Was MH17 brought down by a hidden bomb on the plane?






Breaking: Russian Satellite Imagery on MH17

pieces of planeWhite House Has 24 Hours to Disprove

… by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Reporting on Malaysian Airlines flight MH17  has become childish, irresponsible and many have actually decided to invent wild stories even worse than the government/AIPAC lies.

Some such stories are on Veterans Today, stories totally unresearched, stories that are groundless and based on speculation and bad brain chemistry.  Such stories push our editorial limits as they are no more than spam.

We have made note of several findings thus far.  We have noted that were a missile used, an exhaust trail would have been visible for many miles and would have been photographed.  It was not and, thus, never existed.  Locals were questioned, none saw a launch nor exhausts.

The Russians have finally allowed someone to send us their video of MH17.  Judge for yourself.  We stick to “bomb” but are taking this under advisement:

[ Note: What you will be watching below is not a black and white image but infrared one. Hotter items show up as white. What looks like a launch smoke plume is not…but the infared heat signature. If  you rewatch it and freeze at the beginning you will see the white hot spot dot where the launcher was in the tree line. There is a smoke plume, very visible, loud, and more visible as it gets higher…Jim W. Dean ]

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Video shows Kolomoisky forces firing on MH17.    These units are led by Israeli volunteers. Thus far, this is the “best evidence” though we are still going with wreckage until the US can offer its own suppressed satellite imagery.


The next video is visual video demo of an updatee BuK_M2 SAM missile battery firing to give you an eye level view. When you watch the missile get high you will have a feel for how many people must have seen it…and heard it. So a major anomally here is why did not more of the public witnesses it, post Youtube videos or cel phone uploadings showing this event. Could all of that been electronically blocked somehow?

YouTube – Veterans Today –


Accused Israeli - Cypriot Terrorist Leader Kolomoisky

Among those going into battle from the Ukrainian side are some 500 trained fighters in the self-declared Azov battalion, backed by Jewish energy magnate and Dnipropetrovsk region governor, Igor Kolomoisky, according to Israel’s Ma’ariv daily.

A source at Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, cited by Voice of Russia, claimed that “Kolomoisky is the most outspoken opponent of the plan on settling the situation in the East of Ukraine.”

In April, Kolomoisky placed a $10,000 bounty on the head of any Russian “saboteur,” caught, according to the UK’s The Guardian, which added that turning over a grenade launcher to Kiev authorities would net finders $2,000, and $1,500 for every heavy machine gun handed in.”

Video of Kolomoisky troops shelling civilians in Gorlovski only an hour ago.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

The US has two spy ships off Ukraine.  If a missile were fired, they would have evidence as would our satellites that have watched that region since “forever.”  No evidence exists.  On the contrary, we did find evidence that only Ukrainian army has such weapons.  When that was told to the press, they were told that it should be reported that the Ukrainian Army units may well have “defected” to the rebels and then “re-defected” or is it “un-defected” back again.

It isn’t just the blogger amateurs that make things up.  We are still faced with a bomb on a plane, put there in Schip(h)ol Airport.  We now have evidence of “salted” wreckage being hauled in.  This is the funny part, a real ground to air missile may, at best, put about a pound, two at max, of steel balls and small parts into a plane.  Here is a quote from VT editor, Colonel James Hanke, an actual expert on air defense systems:

“From the examination of ‘recently found’ pieces of wreckage, it looks like they fired an ICBM at the plane, perhaps one with a 53 Studebaker strapped to the top.  Blast patterns on what appears to be ‘salted’ wreckage indicates a warhead of several thousand pounds.”

This is way too dense of a strike pattern for a ground to air missle

When Wayne Madsen wrote an article describing the use of a BUK/SA11 system against Air Algerie, our correspondent in North Africa, UN Arms inspector Alan Smythee, almost died laughing.  “They can’t even tie their shoes or keep a Fiat running…”

The failure to recognize a pattern of activity from the repulsive new Egyptian government and their role in Gaza to the bizarre comedy act in Mosul to the Tel Aviv based oligarchs now ruling Ukraine, a failure by the press, by all the press, by governments certainly, is astounding.

We are very much watching the SSG, Secret Shadow Government, fighting the beginnings of a world war, one fought with terrorism, ethnic cleansing and psychological warfare.  Though elections are openly stolen in the United States, we see millions of Americans basking in race hatred, class envy and simple idiocy, supporting the SSG with every fibre of their being.

The organ’s of the SSG, the Jamestown Foundation, Rand Corporation, Heritage Foundation, US Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Manufacturers, the National Rifle Association, the Potomac Institute, PJ Media, AIPAC, the ACL, the SPLC, the American Legion, the American Enterprise Institute and so many others are openly working to enslave this country.

There is overwhelming evidence that several operate biological and chemical weapons facilities, are involved in bizarre genetic projects in North Korea, are responsible for Benghazi, Sandy Hook, the Breveik killings in Norway (more attacks warned of), traffic in narcotics, human organs and run a worldwide pedophile ring.

This group/cabal had been involved, through the 1990′s, in the theft of nuclear weapons from the United States, in partnership with Victor Bout, weapons sold around the world, weapons reconfigured for terror attacks, perhaps the worst kept secret in the world with a suppressed FBI investigation, full involvement of US special operations commands and even a Department of Energy report outlining it all. 

Intelligence agencies around the world, now aware this material is out there, after Veterans Today published “proofs,” are offering everything.  Threats will follow.  It is an accepted believe that, in the right or “wrong” hands, this information can bring down governments.

With them is an endless stream of cults, the majority more or less satanic, operating inside Judaism, Catholicism and Evangelical Christianity.  ISIS is the first truly satanic Islamic cult.  All are carefully coordinated through a network of handlers, drowning in cash stolen by the Federal Reserve and backed by a flood of politicians around the world, heads of state in France, the UK and Australia, the list can go on.