Putin Speaks: Explosive Video Reveals Truth About ISIS


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Putin Speaks: Explosive Video Reveals Truth About ISIS

Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS

Putin Exposes ISIS As A U.S. Creation, Reveals ‘Dangerous’ Facts About State-Sponsored Terrorist Groups In Syria


This video captures President Putin candidly answering questions regarding ISIS. The questions came from a U.S. journalist at the Valdai International Discussion Club in late 2014.

It’s classic Putin — clear and concise, factual and honest, objective and no nonsense.

In this particular video President Putin lays bare the true origins of ISIS.  He quite categorically explains how ISIS has been armed and supplied, who their real state sponsors are, and what their main source of income is.

He sums up by saying that Russia will not tolerate such an ongoing state of affairs throughout the Middle East.  He has since made good on that promise by coming to the robust defense of Syria.

There are some geopolitical analysts, however, who feel that Russia took too long to intercede in the Syrian massacre and mass exodus.  Quite curiously, none of the state members of the US-led coalition can be counted among those observers.

President Putin not only discloses privileged information about this fake and fabricated coalition, he also provides rare insight into the multi-nation conspiracy conceived to rearrange the Mideast geopolitical chessboard.