Black Lives Matter: America’s Homegrown Version of ISIS?




Black Lives Matter: America’s Homegrown Version of ISIS?

Dallas Police Massacre Shows That
Texas Is The Real Battleground State

Just how much violence will BLM commit before they are labelled a terrorist group?


State of the Nation

ISIS was created by the US, UK and Israel. The Obama Administration
is utilizing the same divide and conquer strategy in the United States via
Black Lives Matter that they used in Syria and Iraq by supporting
Daesh terrorism.

The whole community of nations now knows that the CIA, MI6 and the MOSSAD created, armed, funded and materially supported ISIS as it has rampaged across the Northern Levant.  The creation of the Islamic State and fabrication of Islamic jihad across the region was the backbone of the Zio-Anglo-American strategy to divide and conquer the Mideast. Not only were vast oil and gas reserves at stake, so, too, was the most valuable geopolitical piece of real estate on the planet.

It took Putin’s Russia to expose this unparalleled conspiracy which their Air Force did with extraordinary efficiency.  At the end of the Russian military campaign in Syria, ISIL was shown to be working directly with the US, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  The Greater Israel project was being painstakingly advanced with every act of terrorism and war crime, land grabs and resource theft until the Russian intervention transpired.

Putin’s Russia Blows Up Zio-Anglo-American Scheme For ‘Greater Israel’

Special Note:
The gist of this exposé does NOT dismiss the stated advocacy that Black Lives Matter is supposed to represent. All Lives Matter … for that matter!  However, good causes are often hijacked by TPTB such as George Soros & Company.  These chaos-creating globalists set the Mideast on fire by employing thousands of well-paid mercenaries known as ISIS jihadis.  These mercs have no business or interest in tearing up Syria, Iraq or any other country in the Northern Levant.  However, they all desperately needed a job.  Likewise, the vastly unemployed and impoverished blacks throughout America’s urban jungles are in need of work.  Overnight, and without a resume, Soros pays them and puts them to work just like he did with the ISIS terrorists in the Middle East, as well as in the Ukraine with the neo-fascist mercenary units.  Just because the BLM activists haven’t started decapitating and crucifying doesn’t mean they are not employed by the same NWO globalist cabal that seeks to collapse the American Republic. Their MO is exactly the same wherever they seek to create their new order out of chaos.

This divide and rule strategy has worked so well for Obama & Company that they now appear to be bringing it to the homeland.  As a matter of fact, even Homeland Security’s Director Jeh Johnson appears to be on board, as does Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James B. Comey.  POTUS Obama and VPOTUS Biden have been running this Jesuit game like a charm since January 20, 2009.

When the top tier of the Executive Branch is totally behind a government-wide conspiracy to pit Americans against each other as they have done for the past seven and a half years, the times are about to get very interesting.  The 2016 Summer from Hell is testament to just how hot things are going to get, especially with the July 15th Day of Rage now on the calendar.  Given the transparent betrayal of the America people by the U.S. Federal Government, how can it be any other way?

While such real time and naked treachery has never been seen before in this country, many now understand that the US government has been operating this way practically forever.  That’s what it does best … just as ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 2.15.13 PM

The TEXAS Battleground

Make no mistake about it, the great state of Texas is now ground zero for the simmering Second American Revolution.  Austin and Waco, Dallas and Houston have all been the site of various skirmishes and firefights.  Because Texas is the primary champion nationwide of state’s rights, it has become the object of Washington’s scorn.  This White House will simply not tolerate any initiatives by the 50 states to rightfully claim those state’s rights granted by the US Constitution.  Hence, the Lone Star has become a huge target.

Waco TX Biker Massacre: Classic False Flag Operation & Government-Run Inside Job

Not only has Texas been the victim of some serious weather warfare being inflicted by the FEDs via chemical geoengineering and HAARP technologies, it has also been subjected to several acts of terrorism since Obama took office.  His administration has significantly taken advantage of the most recent version of the NDAA to illicitly commit acts of terrorism on U.S. soil under the bogus pretext of national security.

TEXAS DELUGE: Was it a geoengineered weather event to enforce compliance with Agenda 21?

The recent massacre of the Dallas police officers is a perfect example of this state-sponsored terrorism.  Not only did the government’s handpicked NGO Black Lives Matter serve as the catalyst for the meticulously planned slaughter, all the usual suspects alphabet soup agencies planned and executed the slaughter under the legal rubric of the NDAA.  This naked act of terrorism was coordinated and covered up, at the very least, by the DHS, FBI and CIA in concert with local law enforcement and the MSM (mainstream media).

Obama Does Dallas To Distract From Comey Debacle

Why murder and wound so many police officers?

The incredibly bold killing (5) and wounding (7) of so many police officers was perpetrated to have maximum dramatic effect across the nation.  Texas has staked out its claim to be a truly independent and conservative state which values strict border controls and tough law enforcement.  Both of these images were profoundly assailed in Dallas by those who intended to soften up the state government.

By audaciously ambushing police officers the Obama Administration also went after a very dedicated anti-gun control demographic.  The police nationwide deeply value their right to carry personal firearms while not on duty. The reckless taking out of their brethren was designed to undermine their commitment to the Second Amendment.  Though it has not.

