Are tactical nuclear weapons being used in the Eastern Ukraine by the Kiev Junta?


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TMR Editor’s Note:
The preceding video was posted on YouTube today, February 8, 2015.  The explosion shown has the markings of a tactical nuclear weapon.  Mushroom clouds in the wake of nuclear explosions have very distinctive signatures as seen in the photos below.  There has been much speculation about the use of nukes by Kiev in the face of their crushing defeats at the hands of the rebels.  Furthermore, the ruling junta has repeatedly demonstrated a complete lack of respect for the Geneva Conventions.  There has been ample proof of various war crimes committed by Kiev throughout the Eastern Ukraine including the deliberate targeting of civilian populations as well as premeditated acts of genocide.  Their aim appears to be the annihilation of the Russian Speakers at every opportunity.  

Are tactical nuclear weapons being used in the Eastern Ukraine by the Kiev Junta?

Nuclear Explosions in Donetsk Today

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Remember the peaceful photos of Soviet Donetsk from 1984 we had yesterday?  Well this is Donetsk as of six hours ago according to the locals.  I am not sure what exactly those explosions are but there are rumors based on the Ukrainian top military authority quoted by a journalist  in his Facebook post where he says some quote “tactical nuclear weapons were used against our soldiers in Donetsk airport”.  Those were fired with 2S4 “Tyulpan” Soviet self-propelled mortar which (quoting Wikipedia) “can fire armour-piercing, chemical and nuclear rounds”.

He said that the explosions were so strong that buildings collapsed totally “from basement to the fifth story”.   “If not for those Tyulpan’s we could stay there for a few months more”.

A few more photos and videos of those explosions ca be viewed below:




Here’s a video to get a better idea:

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So this is how it is to stay in Donetsk now.