The Anti Crypto-Currency : Ripple (RIP ALL) in Dire Straits




The Anti Crypto-Currency : Ripple (RIP ALL) in Dire Straits

An Open Response To:
Jane Burgermeister:

Though you made the error of firing at two friendlies in one …. BitCoin and InfoWars ….. you did draw attention to a few related bits of information of great import.
In a misplaced and erroneous effort to attack BitCoin & Infowars; you have inadvertently identified the specific mechanism of a financial fraud of potentially epic proportions.

Global Economic Monopoly through Worthless Internet Currency Exchange & Trading

The following is a terse briefing in relation to the topics raised and there are no doubt far more complex factors that have been and are at work; including galactic politics and, what I am personally only really concerned with, the astrophysics and astrobiology of the galactic and omniversal ecologies.

It is of immediate import to note in regards to the IMF Chicago Revisited Plan ( and it’s arguments that:

“The World Bank-IMF is owned and controlled by Nathan Mayer Rothschild and 30 to 40 of the wealthiest people in the world. For over 150 years they have planned to take the world over through money.”

And in relation to Rothschild, the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve:

It would be foolish to think that Nathan Mayer Rothschild does not think of himself akin to his forebear Nathan Rothschild of the Battle of Waterloo who achieved the Rothschild dominance of the Bank of England and thereby US Federal Reserve.

That includes warmongering and it’s ilk in seeking to control the monetary systems of the world and thereby the governments of the world.

What you see written as the Chicago Plan Revisited is simply Rothschild and the IMF seeking to reclaim international national monetary control through IMF controlled centralised government banking controlling private banks that he and the IMF formerly had majority ownership of as private banks owning centralised government banks whilst concurrently attempting to negate debt owed to an entity totally separate of the United Nations and IMF.

The IMF began in 1944 during the Bretton Woods Conference and became officiated in 1945 as the socio-economic and socio-political resolution of World War Two according to the Illuminati Charter of Three World Wars to establish firm socio-economic and socio-political manipulation measures internationally towards the planned World War Three.

Included in its financing was an enormous loan of gold from the Imperial Family of China; to which they were “repaid” by the theft of the entire empire yet re-terming the debtee as the Marxist Communist People’s Republic of China controlled by the very empire they represent, the Roman Empire.

The Bretton Woods Charter was scheduled to expire after 50 years in 1994 with the intention of World War Three to be waged thereabouts and during the interim until 2008 when the Charter of the Corporation of the United States of America was due to expire for total repossession of all environmental resources and liquidation of all slave assets for a centralized Roman Empire of Global Dominance in the form of International Marxist Communism ruled by an oligarchial elite minority of Roman, Khazarian & Babylonian families with a central Caesar of combined bloodline as chief of their vampiric practices and philosophy.

Their plan largely fell apart in 1991 with the dissolution of Marxist Communist Russia amidst the First Gulf War.

Attempts to revert Russia back to the Marxist Communist Soviet State of Russia in order to reset the prescribed plan were causative of Yeltsin’s sudden departure from office and geared towards the Second Gulf War plans yet Putin rapidly blocked those attempts by assuming office as Acting President.

In the meantime, heirs of the Imperial Family of China have re-surfaced seeking  repayment of their loan amidst other terms.

The debts that the IMF propose eliminating are their debts to the Imperial Family of China as officially accounted as their debts to the Marxist Communist People’s Republic of China that their superiors of the Roman Empire “controlled”.

I say “controlled” because that power has been weakening during the past dozen years to the point whereby there is much internal debate as to the future government of China.In summary, the IMF Proposal of the Chicago Plan Revisited is merely a means of reforming IMF control of international monetary systems from IMF controlled private banks controlling government banks and economies to IMF controlled government banks controlling private banks and economies and totally erase the IMF’s debt to the Imperial Family of China that it had hidden as distributed private and government inter-bank debts.

Bitcoin and related usage-mined crypto-currencies, however, do provide an international currency mechanism of gradual global debt resolution and genuine wealth distribution through their exchangeability for not only national currencies yet other crypto-currencies and any other resource, product or service and by virtue of throttling their currency production to a fixed limit and at a rate on the basis of usage whereby production slows as usage increases until a fixed limit is produced usage proceeds as an international free market economy.

Ultimately, the real solution is for all of humanity to totally relinquish token currency and the separative competitive consciousness to embody the inherent symbiotic photon ecology of the omniverse.

Yet humanity have a lot of growing up to do before then; lest it be achieved through culling of any humanity that are not yet at that phase of consciousness growth.

Bridges are required and BitCoin and related usage-mined crypto-currencies do have the potential to aid that gradual progression.

In “Ripple” though, I see a decoy designed to destroy that potential.

The founder, Jed McCaleb, has a bad reputation in the BitCoin arena after founding and selling MtGox that he initially created to be a fluctuating Cards:Cash exchange for “Magic: The Gathering Online” yet later adapted the domain to be a fluctuating BTC:Cash exchange.

Many suspect he was responsible for the series of incidents after sale that led to its bankruptcy and the BTC losses of its users and Ripple may have been partly created as a means of laundering those stolen BTC.

This would not be surprising given he founded Ripple in the same period as selling MtGox and in noting the core difference of Ripple to BitCoin and related usage-mined crypto-currencies.

Namely, they start with virtually no currency units and then gradually increase release of currency units to processors of currency unit transfers in inverse proportion to currency unit transfers until reaching a fixed limit.


The founders of Ripple Labs created 100 billion XRP at Ripple’s inception. No more can be created according to the rules of the Ripple protocol. Of the 100 billion created, 20 billion XRP were retained by the creators, seeders, venture capital companies and other founders. The remaining 80 billion were given to Ripple Labs. Ripple Labs intends to distribute and sell 55 of that 80 billion XRP to users and strategic partners.

In other words:

a) The founding parties initially own 100% of the entire WORTHLESS currency for FREE, IMMEDIATELY

b) whilst retaining 45% of the currency, 55% will gradually be sold by the founding parties to new users at fluctuating yet generally increasing exchange “worth” for pre-established worths of national currency, crypto-currency, commodities, resources, goods and services to be wholly owned by the founding parties

c) with insider knowledge and exchange domination based manipulation ability of fluctuating exchange rates and an increased user base of exchange for national currencies, crypto-currencies, commodities, resources, goods and services, the founding parties will assure both majority ownership of currency units and majority ownership of national currencies, crypto-currencies, commodities, resources and goods and services providers to achieve total socio-economic dominance

Or simply:

Ripple appears to be a crypto-currency designed to DESTROY the good potential of usage-mined crypto-currencies and/or elsewise achieve dominance of those currencies and thereby economies and more so the said-same in relation to national currencies, commodities, resources, and goods and services providers.

With the transfer of Guttenberg into the management of Ripple, it would be well worth examining the identities of “the creators, seeders, venture capital companies and other founders” as the initial 20% currency bearers, the shareholders of Ripple Labs as the initial 80% currency bearers and the majority holders of the current 8.25% currency bearers ( to help identify what entities are venturing into this “Anti Crypto-Currency” and potentially why.