Mad Cow Disease Often Misdiagnosed As Alzheimer’s





Mad Cow Disease Often Misdiagnosed As Alzheimer’s

Common In US Dog Population
By Jeff Rense

We have been covering the BSE/Mad Cow (CWD in deer) story for over ten years now. Despite the blatant lies of the USDA regarding the existence of mad cow in the US and its efforts to suppress testing of cattle for BSE, there is no question that mad cow is in the US food chain and the general population. None, whatsoever. It is often called Alzheimer’s. In fact, it is projected that around 10% of Alzheimer’s victims actually have Mad Cow disease from eating US beef and dairy products. This statement comes directly from national Alzheimer’s authorities.

Not surprisingly, the issue of proliferating mad cow disease also extends to our pet population, especially dogs who are fed some of the most vile, dangerous ‘food’ in history. The average dog food contains ‘meat byproducts’ and numerous other ingredients often called ‘protein’ sources, etc. In fact, these innocuous-sounding terms are general labels for beef brains, spinal cords, tumors, diseased tissues, road kill, euthanized dogs and cats and a myriad of chemicals and toxins. Years ago, we predicted dogs would develop BSE/mad cow dementia symptoms. And we were correct.

Veterinarians who refuse to fully-face reality have termed mad cow in dogs “Canine Cognitive Disorder.” The articles below will help illustrate the problems we – and our pets – now face.

Because the British government lied to its own people for years and covered up their mad cow catastrophe with such pathological insanity, I also surmised that the dogs in the UK would continue being fed suspect beef in addition to ground-up and rendered dead dogs and cats, road kill, and all the rest.

This news story from the UK sadly proves my prediction to have been accurate: Mad Cow is very likely rampant in the UK canine population.