed from society and spirituality is practically outlawed.  Only in this way can the perpetual aggrandizement of an atheistic political economy become the centerpiece of the New World Order and their planned One World Government.

VERY Special Note:
There are very specific reasons why the TPTB work incessantly to take down the finest among men and women.  They know that the heroes inspire and motivate us.  That the saints enlighten and empower us.  That the virtuous set great examples about how to live our lives.  That the sages and seers since time immemorial impart sacred knowledge and eternal wisdom.  These great beings therefore represent the very antithesis of what the NWO citizen is supposed to become.  The ruling elites want slaves, not freemen.  They want automatons not critical thinkers.  They want robots, not independent spirits who ever question authority.  Now consider what Thomas Jefferson and George Washington did.  How about Saint Francis of Assisi and Joan of Arc.  By the way how many great Hollywood movies have ever been made about John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Thomas Paine, James Madison, etc.?  There’s the answer! Where do the people go for divine assistance, for needed encouragement, for sacred knowledge and sublime wisdom when the saints have also been taken down?  Who do we look up to … … … whose spirits do we invoke in our times of greatest need.  Who will we pray to when even the Lord Jesus Christ is removed from the civilization?

Now it can be easily understood why it is so important for TPTB to take down all the true heroes and real saints among us.  Next they’ll be taking down all the saints-in-the-making and virtuous people who still believe in God.

By the way, because the Roman Catholic Church has made some very stupid moves over the centuries, does that make all of their saints bad people?  Because some of the Vatican papal power-brokers perpetrated some pretty un-Christian acts, does that negate the good works of their many saints?

Moral of this story: Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, or else there will be no more heroes or saints to look up to.  The inevitable consequence of such a predicament would be the collapse of the society.  Is that where the USA is heading?

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
June 26, 2016

N.B. For those who really want to know the inside story of how they conspired to take down Mother Theresa, the following exposé is a pretty good one.


5 Responses to the Ridiculous Rancor of Some Toward Mother Teresa

If you don’t believe in God, it’s hard to believe in good

Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble

Mother Teresa (L) gives her blessing to a child at the Gift of Love Home on October 20, 1993, in Singapore. The 1979 Nobel Peace Prize winner is on a stop-over while enroute to China where she will set up a fist home for Chinese handicapped children in Shanghai. AFP PHOTO ROSLAN RAHMAN / AFP / ROSLAN RAHMAN

Mother Teresa (L) gives her blessing to a child at the Gift of Love Home on October 20, 1993, in Singapore. The 1979 Nobel Peace Prize winner is on a stop-over while enroute to China where she will set up a fist home for Chinese handicapped children in Shanghai. AFP PHOTO ROSLAN RAHMAN / AFP / ROSLAN RAHMAN

The obsession some atheists have with Mother Teresa borders on the monomaniacal.

Even when I was an atheist I thought it quite absurd whenever comfortable first-world atheists would viciously attack a woman who gave up everything to serve the poor and who lived in abject poverty herself.

The idea that this selfless woman was actually a masochistic, self-obsessed lunatic, who loved to watch the poor suffer originated with Christopher Hitchens, largely considered the founder of the New Atheism movement. In fact, virtually every irrational and over-the-top criticism of Mother Teresa that I have read can be traced back to his obsessive hatred of the Albanian nun.

Hitchens has since passed away (please say a prayer for his soul), but unfortunately his pet theories have not; they pop up on Internet forums all the time.

As Mother Teresa’s canonization date approaches, it is likely that this nonsense will spread. Our era is addicted to shock and outrage, so headlines excoriating Mother Teresa will be irresistible, no matter how false.

With that in mind, here are some common charges atheists make to justify hating Mother Teresa, and some handy responses:

1. Mother Teresa’s Canonization Is a “Fraud”: Christopher Hitchens criticized Mother Teresa’s recognition by the Church because the Church sped up her beatification process. He also mocked the idea that a miracle could have come about through Mother Teresa’s intercession.

