The Bob Mueller-Jeffrey Epstein Connection Nobody Is Talking About



The Bob Mueller-Jeffrey Epstein Connection Nobody Is Talking About

Forbidden Knowledge

Pilot Logs Reveal that almost every time Bill Clinton Flew on Epstein’s Lolita Express private jet, under-age girls were on the plane with him, says Conchita Sarnoff, investigative journalist and Executive Director of the Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking. Sarnoff has been investigating the case since Epstein’s first arrest back in 2005.

Bill Clinton yesterday issued a statement that he knew nothing of Jeffrey Epstein or his crimes. Sarnoff says he’s lying, as Epstein was one of the original financial architects of the Clinton Foundation and donated $4 million to it. She adds, why would Bill Clinton ever fly on a plane 27 times that did not belong to him?

In 2008, the presidential election was imminent and Hillary Clinton was the Democrat front runner. Alexander Acosta, who is today Secretary of Labor in the Trump Administration was then the District Attorney of Palm Beach, Florida. His department had conducted a 2-year investigation of Jeffrey Epstein and produced a 53-page indictment but he received orders from then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez to not “make a political mess”. Robert Mueller was then the Director of the FBI.

Ken Starr was one of the attorneys who negotiated Epstein’s sweetheart plea deal that let him walk free from charges that should have put him away for life 12 years ago.