Did Kiev commit false flag war crimes in Mariupol to have rebel governments declared terrorist entities?


Ukraine: At least 20 killed in Mariupol missile attack

Ukraine: At least 20 killed in Mariupol missile attack


Je Suis Donbass! Mariupol Attack Motive, Method and Madness

By George Eliason

Captured Ukrainian tank shows intent in English
(image by V Kontakte)

The UN is calling the attack on Mariupol a War Crime. Now that the evidence is pointing to Kiev will the UN show enough conscience to pursue it?

Motive, method, and opportunity are the key facts needed to establish guilt in any criminal trial. In a shooting murder when you add in ballistics that locates the weapon to the shooter, its called a slam dunk, case closed. When known criminals with heavy weapons are willing to brag publicly on prime-time news that they are about to murder someone, and after the fact go on record about how much joy this event brought them- it’s time to call SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics group).

The attack in Mariupol came after Ukraine failed twice in one week to get a UN and Western government declaration that DNR(Donetsk People’s Republic) and LNR(Lugansk People’s Republic) are terrorist entities. Is the third time the charm? Ukraine thinks so.

Before delving into the evidence, look at who doesn’t benefit. Benefit is a key factor in determining motive.

The militia near Mariupol is comprised of local city residents. Like soldiers in Donetsk and Lugansk, the city is their home town. Its where there family and friends live. Its where they grew up, went to school, and work. Their own children go to school there. Is there a benefit to firing rockets at your own neighbors and family?


The base problem with using Grad rockets to provoke outrage is that locating the source of the attack isn’t rocket science. Unguided rockets have a straight flight path. The rocket is a contact explosive which means it explodes when it lands. The crater points in the direction of the origin usually with a part of the nose cone left from the rocket itself inside inside the crater.

The OSCE gave their direction of origin north-north-east based on the sampling of rocket impacts they inspected.

Evidence also shows rockets striking from the north-west. The impacts were captured on cameras facing due west which showed the direction as the strike occurred on video as north-north-west.

Map showing trajectory locations for Mariupol attack
(image by George Eliason)



When the direction is ascertained by looking at multiple strike locations and looking at the origin like in this video the flight path takes them over the town of Sartana. Shown in the video also is the strike at 161 Olympic avenue from an almost due north firing point. This also establishes the flight path over Sartana.


Local residents from Mariupol have specifically stated independently from each other from different impact sites that the flight path came from the north toward Sartana and from the west-north-west toward Starri Crim.

Residents are stating that utilities including gas, electric, and water were cut off 1/2 hour before the attack occurred.

Unguided rockets follow a straight trajectory. By taking two of the northern route impacts and establishing their location and direction on a map trajectory again takes us back toward Sartana.

Even though the video is Russian language it details both location of and direction very well. Put on a map the direction of impact and trajectory show the origin once again is north of Sartana.

Trajectory of Grad Rockets from north
(image by V Kontakte)


Kiev’s New Evidence Debunked

The government in Ukraine announced yesterday that it caught DNR spotters that picked the targets. The first one they showed is code named “Terrorist” and the second one nicknamed just as colorfully is “Ash.” The evidence they have presented shows the origin of the attacks as south-east from the town of Vineygrad (Grape). No launches originated from that direction.

Mariupol City Government sent out an official statement about the attack that specifically DOES NOT name the DNR or Russia as the aggressors. The wording of the document was voted on by 52 city councilmen and passed unanimously.

Azov Battalion Weighs In

In the following video made right after the Mariupol rocket attack Azov commander Sergei Korotky gloats that the rockets struck only areas where the Ukrainian military including Azov Battalion never had a presence. The impact locations are squarely in ethnic Russian areas that support the local militia and where their families are located.

The Ukrainian Nationalist Motive for the Attacks

In an interview that was never aired on Ukraine’s Channel 5 (Poroshenko’s TV station) Nazar Mosiychuk, a long time Patriot Ukraine member (since 2007[ possible relative Igor Mosiychuk- Azov 2nd in command, head of Ukrainian police]) states what newly appointed Rada MP Andrei Biletsky’s (lobbied US Congress for funding) real opinion about people in Mariupol is. Azov is based in Mariupol.

