Chemtrail Aerosol Dispersal System Photographed




Chemtrail Aerosol Dispersal System Photographed

Leaked Photos of Chemical Dispersal System

Harold Saive-mugComment:   This interesting post clearly demonstrates how easily passenger aircraft, like this Boeing-737, can be converted to spray chemicals of many types and for many purposes, into the atmosphere. Commercical jets that spray chemtrails may not have any passengers on board and could well be leased by the military or other third party as in the case of this AirTran jet.  (Video)

Boeing 737-smDue to stated altitude limitations below 10,000 ft., this system does not represent what would be expected in a typical “chemtrails” disbursement system at passenger or military jet flight levels above 30,ooo feet.

No doubt, many versions of “portable” chemical disbursement systems exist that have capability to spray “chemtrails” and later return to service as a cargo, or even commercial passenger aircraft. (H Saive)

All comments and photos below are submitted by a confidential source

Original Post – Ascension by Enrchi

Below: Pump Inlet and Outlet – This picture is of the diesel motor that powers the system.  The pump itself is the big disc shaped thing to the left of the big cylinder sticking up with a hose coming out of it.

Chemtrails Tanker System - 737_ (2)

Below:  These are the ducts the fluid travels to and from the pump in.

Chemtrails Tanker System - 737_ (3)

Below:  These tanks are approximately 4 1/2 feet high and 5 1/2 feet long each. They are installed on a cargo handling system in the main cabin, close to the over–wing exits. One tank is emptied through the widow plug on one side of the plane. Then the unit is switched over to the other tank, which sprays out of the other side of the plane.

Chemtrails Tanker System - 737_ (4)

Below: Sprayer screws on end – This is the part that actually sticks out of the window plug.  The window plug is on the end that sticks out to show how it goes. Just behind the pipe beside the white bottle is the sprayer that screws on the end after the system is installed in the aircraft.

Chemtrails Tanker System - 737_ (5)

Below: New window plug – The existing window plug is taken out and this one is put in.  The rubber somewhat seals around the pipe, but not well enough to pressurize the aircraft. It would be unable to fly above 10,000 feet unless everyone inside wore oxygen masks.

Chemtrails Tanker System - 737_ (6)

Below:  Sprayer Exhaust Closeup – This is the left side of the aircraft.There is a sprayer coming out of one window plug, and an exhaust duct coming out of the other for the engine.

Chemtrails Tanker System - 737_ (7)

Below:  Sprayer Closeup – This is the right side of the aircraft with the sprayer installed.

Chemtrails Tanker System - 737_ (8)

Below:  Sprayer and Exhaust Installed – View from in front of the left wing.

Chemtrails Tanker System - 737_ (1)

This system explains so much. For years working in the industry I was always on the lookout for anything indicative of a sprayer system.

I had a little doubt about the chemtrail story because I never saw evidence of a sprayer system in all the years I worked on airplanes. It didn’t dawn on me it would be removable.

This system is made so that it can be installed quickly, used, and then removed as desired. When not installed, the aircraft can be used as a normal 737 cargo plane. The system can also be moved from one aircraft to another.

Main cabin windows are held in by just a few screws. If I remember correctly, it is eight screws per window. Then put the other window plugs in.

I have been told there is also accommodation for releasing a fluid tank from the drain for the deactivated aft lav.

This is a 737 cargo plane that has been converted from a passenger plane. They are very common.

The workers at the facility saw this thing on a test run in front of the hangar. Water was used in the test. It came out of the sprayers in a fine mist. If sprayed from several thousand feet, people on the ground would never know they had been sprayed.

My friend said they were testing to see the spray pattern and next they were going to move the spray nozzles to the back windows and test again.

Officially it is said to be a sprayer for oil dispersant. That was the second explanation. The first was that it was a big crop duster. The company realized the workers weren’t buying that, and laughing about it. They knew enough about aircraft to know that was impossible. So they changed the story. The supervisors in the plant call it a ******-killer.  (assholes!)

The aircraft is going to be sent to Africa when it leaves this facility.When this facility was leased by another company, I worked there for 15 years.

There was another aircraft that came through there years ago that requested BLOOD RESISTANT CARPET!!! The scary thing is, there was carpet like that available. Now you tell me why they would know they would need blood resistant carpet ahead of time???

Anyway, I just thought it was noteworthy that this plane was also bound for Africa.