Omens Abound As Predictions Are Coming True In 2014 and Beyond





The ORACLES of Ardra

Many who live across the face of Mother Earth are beginning
to understand.
All the signs and omens have been present for everyone to see …
and hear … and witness.
Yet so few really take notice of their great import and

The prophecies of old are now coming true. With each passing
day there is an acceleration of events, of revelation and of

Time itself is compressing, speeding up and warping to meet
the needs of the moment, the place or the person.  The New  
Earth is experiencing birth pangs like never before.  All of
humanity shares the same womb — a crucible in which the
agents of purification work their magic.

Mother Nature has been awakened as never before. She is rocking and rolling as only She can do. She is, after all, the primordial Gaia and quintessential Terra, born of Maya.

As the ascension of Mother Earth takes place, She casts off all that is necessary to release. Her main purpose is to awaken as many earthlings as possible. For the defining moment of this millennium is fast approaching.

This is the time we’ve all been waiting for. The culmination of countless lifetimes. The climax of innumerable years of practice.  Truly, the moment of truth is upon us.

The weather often reflects the emotional discharges and physical releases which occur during these tumultuous times of individual and collective transformation.


The vast expanse of time known as the Iron Age is coming to a close.

The Kali Yuga is ending.

The Great Cycle known as the Precession of the Equinox has gone full circle.

The Age of Aquarius has begun, as the Age of Pisces has seen its last days.

The 5125 year Long Count Mayan Calendar is coming to its conclusion.

The sacred scriptures of all the world’s religious traditions and indigenous peoples are being fulfilled.

The time of completion is at hand.

The human population has now exceeded a significant threshold.
In this 21st century there are more than 7 billion people who
populate the planet who each need ample food and clean water,
sufficient clothing, and adequate shelter.

There are nearly 200 nations which make up the world community.
Each one has its own culture and customs, languages and religions,
industries and businesses, and currencies or systems of bartering.

When just a few rich and powerful nations lord it over so many weak
and impoverished nations, what could possibly be expected but what
we see everywhere … all the time … dotting the planetary landscape.

The war and conflicts …
the droughts and deluges …
the disease and pestilence …
the poverty and joblessness …
the drugs and many other addictions …
the licentiousness and depravity …
the wars and rumors of war …
the unending spectacle of “man’s inhumanity to man” …

These myriad afflictions — all of them — which currently plague
humankind shall come to an end in due course of time.  Until then:

A Prayer for Forbearance
Whatsoever is brought upon you
take cheerfully and be patient …
For gold is tried in the fire,
and acceptable men in the furnace
of adversity.

~ Ecclesiastes 2:4

However, it is not because man has come to his senses that this
will be so.  All of what has been occurring during these many
years of the Tribulation will finally stop because the
Highest Power has so decreed.

Because humankind has ignored most of the warnings — and there have
have been many severe admonitions — there remains only one way for
the current civilization to finally wake up.

Let’s see, what have we experienced thus far either in our own
land or watched in the land of another?

The entire European Union and Eurozone is undergoing an
economic collapse. Each nation in this region is teetering on the brink
of a financial apocalypse.
These countries long ago turned their backs on GOD.
They have become proud, and they feel they do not need GOD’s help
to run their affairs. Therefore, it appears that GOD has left them
on their own.
See how they do … in their current state of collective ignorance and
institutional arrogance?

Japan has been the epitome of the industrious consumer society.
Hardworking, yes, but that’s all they do … when they’re not
worshipping the false gods of consumerism.
See their economy stagnate for decades; listen to the dissembling
about the Fukushima nuclear disaster as it careens out of control.
Both TEPCO and the Japanese Government have proven themselves
wholly untrustworthy to tell the truth.
They even go so far as to host a future Summer Olympics, despite
an ongoing nuclear disaster in Tokyo’s backyard?  And irrespective
of the overwhelming cost.
Do the people always get the leadership they deserve?

China has grown and thrived at the expense of her national habitat.
How long can such prosperity be supported by the relentless
destruction of that country’s environment? Especially for 1.35 billion
Their commerce has slowed way down and yet they were to be the
economic engine that would save the global economy. Not only is
China’s real estate market in a free fall, but they hold trillions in
worthless USA Treasuries (aka debt instruments as in US war debts).
See where they are going now that much of the world has stopped
buying their stuff.
Nevertheless, they are still determined to join the Consumer Society
as full fledged members.

India has also grown at the expense of a highly degraded environment.
Her land mass and coastal waters already support 1.27 billion inhabitants,
and is expected to soon overtake China.
Her masses of people have long been oppressed.  Corrupt government
and pervasive graft make it difficult to address the needs of the people.
Particularly after the British divide and conquer strategy partitioned off
Pakistan, has their traditional religious harmony become elusive for India.
Her real strength lies within, yet they look beyond their borders for their
prosperity.  Now they buy gold as a store of wealth because they know
what is just around the corner.
Their economy has slowed to a halt as their currency – the rupee –
collapses.  They have incurred the wrath of the West for buying Iran’s
oil with gold.