My name is Nazar Mosiychuk, I was born in the Ternopil region. I am a real Ukrainian. I was named in honour of my great-granddad, who in the time of WWII was in the ranks of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army [Hitler’s collaborators] and liberated our native land from the Muscovite scum. He was a real example of a patriot for me…Lady host:
— I got you. Nazar, you are saying you should cut their throats, especially cut the throats of the Muscovites. Do you have Russian relatives?
Ukrainian trooper:
— I am ashamed, but I do have an uncle once removed, a Muscovite louse. And I even lived at his place when I was in Russia as a guest worker. If I knew the truth then, I would have killed him then, in order for him not to shame the Ukrainian nation. He phoned me recently and invited to come over so that no fascists would send me to war. Hush, Slavik! And I told him that he was a dumb Russian, and we are a strong and powerful nation. You wait, we will come to Moscow and I will personally shoot him. There is no other way, as they are all zombies there, hyped by TV. I forgot to tell you that we need our own church, the Union Church, and not the Muscovite Patriarchate…

Lady host:– What can you say about the local population? Who remains there in the territories under terrorists’ control? What should be done with them?
Ukrainian trooper:
— They are all traitors. All those who wanted to fight for Unitary Ukraine have been with us for some time now. Only the supporters of terrorists and Muscovites are still here, and they have no right to call themselves Ukrainians. I am telling you openly: we will exterminate everyone, I stress — everyone, including women, children and the elderly, who plotted with the enemy and betrayed his native country.”

Circumstantial Evidence Showing Pattern of Ukraine’s Rogue Government Behavior and Direct Involvement

Gorlovka- Civilian Targeting by Kiev

The city of Gorlovka has been the scene of intense bombing and shelling since before the war became hot again. Kiev has used the shelling of civilian targets to provoke a reaction and force the DNR and LNR to break the peace. On January 28th near the village of Ozerianka, which overlooks Gorlovka the DNR army destroyed a Ukrainian artillery position in a surprise attack. The fleeing Ukrainian army left tanks, artillery, as well as battle plans and maps in their rush to retreat.

The DNR army commander “Astop” shown in the video points out that the city of Gorlovka is in plain view through binoculars from that position. There is no denying the Ukrainian military could see their targets clearly and knew they were killing and targeting civilians.

This news which is just breaking show’s the specific targeting of stores, restaurants, and civil targets marked onmaps and orders issued by Kiev. In the video at 1:06 Gorlovka is in plain view.

Kiev Orders Ukrainian Soldiers Retreating from Devaltseve Destroyed

A hacked document dated January 25 th , 2015 the Ukrainian government gave orders signed by Lt. General Sergei Popko to stop conscripts from retreating from the Devaltseve boiler, as it has been dubbed. DNR and LNR forces are rapidly encircling approximately 9000 Ukrainian troops.

The order states- “In order to avoid mass defections soldiers from the battlefield near Debaltseve command to form the so-called barrage detachments of volunteers,…” The volunteers are the punisher battalions like Aidar, Azov, and Donbass battalions. According to a few of the survivors that were caught by DNR forces, Kiev’s volunteers have already destroyed dozens of Ukrainian conscripts as they tried to retreat. Right now Ukraine is facing a mass exodus of conscript age men to surrounding countries hoping to avoid shedding more blood in what was only 1 year ago a united Ukraine.

Order to Kill retreating conscripts in Ukraine
(image by V Kontakte)


The Only Important Voices of the War In Donbass

These are the most important and least listened to voices in the war. They are the most affected and the longest suffering. Take the time to listen to them. The English subtitles make it easy. Ask yourself, can a US Congress get behind this moral atrocity? History remembers both its monsters and those that help create them.

The lesson lost at the UN and in the US Congress may be that history never forgets gutless leaders like Neville Chamberlain who strengthened the hand of Hitler; not because of agreement in ideology, or hate, but fear.National and international leaders that say OK to war crimes or mass murder must never be forgotten by their societies.

(Article changed on January 29, 2015 at 11:05)