Israel Committing Genocide In Palestine?





The War on Gaza, Mass Targeted Assassination

By Sami Jamil Jadallah 

Hamas’s crime is not its so called “rockets”, but its refusal to recognize Israel with open borders and legitimize its military and settler’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. When in fact NO Israeli government or political parties past or present ever recognized the State of Palestine in the West Bank and Gaza, always denying the longest military and settlers occupation in modern times.

The Israel relentless attack on Gaza is at best, premeditated with intent to kill, murder and destroy whatever there is of Hamas and to abort what is called “ Palestinian Unity Government” which in fact is in name only and never went into effect on the ground.

03505 Palestinians run following what police said was an Israeli air strike on a house in Gaza

Bibi Netanyahu, Israel the US, the UK and certain members of the leadership in Ramallah never needed an excuse or justify an attack on Gaza. Israel been doing it for years and all the time with vengeance not even the Talmud can command.


The day the three Israeli teen-agers went missing in an area under the total control of the IDF and Israeli armed settlers, Israel immediately accused Hamas of the kidnapping even though senior members of Hamas denied any involvement with the kidnapping.

Israel went after Hamas “targets” in both the West Bank and Gaza, and without ever having proof of who are the kidnappers or killers. Any one associated with Hamas is guilty period.

To Tel-Aviv, Washington, London and certain circles in Ramallah, Hamas is always guilty even when proven innocent and Israel went on the offensive against Hamas targets in the West Bank kidnapping hundreds of Hamas suspected members and raiding over 1,500 homes and daily bombing of Gaza.

The kidnapping and subsequent murder is what Bibi, Israel, the US, the UK and certain members of Ramallah leadership were waiting for, an opportunity to put an end to Hamas as a political party competing with Fatah, certainly putting an end to its military wing leaving the Oslo Team without challenge.

The large-scale assault on Gaza dubbed “ Operation Protective Edge” is designed as a mass punishment and murder of the people of Gaza, for accepting the rule of Hamas paving the way for Fatah to return and control Gaza. To Israel, Fatah, it is more of a business interest rather than national security interests.

So far, the world is watching with shameless silence as Israel continues with aerial and ground bombardment of Gaza. So far ( day 5 , 100 Palestinian dead, 200 building destroyed over 800 wounded) including an entire Hamad family with massive destruction of Gaza.

Shamefully if not sad is the silence of the White House and 10 Downing Street. It seems the killing and murder of Palestinians is simply OK as long as Israel doing the killing and murder. Today (Wednesday) Israel was able to kill and murder 6 women and 9 children among the 22 who died.

Palestinians and rescue workers stand near rubble of a house which police said was destroyed in an Israeli air strike in Khan Younis

To Tel-Aviv, Washington, and London, perhaps Berlin and the BBC and NYT, Israel always have the right to self-defense and all of its offensive campaign whether in the West Bank or in Gaza is always justifiable no matter how many innocent people die.

The poor Palestinians bastards never have and are denied such rights. They can only die and die silently otherwise their defense and retaliation against Israel and Israeli targets will be deemed acts of terrorism.

When the late Ariel Sharon decided to evacuate illegal Jewish settlements from Gaza he made sure that Gaza remains under siege and blockade with continued mass punishment unmatched in modern or Biblical times.

Hardly any week passes without an Israeli raid on Gaza. The US and major Western capitals simply accepted the Israeli siege as a matter of fait accompli and legitimate, and no one is willing to address the urgent need to bring this criminal siege to an end and bring to and end this cycle of violence.

No thanks to Mohamed Dhalan, senior member of Fatah and special national security advisor to both Arafat and Abbas, Hamas took control of Gaza after years of abuse and misused by Dhalan and his Preventive Security Forces, as both Arafat and Abbass looked the other way.

Personally I never could understand why Hamas wants to be part of the Palestinian Authority government? And I believe it was a strategic political mistake for Hamas to run in the 2006 legislative election knowing well that the Palestinian Authority is a management contractor to the Israeli Occupation.


Hamas political and senior leadership seems to shy away from taking full control and responsibility of its military wing. A military wing which proven time and time again is penetrated by both Mossad and Shin Bet.

Israel successful targeting of certain political and military operatives could not succeed without having some senior managers of Qassam on Israel’s payroll. A fact that no one should or can deny specially Hamas political leadership.

Israel could not without the support from inside Gaza and Hamas, could not kill and murder through “targeted assassinations’ the likes of Sheik Ahmed Yassin, Said Siam, Dr. Rantisi among the more than dozen senior Hamas leaders assassinated by Israel.

Though I believe the Palestinians in Gaza have every right to self defense using any means they have, short of suicide bombing, the young military commander also take responsibility for putting the entire Gaza strip at risk without offering effective defense against Israel’s air force or tanks.


Gaza can now join famous cities destroyed in wars, such as Osaka, Kassel, Darmstadt, Pforzheim, Swinoujscie, London, Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Tokyo, Hue and Haiphong.

However the Israeli war on Gaza unlike WWII and Vietnam is based on ethnic, racial, cultural even religions vengeance and hatred deep rooted in an Israeli culture and value system that has poisoned and infected other cultures such as that of the US.

Let us all offer our prayers to the victims and condolence to the families in Gaza. Justice sooner than later will prevail, and the day will come when Israeli leaders and commanders will face trial for their crimes. It is inevitable.