Russia depends so much on her vast energy resources. However,
oil and gas will have their limits in the new world.
Extracting so much oil and gas will always deplete the soul of a
nation, for it was never really theirs to harvest in such enormous quantities.
Who has the right to extract ungodly amounts of Mother Earth’s blood?
As her export markets dry up or are circumvented by the Western
powers, building a sustainable economy less dependent on oil and gas
wealth becomes an existential imperative for Russia.

Africa — the entire continent — has been turned into a continental
battleground for many centuries now. Resource wars play out on
every square inch of that immensely rich land.
Religious and racial hatreds are constantly stoked by those who wish
to steal from her lands.
Droughts and deluges alternate which serve to uproot the people and
push them into conflict for scarcer and scarcer resources. Ditto
that for all the animal life on the African continent.

The Middle East — what needs to be said?! What can further describe
the desert battlefield of this ongoing World War III?
Just because they haven’t labeled the numerous, ongoing conflicts playing
out there as WW3, doesn’t mean it’s not.*
It is said, wherever the Middle East goes, so goes the rest of the world.
Is this the future that humankind wants look forward to?
We don’t think so.
This region of the planet is trapped in the Old World Order.
Just as they suck enormous volumes of oil from under their lands with
wanton abandon, they unwittingly undermine the foundations of their
nations and states, cities and towns, villages and settlements.
The Mideast is the focal point of the Clash of Civilizations. It is where
the biblical Armageddon can be completely resolved or inflamed
beyond everyone’s imagination.

*Likewise, they have yet to call it the Second
Great Depression
 which began after the stock
market crash of 2008; but it still is what it is.

South and Central America has been steeped in the drug trade for so
long, the drug money has provided a ‘necessary’ income stream for many.
Although they would like to break their dependence, they know not how.
These same peoples have been manipulated around so many polarities:
• Capitalism versus Communism
• Aristocrats and landowners versus the indigenous peoples and farmers
• Business owners versus the laborers
• Governments versus the citizens
• Bolivarians versus the Yankee imperialists
How long can such strife continue?  Eventually a boiling point will be
reached.  Economic, political and social cataclysms are now a part of life
in this area.  Columbia, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Peru
Paraguay, Uruguay, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama and
El Salvador have all been under some kind of siege.
How can the effects of such ongoing conflict not explode on the scene, as
they often do?

As we look to the North American continent we only see more of the
same.  The social problems in the USA are so many and unaddressed that
its people turn to drugs — every kind of drug under the sun.  Alcohol,
nicotine, caffeine, pharmaceutical drugs, nutraceutical drugs, recreational
This predicament has given rise to a massive drug trade.  Columbia is just
one of the major producers.  Because Columbia has grown so dependent
on its drug trade, supported by the USA drug culture, it too has become
addicted to the drug money.  However, it is Mexico that has borne the
the brunt of this social blight.  The ensuing drug wars have literally torn
the fabric of Mexican society.  Their shared border with America has
proven to be the bringer of both boom and doom.

Which brings us to the real “800 pound gorilla” wreaking havoc across the
land. It is the United States of America, which must first get its house
in order, before peace will descend across the planet.
Because their society is in such disarray, the world is suffering greatly.
The US financial sector is broken. Their economic prowess has been much
diminished. The trust in her intentions around globalization has been
irreparably undermined. Her failed neo-liberal economic policies and
force-fed brand of democracy is questioned everywhere.

PAX AMERICANA is now seen as a marketing slogan
for Anglo-American corporate hegemony.
“Do it our way, or take the highway
via economic terrorism, financial sabotage,
corporate vandalism, and diplomatic sanctions.

The US Government is now seen as a malevolent entity. So vengeful that
Americans now flee to Russia for safe haven! Where it was once perceived
as a force for good in the world, it now wears the moniker of —>
Global Bully: For whom “might makes right”.
Truly, the USA has lost all right to moral ascendancy. Its federal government
is rightly viewed as a toothless puppet. A puppet that is manipulated by an
extremely nefarious World Shadow Government (WSG).

As the very dangerous “Military Arm of the New World Order” carrying out
the dictates of the WSG, the USA is now feared and reviled around the world.
Its military budget, which is over 40% of total global defense spending tells
the story.  The story can be reduced to one word:  BLOWBACK !

When a nation projects military power with wanton disregard for
civilian life, what good can come from it?
When bombs are so casually dropped and everything but the target is
called collateral damage, is there not a boomerang effect?
When unprovoked war is waged against defenseless countries, will not
justice be served in the end?
When missiles are launched from drones and innocent women, children
and the elderly are brutally murdered, who is responsible?

