The United States of America Has Repeatedly Betrayed the World Community of Nations




The United States of America Has Repeatedly Betrayed the World Community of Nations

When will the American people wake up?

State of the Nation

So much of American wealth is derived from the exploitation of foreign workers, foreign natural resources and foreign capital.  Much of the pampered existence, modern comforts and myriad luxuries enjoyed by many Americans since World War II ended have come at the great expense of so many countries around the world.

Little does the average U.S. citizen really understand how they even had an American dream to pursue in the first place.  They have little understanding of the historical context which created the favorable circumstances for several decades of sustained prosperity.  In fact, compared to every other country on Earth, the USA has had a heckuva run.  No other nation has ever had such a large middle class live at such a high level of economic stability and financial security … until now, of course.

In fact, it was only because of World War II and the dropping of the atom bombs that the rest of the world permitted the USA to play global policeman.  In so doing the world community of nations cut this nation a LOT of slack.  Unfortunately, for all parties concerned, the United States was given enough rope to hang itself.  Which it has now effectively done.  It has thoroughly squandered so much good will since the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  Some of that good will accumulated as a result of the genuine magnanimity of the American people; however, much of it was manufactured by the madmen on Madison Avenue.  In reality the global geopolitical realm was carefully engineered so that the USA would become the military arm of the emerging New World Order.

The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order


Undeclared wars of aggression have become the new normal.

The real problems regarding the unrelenting disruption of the international order by the USA began when the American people allowed the U.S. Federal Government to wage unprovoked wars of aggression at will around the world.  The fatal mistake here is that each successive president since JFK has prosecuted these often UNDECLARED wars using tax dollars, and in the name of the American people. The elected representatives in Congress were bought, bribed and blackmailed to go along with the White House in every single case.

Vietnam and is only one of many examples of this unjustifiably bellicose and patently unlawful conduct.  More recently, the imperialistic wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria stand as stark testimonies to the endless American war-making.  This indisputable record of warmongering by the USA has set a terrible precedent for all future presidents. Whether the next president selected is Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders, the ‘chosen one’ will ineluctably fall under the spell of the true masters of this nation.

The current Masters of the Universe are addicted to war profiteering.

Some know it as the Military-Industrial Complex; others know it as the Government-Corporate Complex.  In either case each U.S. Administration answers to a furtive cabal of military corporatists which likewise answers to another level of even more clandestine masters.  They, in turn, answer to an even higher level of masters all the way up the flagpole to the very apex of those who control the World Shadow Government from afar… as in off-planet.

The Government-Corporate Complex Takes Complete Control Of The USA

In this way is the world run through a system of strategically place proxies and surrogates, deputies and appointees. Many of these like-minded warmongers serve on the same boards and within the same organizations which are ostensibly constituted to maintain the peace or facilitate international dialogue.  The Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Committee of 3oo and Club of Rome are only a few of those supranational bodies which were created for the purpose of implementing the hidden war agenda of the Global Control Matrix.  The Committee of 300, for instance, has some extremely reprehensible history as shown below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 7.00.09 AM

With this deeper understanding the American people are compelled to reconsider the legitimacy of the current U.S. Federal Government.  For this rogue entity answers directly to the WSG and in no way serves the interests of the citizenry.  Not only does the government no longer serve its original purpose, it works aggressively against the best interests of the populace.  It has done so by zealously promoting the virtues of the perpetual war economy.  By foisting this covert agenda on the nation in so many surreptitious ways, the citizenry has become conditioned to accept it as the new normal.

There is only one way out of this self-destructive predicament.

Therefore, We the People must take back the government.   When the people permit their tax dollars to fund illegal and odious wars abroad, which are fought in their name, they become responsible for the subsequent death and destruction.  The consequences associated with this inescapable responsibility will always manifest in some form of very unpleasant blowback.  That blowback has been occurring — under the radar — as the irreparable tearing of the social fabric of American society.  The immediate future will bring other unwanted events on American soil as the karmic repercussions inexorably unfold.

The lack of action on the part of men and women of good will to terminate the relentless warmongering by the warhawks in Washington has corrupted the very soul of this nation. Furthermore, the continual and unconscionable support of war-supporting candidates by the body politic will seal the fate of the American people.  Should the upcoming election put another warmonger in the White House, the American Republic will suffer grave consequences.  That’s not a prediction, it’s the result of self-evident cause and effect.

For those who are uninitiated in the subtle and deceptive art of American warmongering, the following article lays bare the present reality.  Please read it, and disseminate it—quickly!  The fate of this nation hangs in the balance, as does the future of the entire planetary civilization.

State of the Nation
June 3, 2016


Global Control Matrix Revealed

Who really runs the world?


Hillary Clinton Proves Democrats No Longer Oppose Endless Wars

by Lucy Steigerwald,

In America, we do not lock up our murdering politicians. We rarely prosecute or impeach them. The only scandals that stick are sex ones. Serious voters, writers, pundits, and anyone else who feels as if they have deep principles invariably buckle under the partisan weight of the political system.

