9/11 Experts Speak Out … With Indisputable Authority



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9/11 Experts Speak Out … With Indisputable Authority

ESO Introduction

These are the individual Chapters from the 90 minute version of 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out which is the documentary film by the 2,000 strong Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth founded by Richard Gage, AIA in 2007 whose mission is to obtain a real investigation into the destruction of all THREE World Trade Center high-rises on 9/11.

1. Introduction.mp4
2. WTC7 Part 1 – Third High Rise
3. WTC7 Part 2 – Destruction of Evidence
4. WTC7 Part 3 – Investigation That Ignored the Facts
5. WTC7 Part 4 – Fully Engulfed in Fire
6. WTC7 Part 5 – 47 Stories in 7 Seconds
7. WTC7 Part 6 – Unnatural Symmetry
8. WTC7 Part 7 – Virtual Unreality – NIST Animations
9. WTC7 Part 8 – Experts Agree
10. WTC TT – Part 1 – Myth Unravels
11. WTC TT – Part 2 – Sudden Onset of Destruction
12. WTC TT – Part 3 – Constant Acceleration
13. WTC TT – Part 4 – Eyewitness Reports of Explosions
14. WTC TT – Part 5 – Direct Evidence of Explosions
15. Ground Zero – Part 1 – Melted Steel Beams and Molten Iron
16. (((Missing File))) (((Part 2 – Iron Microspheres
17. Ground Zero – Part 3 – High Tech Incendiaries in WTC Dust
18. Ground Zero – Part 4 – Experts Agree
19. Ground Zero – Part 5 – The Next Logical Step
20. Seeking Understanding – Coming to Terms
21. Seeking Understanding – Too Close To Home
22. Conclusion

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Join 23-year architect Richard Gage, AIA, in this feature length documentary with cutting-edge 9/11 evidence from more than 50 top experts in their fields — high-rise architects, structural engineers, physicists, chemical engineers, firefighters, metallurgists, explosives experts, controlled demolition technicians, and more. Each is highly qualified in his/her respective fields. Several have Ph.D’s — including National Medal of Science awardee Lynn Margulis. She, along with the other experts, exposes the fraudulent reports of the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and discusses how the scientific method should have been applied and acknowledges the “overwhelming” evidence of high temperature incendiaries in all dust samples of the WTC.

As millions of people are becoming aware that they haven’t gotten the whole story on 9/11, more than 2,000 architects & engineers are leading the way at AE911Truth, with dozens of these professionals giving testimonials in this documentary, putting their careers on the line in their demand for a new independent investigation and calling for a more scientific assessment of the destruction at the World Trade Center.

The sudden, complete collapse of the third skyscraper,WTC Building 7 at 5:20pm on 9/11 at free-fall acceleration, is now being seen around the world as “the smoking gun” which disproves the official story about 9/11. These experts also introduce additional “overwhelming evidence” for a controlled demolition hypothesis of the three World Trade Center highrises – which raises many disturbing questions.

The film does not speculate – but does empathize with viewers by also introducing the professional perspectives of eight psychologists who explain some of the reasons why it is so hard for people to face the scientific evidence. This is the most scientific and compelling 9/11 documentary film to date.

9/11 family members and psychologists round out the professional showing and place the immense implications of the scientific evidence in perspective in this milestone production.

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