So? Hitchens was an atheist; would he be satisfied with any process that canonized Mother Teresa or any other saint? Did he believe in any of the miracles that have been attributed to the intercession of the saints, even those with abundant eyewitnesses, verifications by doctors, etc? The answer is no. So why would it matter to Hitchens (or any other atheist) how quickly Mother Teresa was canonized? Even if it were theoretically true that Mother Teresa was a terrible person, why would an atheist care who the Catholic Church canonizes?

2. Mother Teresa “Mismanaged Money”: Mother Teresa’s critics accuse her of mismanaging donations, and as evidence they point to the humble state of the congregation’s homes versus the large donations that are assumed to have been poured into their coffers. Yet no theory is advanced as to exactly how the foundress spent the organization’s money in an unethical way. She certainly did not spend it on herself.

Vatican officials confirm that Mother Teresa donated her congregation’s surplus money to be dispersed through the many avenues through which the Church helps the poor. In other words, she did not hoard the donations she received just for her order; she shared the wealth, which is in keeping with the mission of her organization. Mother Teresa and her sisters are called to minister in a simple way to the poorest of the poor, and if they have extra money it goes to other poor people. I am not sure why this is so offensive unless one is trying to find offense.

3. Mother Teresa’s Homes Are “Abusive”: Critics point to what they call deplorable conditions in the homes the sisters run — a charge that betrays how completely they misunderstand the Missionaries of Charity. The sisters join the poverty of the people they serve. Their mission is not to build state-of-the-art hospitals, or work for political or social change, which many Catholics do. They provide care for children and adults in the most desperate of situations, people who would otherwise be living and dying on the streets. The sisters themselves live in complete and utter poverty, sleeping on the floor and washing their one habit in buckets and drying them overnight.

This criticism often comes drenched in a mind-set of first-world privilege that has no idea what kind of conditions people experience in third-world countries. It also often comes from critics who don’t bother to spend any amount of prolonged time in these situations — more willing to “investigate” her homes than actually show up and work alongside the nuns.

4. Mother Teresa Was a “Fanatic” Who Enjoyed Suffering: When people point to Mother Teresa’s “fanaticism,” they are usually actually pointing to her living out Christian values. Sure, she did this in an extreme, heroic fashion, but that is why she is a saint. Most of us could benefit from emulating, even slightly, her “fanaticism.” Critics who choose to see her remarks on the “gift” of suffering as a newfangled, masochistic theology only reveal a lack of familiarity with a basic Christian idea: that — as demonstrated by the God-man being unjustly tortured and crucified — God brings good from evil, and he is present in a special way among the weakest and the poorest of the poor.

Don’t like this message? It’s not Mother Teresa you have a problem with, it’s Christianity.

5. Mother Teresa Was “Imperfect”: Critics may disagree with Mother Teresa’s philosophies and actions, but none ever seem to point to concrete evidence of malicious intent on her part, and so the ad hominem arguments end with, “she wasn’t perfect!”

Well, of course Mother Teresa was imperfect. This we can all agree on, and I am sure the saint would concur. It is said that she went at least every week to confession. She was a woman who knew she was flawed and made mistakes.

Canonized saints are not supposed to be cookie-cutter perfect. The lives of countless saints prove that canonization is not a stamp of perfection but a recognition of heroic holiness. And the Church believes Mother Teresa was a holy woman, despite her imperfections.

So why exactly is so much ink spilled in order to criticize Mother Teresa when there are far more unsavory characters in the world? The quest for pageviews and the gratification of blind ideology.

This kind of spiteful hatred comes from hearts that have been darkened to reason and evident goodness by a lack of belief in God.

When one sees a person doing good things because he or she believes in God it is reasonable to attribute that person’s good works to those beliefs (even if one happens to disagree with that belief).

What is unreasonable is to assume that a person doing good works has a dark heart full of violence and self-interest simply because one’s own angry heart cannot begin to understand the Gospel, even theoretically.