She hasn’t yet been coronated, but Hillary Clinton is surely about to win the Democratic nomination. Sure, Sen. Bernie Sanders has given her an amusing amount of trouble. And though he’s voted for deaths abroad as well, he hasn’t voted for as many as Clinton. (This is not an argument for Sanders, but it is unquestionably an argument against Clinton.) Still, she’s got this thing in the bag, because she’s got party loyalty, and she may even win the hearts of a few lost, sad little neocons running away from Donald Trump.

Clinton also has the nomination because war doesn’t bother Democrats. They like to think it does, when they remember it exists, but they will risk no political capital whatsoever on making sure it stops, or making sure a warmongering candidate isn’t nominated or elected.

During the last few decades, any semblance of an antiwar movement has withered under Democratic presidents.  Not since “hey/hey/LBJ/how many kids did you kill today?” has a warmonger from the left side of the isle provoked ire. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have much blood on their hands, but not enough to push people into the streets. There are encouraging exceptions, as there are to all rules. Code Pink and other activist groups come out and protest Democrats, and don’t seem to have any plans to stop. However, it seems the anti-Iraq, antiwar movement of the early 21st century was a Dubya blip and nothing more. Part of that may be the public’s feeble attention span for atrocities far away. But it certainly appears that another aspect is that polite Democratic wars are easier to accept than grand Republican ones. Even if they both lead to the deaths of innocent people.

There’s a lot of unhappiness about the two presumed nominees for president. Clinton and Donald Trump are loathed at historical levels. There’s exciting talk about a third party candidate (perhaps the Libertarian Party’s) having a good year. But for the LP, say, a good year would be winning more than one percent of the vote. Like good little party partisans, we should accept that one (D) or (R) candidate is going to win. Unlike them, we do not have to vote for major party candidates, and we shouldn’t. But the party hacks will.

Trump is an elusive mess. Justin Raimondo has made compelling cases for Trump’s whispers of isolationism. But Trump is not libertarian, if that matter to you (it does to me). And he’s happy to say warmongering things when it fits his mood. He also repeatedly stresses his desire to build an impossibly expensive wall, deport 11 million people in an immoral, impractical act of ethnic cleansing, and he keeps saying cops are America’s most oppressed people, thereby making it seem unlikely he would be an ally in criminal justice reform.

There are a lot of real reasons to dislike or to fear Trump. Myriad ones to not vote for him. However, there is one difference between him and Hillary Clinton that has been forgotten in the Trump panic spreading through left, right, center, and libertarian circles. Trump hasn’t done anything yet. He has had no political power, and is therefore not to blame for terrible things (yet).

Clinton has done it all already. She voted for the worst foreign policy decision in recent memory, and she lamely apologized for it a few years later. Like most powerful people’s expressions of “regret” it meant nothing, and Clinton clearly learned nothing. If her time as Secretary of State is any way to judge (and it is), Clinton turns towards war whenever possible. It is never the last resort, and is quite often the first. Her pride in the Libyan invasion, which was based on the lie of a would-be genocidal Gaddafi remains. The instability, death, and terrorist empowerment that that wrought for Libya remains. Furthermore, choosing sides against (the loathsome) Bashar al-Assad helped that bloodbath continue. It is now on its sixth year. It is fueling a constant refugee crisis, and has destroyed Syria.

Any one of these foreign policy choices should be enough to knock Clinton out of the running for most powerful person in the world. But not even this cumulatively is enough, for one simple reason: Democrats don’t care about war. Now, partisanship is powerful. So much so that picking your team so the other team doesn’t win is satisfactory motivation. However, so many other issues appear to be deal breakers for Democrats. With rare, heroic exception, war is never one of those.

The leftist, apparent Sanders-supporting cartoonist Ted Rall has summed up the weakness of Democrats on this both in prose and in art. In an outstanding Counterpunch article, Rall explains why no matter the dangers of Trump and Republicans, he’s “#NeverHillary.” Troubled by Trump, Rall still makes it clear that he will not give Clinton even the whisper of support that voting entails. Why? Lots of reasons. But her war record is right there at the top. It’s enough of a reason to say no to her.

An even more pure condemnation of this attitude that Democrats, progressives, leftist, hell, anyone not a Republican, should get in line with Hillary can be found in several of Rall’s recent cartoons that mock Clinton’s nasty record. A May cartoon shows two figures: a woman is asking a man why he won’t vote for Clinton. The man responds with four panels of (purposefully melodramatic) description of the blood on Clinton’s hands, the dead of Iraq, Libya, and Syria. In the final square, the woman says “I mean, besides that.”

That’s the attitude. War is simply not on the priorities list for Democrats, especially when one of their own is in office, or is racing to win that office. Got to be practical, sensible; worry about the Supreme Court; worry about a woman’s right to choose — about the fabled misogyny of overly enthusiastic Sanders fans. Any of one of these is worth casting a ballot for Clinton over, and her own bloody, aggressive history is not enough to stop or even slow voters down.  Wars happen thousands of miles away, trading them for domestic policy bliss is all too easy. You don’t like Clinton because she’s such a hawk? “Besides that” is nearly every Democrat’s true-heart answer, whether they’re willing to admit it or not. War just doesn’t matter to them.