The “Dallas Police Massacre”, as it will forever be known, marks a serious shift in the strategy for Obama. Of course, all the mass shootings have quite conveniently taken place with the very types of rifles that the Administration wants banned from the streets of America. However, the mass shootings at colleges and universities, high schools and grade schools had not produced the desired result.  Therefore, the globalists are going after much bigger fish in the American pond of influential opinion.  They know that if they can turn law enforcement, the 2nd Amendment will not be far from being effectively nullified.

Where does Black Lives Matter fit in?

The parallels between the poor black communities across America and the dispossessed freedom fighters (known as Islamic jihad) across the Middle East are quite striking.  Both groups have suffered many decades of deprivation and oppression, indignities and repression.  As a result, they are both powder kegs ready to blow.  The Mideast tinderbox has already been lit and what a global conflagration it has caused.  The centuries-old Shia-Sunni conflict has only greatly inflamed the wars occurring wherever the Arab Spring was manufactured by the Anglo-American Axis.

Likewise, the centuries of structured racism within American society have created an explosive environment in the USA.  The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement was going to emerge sooner or later.  Once it did, completely co-opting it by the government was like taking candy from a baby.  This is the critical point to understand when attempting to decipher each and every move that BLM makes.  Whatever they do, wherever they go, however they act is strictly determined by their government controllers.  BLM is categorically NOT an independent and autonomous organization. BLM is a COINTELPRO-compromised group of mind-controlled leaders who answer to their masters in the U.S. Federal Government … just like ISIS ultimately answers to the C.I.A.

Black Lives Matter: A COINTELPRO Black Op Set Up to Destabilize U.S. Society

The preceding link makes it quite clear that BLM is an ongoing black operation conducted to varying degrees by virtually every US law enforcement agency.  The NWO ruling cabal exerts total control over the FBI, CIA DHS, etc. as FBI Director Comey’s testimony graphically illustrated.  His boss, Attorney General Loretta Lynch is literally in bed with the BLM leadership.  The following photos indicate that the AG has made more time for them than other much more vital justice issues facing the nation.  Why is the AG even meeting with these thugs and provocateurs?!


Just how violent will Black Lives Matter become?

The activities of the Black Lives Matter movement are quite similar to the racial discontent just prior to the epic race riots that were engineered by the US government in 1964, 1965 and 1966.  John F. Kennedy has already been assassinated so that the Johnson Administration could be used to provoke violence and instill fear throughout the USA.  So began a long-term and highly controlled experiment in social engineering.

What remains to be seen is just how violent and disruptive the BLM movement will become.  Their perfectly timed ascendancy during this highly volatile campaign season is certainly no accident.  Nor is the extraordinary latitude they have been given to perpetrate naked violence, especially at Donald Trump campaign events.  Trump supporters around the country have routinely experienced acts of violence and thuggery, intimidation and threats never before seen in U.S. presidential election history.

Because of the determination of Obama’s masters to enact serious gun control, there is an unprecedented desperation to do anything it takes.  The globalists, in fact, are so determined to take away the guns that it appears that anything goes, anytime from this point forward.  The Executive Branch has been completely taken over by traitors — both foreign and domestic — who will stop at nothing to disarm law-abiding Americans.

However, there is a HUGE catch-22 here.  The extreme violence that is being carried out by the government and its various proxies (just like in the forever terrorized Mideast) is spawning a genuine grassroots movement to buy guns for protection among previous non-gun owners.  This new dynamic is practically unprecedented.  The Orlando false flag mass shooting hoax went a long way at compelling the national LGBT crowd to arm up.  They realized that, if just one gay nightclub attendee had possessed a firearm, the shooter(s) at the Pulse could have been neutralized.


There is currently no greater threat to the American Republic than the wave of terror events being conducted by the U.S. Federal Government.  Now that the agencies who are perpetrating these terrorist operations have a movement like Black Lives Matter to blame for triggering the violence, they can basically run roughshod over communities and cities, projects and subdivisions wherever they so choose.

It is crucial for every American citizen to understand the unlawful legislation which improperly empowers those responsible government agencies to implement terror operations on U.S. soil. The latest version of the National Defense Authorization Act did just that.  The Obama Administration now routinely invokes this illegitimate authority to commit terrorism against US citizens in the ‘interest of national security’.

“FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of Defense

The burgeoning Black Lives Matter movement as well as the New Black Panthers ought to be understood within this social engineering context.  Each has been established to sow seeds of discontent and provoke violence wherever the next blackop is planned to take place.  That’s why it is really imperative for all prospective participants to fully comprehend what groups they are joining or events they are attending.

State of the Nation
July 13, 2016

Editor’s Note

Texas Governor Greg Abbott suffered a terrible accident while on vacation during the same morning of the Dallas police massacre.  He suffered from second- and third-degree burns on his legs due to scalding hot water.  Of course, the $64,000 question surrounding this very curiously timed injury is how did it really happen?  As follows:

What Texas Governor Greg Abbott Did During Dallas Shooting Will Leave You In Tears

Author’s Note

The video below offers a critical message that is well articulated by a black commentator. This chap really knows what time it is and expresses it well.  It is well worth understanding the Black Lives Matter stated philosophy and MO so that it can be appropriately delegitimized.

VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Movement Exposed By Black Commentator

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