Radio Host explains why Obama really dislikes Putin





Savage explains why Obama really hates Putin


Michael Savage rarely welcomes guests on his show, but this week, he brought on respected expert on Russia to try to explain Obama’s motivations for provoking Vladimir Putin.

Dr. Stephen Cohen is a columnist for the liberal magazine The Nation. He told Savage that even though he voted for Obama twice, he is now deeply concerned about the president’s increasingly bellicose attitude towards Russia.

“What began as the Ukrainian civil war became a proxy war,” said Cohen. “Now that proxy war could become an actual war between the United States and Russia” (Free audio).

Dr. Savage believes he knows the true source of Obama’s contempt for Vladimir Putin, reminding listeners that progressives like the president prioritize “gay rights” above almost every other issue.

“Putin has cracked down on gays and gay rights,” Savage said. “Because of this, Putin is hated by the leadership of the gay community in the West.”

Those leaders, Savage noted, comprise a significant percentage of the Democratic Party voter base (Free audio).