DNC Chair Resigns in Disgrace! Convention in Pandemonium! Clinton Coronation Ruined! Will Sanders Revolt?


DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz: The Medusa of the degenerate Democratic Party

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz: The Medusa of the degenerate Democratic Party


DNC Chair Resigns in Disgrace! Convention in Pandemonium! Clinton Coronation Ruined! Will Sanders Revolt?

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz Resigns in Utter Disgrace

Conspiracy to Fix the Democratic Primary Blows Up The Nominating Convention

Disarray and Pandemonium Reign in Philadelphia, As It Should Be

State of the Nation

Wasserman Schutz and Clinton shafted Sanders and then lied about it as expected

What is so amazing about the surprise resignation of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is that the mainstream media (MSM) has barely touched upon the real back story. It’s a back story that everyone knows, but refuses to talk about since the facts would sink Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in a New York minute.

Democrats In Turmoil: DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz Resigns After Wikileaks Revelations

What is even more amazing about this sordid political tale is that the DNC Chair hung on to her job for as long as she did.  Her betrayal of Democratic values was so profound and transparent to the body politic that her job security was attentuated by the moment.  How then did she do it, and get away with it for so long?  Only with the extraordinary assistance from the MSM did these two co-conspirators — Debbie and Hillary — get away with their blatant treachery.

New DNC email leak reveals anti-Sanders bias, pro-Clinton collusion among top officials

If ever there was a perfidious tag team that represented all that is so wrong with American politics, it is the Hillary–Debbie show.  These two professional political wrestlers were destined to take out anyone who stood in Hillary’s way to a coronation.  No matter who the Democratic candidates were who presented themselves to the DEM faithful, their campaigns were torpedoed, and they were expeditiously dispatched to the political waterless region … never to be heard from again.


Remember Martin O’Malley?  No, neither does anyone else!

How about Jim Webb or Lincoln Chafee?  Most folks don’t even know that these previously high-profile career politicians were candidates.  That’s how good the DNC chair effectively assassinated them … politically, of course.

The Bernie Sanders Fiasco

Never — and we repeat — NEVER — in American politics has the electorate witnessed such a brazen and naked attempt to fix the Democratic primary process in broad daylight … in living color … and during prime time.  That’s just how recklessly audacious these two political vixens really are.   They just didn’t care.  They don’t care.  They won’t care in the future so full of hubris and arrogance are they with their dirty hands on the DNC helm.

Truly, this fastidiously coordinated conspiracy to deprive Candidate Sanders of the Democratic Nomination will go down in the annals of presidential politics as the single greatest theft in U.S. presidential election cycle history.

All one has to do is view the video footage from the many venues that Bernie packed during his ambitions campaign tour around the USA.  He sold out the house everywhere he went, as he was likewise willing to give away the store … the house … the farm, etc. Nonetheless, were one to review the many photos taken at Clinton campaign stops, the scarcity of supporters was almost unbelievable.  You really had to see it, to believe her complete lack of grassroots support.

Because Bernie’s was a grassroots-driven movement, and Hillary’s was a corporate-run juggernaut, the rank and file wanted very little to do with the synthetic Clinton campaign. The DNC Chair is the one who worked triple-time to ensure that the fake photo ops never stopped and the campaign war chest kept filling up with stupid contributions from so many fat cat corporate donors.

At the end of the day, it was clear to anyone watching this unparalleled campaign spectacle that Clinton & Company outright stole the nomination from Sanders.  And it was quite transparent all along that the Clinton-Shultz dynamic duo would do anything — ANYTHING — within their power to deprive Sanders of the nomination.  And so they did.



SOTN is fairly politically savvy and watched with utter amazement the string of primary machinations, and political plots, and DNC conspiracies, and Clinton campaign intrigues, and outright subterfuge which were all conducted in the process of harpooning Sanders’ campaign raft.

In fact, the DNC and Clinton campaign held Sanders hostage in a hail of flaming arrows aiming at him from every direction, since the very beginning of his presidential endeavor. Yes, it was that bad, and actually much worse than anyone really knows.

Why, after all, do you think that his campaign slogan was “Feel the Bern”?!?!

State of the Nation
July 25, 2016