Russian Economist Candidly Exposes True Causes Of Ukraine War





Russian Economist Glazyev Put On USA Sanction List For Only Speaking The Unvarnished Truth

The Millennium Report

“Sergey Glazyev, who was born in the Ukraine and who is an economist himself, has a superb understanding of the behind-the-scenes power plays in the Ukraine and in Russia. This man really *knows* what is going on. Furthermore, he is one of the leading “Eurasian Sovereignists” and he is therefore absolutely hated by the pro-US circles in Russia. Glazyev is equally hated in the USA, who put him on their recent sanctions list for no other reason than the fact that they don’t like what he has to say.

Sergey Glazyev is also an advisor to President Putin and a close friend. Glazyev seems to say out loud what Putin does not, but seems to be acting on.”
— The Saker

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