These unlawful acts of military aggression are carried out in the name of the
the American people, and paid for with their tax dollars.  Therefore, the only
question that remains to be answered is who is really responsible for this
inhumane conduct?  And, who will ultimately suffer the consequences?

Perhaps each of us should now ask ourselves how we might be
responsible for our own predicament … as well as for the state
of our respective nations … as well as for the state of the world.

In light of this understanding, certainly we now know the following:
Why there is so much poverty and unemployment, bankruptcy and

Why there is so much despair, depression and hopelessness.
Why there are so many malls, mass shootings, and malignant cancers.
Why there is so much fear, anxiety and worry about tomorrow.
Why there are so many false flag events, surveillance operations,
and psyop deceptions.
Why there is so much chronic illness, infectious disease, and
New Millennium maladies.
Why there is so much racial tension, religious animosity and
family feuding.
Why there is so much dysfunction in government, legislative
paralysis, election tampering and campaign finance abuse.

When the CIA, NSA, DIA, DEA, and US Department of State conspire to
engineer revolutions and civil wars in nations throughout the world,
do these actions not create karma for the USA?

The political class of this nation has betrayed the citizenry for many decades.
Theirs is a self-serving agenda which must change. The much needed change
throughout the world will happen when the US political process has been
reformed. If the people knew the treason which has been committed by these
‘public servants’, the revolution would have already started. The political
arena of the USA must be separated completely from the ever-present
financial and economic interests. These self-seeking interests in global banking
and worldwide commerce have squeezed all the blood (as well as their savings)
out of humanity.

It was John F. Kennedy who said:

“A revolution is coming – a revolution which will be
peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we
care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough –
but a revolution which is coming whether we will it
or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter
its inevitability.”

There is no question that JFK was a unique kind of modern day prophet.
Hopefully, those to whom he was speaking understand that the day is now
upon us. Otherwise, JFK’s other prognostication (as follows) will likely
manifest in the not-too-distant future.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible
will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Above all, the entity known as the CORPORATION must be re-evaluated.
It must be stripped of its Shield of Limited Liability before it strips
Planet Earth completely bare. INC must be laid bare for all to see.
The raping, pillaging and plundering of the planet must be stopped. Only
when all corporate entities are re-chartered under a new set of righteous
rules and regulations will the transformation begin.
Or else what will remain for future generations?

Lastly, it is the Consumer Society which must be re-considered … … …
post haste! Its hidden agenda must be outed and revealed in all of its
its multifarious manifestations.  When this paradigm is addressed for the
greatest good of all, poverty will no longer exist.
The preoccupation with fashion and fads, with celebrity culture, with
unnecessary information technology must wane. The impulses and desires
which fuel these and other trends must be kept in check. Unbridled
gratification only increases their strength and hold on us.

When the teenager is talking to his or her friend
— who is sitting right next to him /her — using a
smartphone, tablet or cellphone, we think the
time is very near.

It is self evident that the myriad challenges facing humanity are both
formidable and daunting. The obstacles may even appear to be impossible
to overcome. However, the consciousness of humankind is expanding rapidly.
The necessary awareness around the most pressing matters grows quickly.

People really are waking up, as the out-of-control and overly permissive
Western Society gets louder and louder.
It is this dynamic which will rouse the human spirit back to its roots and
original purpose.
Truly, every human being craves peace, prosperity, brotherhood and/or
Now all we have to do is get to that space together; after we have attained
our own peace within.

Nothing that has been written here is new. What has not been written can be seen
in glowing color everywhere you look.

Therefore, the time is now to stand in your own truth.
Then, take back your power … from everyone and everything that takes it from you.
When you are ready, and called upon to do so, begin to speak your truth to power.
Act out your own truth in the midst of power.
And be the power — the sovereign being — that you are
meant to be.

This is all that needs to be done.

May peace, love and joy be upon you all,
Now and forever,
Always and everywhere.

The Oracles of Ardra
October 12, 2013

Posted by: Cosmic Convergence Research Group

About the Oracle:

The symbol for Ardra is the teardrop. With tears come the moistness for new growth and new beginnings.
On the macrocosmic level all manner of storms – rainstorms and thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes, cyclones and typhoons, snowstorms and hailstorms drench the world with a downpour of rain or blizzard of snow. This precipitation, which originates from Rudra (the Rigvedic deity of wind and storm) is at once cleansing, rejuvenating and healing.  Hence, all manner of storms will be raging everywhere which are at once ferocious and full of the fury of Rudra, the fiercest of all the gods. 
In this way the old growth is cleared away to make space for the new, while the ground is sufficiently moistened for the new growth to take root.
The cycle of birth, life, and death is perpetuated by the universal forces of creation, sustenance and dissolution. The end of each cycle always experiences these purposefully destructive influences of Rudra (also known as the most terrifying roarer/howler) in all of his glory.

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