Russia Versus The Anglo-American Axis: 2015 Time Clock Ticking Fast And With Finality




The Global Economic & Financial Control Matrix Teeters At The Edge Of A Precipice

Russia Versus The Anglo-American Axis: 2015 Time Clock Ticking Fast And With Finality

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The panel interview shown below among Charles Bausman, Ben Aris, and Alexander Mercouris lays bare what 2015 will bring to the Western initiative to draw Russia into a World War III scenario.

The Anglo-American Axis has been determined to provoke Russia into a full-scale military conflict.  At Washington’s insistence, and with London’s steadfast cheerleading, Europe has been led down the path to war. However, there are saner states within the Eurozone which refuse to be used as cannon fodder for the USA and its starving Military-Industrial Complex.

The key point of fact, which is — to a great degree — influencing this rapidly devolving global geopolitical chess match (formerly known as the GREAT GAME) is that the Western ruling cabal can see only one way out of its current predicament.

The ongoing worldwide economic depression and financial collapse poses, and exposes, longstanding structural flaws, worsening systemic problems and insurmountable institutional obstacles throughout the Global Economic & Financial Control Matrix which are all coming to a head.

Therefore, the AAA cabal’s only solution is to do what is has always done — Start a world war.

Starting a world war serves three purposes for them.  As follows:

#1 — A WW3 scenario distracts the global population from the cabal’s multi-decade crime spree which saw the greatest felonious transfer of wealth in world history from the middle class and poor to the rich and ultra-rich.

#2 — A WW3 scenario provides myriad opportunities for the cabal to freely engage in artificial wealth creation and further debt enslavement of nations and individuals alike.

#3 — A WW3 scenario creates a highly conducive environment for the cabal to fabricate the necessary worldwide chaos out of which they can impose their New World Order.

It worked like a charm for them in World War I and World War II. Look at the prosperous and halcyon days of the 1950s that resulted from the 20th century Armageddon known as WWII. However, this time it’s different … much different!

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Russia versus The Anglo-American Axis: 2015 Time Clock Ticking Fast And With Finality

CrossTalk: Russia Watching

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The west’s mainstream loves to loath Russia, anything related to Russia, and of course the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Where do these intense biases come from? And has anyone noticed that bad media coverage in the West only strengthens the resolve of the average Russian at home?


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