Reality Winner: Her Fake History Is Laid Bare and Resumé Debunked


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Reality Winner: Her Fake History Is Laid Bare and Resumé Debunked

Reddit Commenter Demolishes NSA Leaker’s Entire Narrative

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The following perceptive comments were posted by Drooperdoo under an SOTN article posted at Reddit titled:
Yet another engineered fake leak of a fraudulent NSA report by a 25-year-old neophyte — How stupid do they think we are?.

Comment #1

Most people on /r/conspiracy are critical thinkers.

People pulling psyops have fake leaks all the time. Political strategist Karl Rove was a master of it. He’d counter damning reports of the candidates he was representing by creating fake documents filled with real evidence, and then leave telltale mistakes in the documents to discredit them. For instance, when George W. Bush went AWOL during Vietnam, Rove knew he had to do something to kill the very real story. So he took the actual facts, put them into a fake document [typed on a computer] and then had a surrogate leak the document to CBS News. Then he made a big deal in the media that he had debunked the document that CBS News had cited (implying that the information in the document was fake, when it wasn’t).

“Look! Forensic analysis shows that it was typed on a computer, not on a typewriter, as it should have been for a document from 1968!”

Most of the public, which only browses the news, ended up saying, “Bush going AWOL? Oh, that was debunked.”

(Except it wasn’t. That facts were all true, and found in authentic documents elsewhere. It was just the Karl Rove document that was fake.)

So fast forward to the case in question now. You have a young kid (a 25 year-old), with a very suspicious resume and timeline . . . whom we’re told had access to Top Secret information. And what a coincidence: It’s a document that tries to keep alive the “Russia Hacking the Election” narrative.

It’s not like the Deep State has been working with the media to fabricate the narrative (and using fake evidence to do it) ever since Trump was elected. (Remember the phony “peeing prostitutes” dossier that Comey offered $50,000 to a British ex-spay to fabricate?)

So let’s get the new story straight: “NSA Contractor, who happened to be a former CNN employee, leaks document saying that Hillary should have been President and that Trump rapes kittens”.

(Sounds legit. I’m totally buying it, lol. She’s Deep State + CNN and she has “damning new documents about Putin”? You don’t say! Is she a Karl Rove surrogate, too? Does she have any Bush AWOL documents, as well? Because, you know, any time to the Deep State and CNN have documents (and are found to be working together) they’re always totally above board and beyond reproach, lol.) Hey, lookee here: CNN staging fake news in London!

Yeah, you’re right: A former CNN employee and Deep State asset bringing us “Putin-hacking-the-election” documents? That screams authenticity.

Comment #2

Her resume and career trajectory are rather impressive for someone so young. Where most people her age are getting coffee for the grownups in the room, she’s jet setting through all these amazing jobs. And all at 25!

Let’s assume she graduated high school at 18.

Now let’s add college. For a mere bachelors degree, she’s up to what? 22.

Now throw four years of the airforce (where she learned 17 languages in Central Asia), now she’s up to what? 26.

Now her extensive career at CNN? (After that she’s what? 28, at a bare minimum.)

And she was so great there that the NSA just snatched her up. (So she was what? 32 when she was caught leaking documents?)

So by my calculation there’s something fishy about her 25 year-old age and her career accomplishments within a ridiculously short span of time.

It’s not adding up.

And what’s also not adding up are the sources. When someone tells you something, you always have to consider the source.

CNN and the Deep State have both been busted lying time and time again. CNN just embarrassed themselves yet again this news cycle by fabricating a phony Muslim protest in London. (It’s all over the internet. Their dishonesty is on the record for the world to see.) They’ve got a million fake news stories (a list of which I can give you upon request.) And they’re constantly attacking Trump by quoting Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, as “former unnamed senior sources”. The stories usually go “Former unnamed senior sources say that Trump worships Lucifer”. So who are these “unnamed sources?” Walk us through that.

These are the same journalists busted by Wikileaks coordinating with the DNC during the election:

We know from the book “Shattered,” that the “Trump-Russia” narrative was invented by John Podesta just hours after Hillary’s loss.

(He’s subsequently used his influence inside the media and his extensive connections to pimp the narrative. He’s even running the Washington Post now, too.)

So when CNN runs the headline: “The Washington Post says . . .” What they really mean is “John Podesta says”.

When they say, “Former unnamed senior source within the government” what they really mean is “John Podesta says”.

And as for the Deep State . . .

They did things like pay $50,000 for a phony document saying that prostitutes were peeing on Trump’s head . . . a document that’s been universally debunked.

But it was originally used to attack Trump.

So you have two sources who are known liars, and known creators or fake documents. Both pimping the Trump-Putin narrative.

I don’t know about you but isn’t it the least little bit strange that the girl’s entire background is CNN and the Deep State . . . and she’s providing EXACTLY the narrative they want, as the story winds down and loses steam?

Comment #3

Yeah, and her phony name has the whiff of the comic book about it, as well. Reality Winner. (Born Sara Wiener, is it?) We know for a fact that her real first name is Sara, at any rate. But now in this new “Resident Evil” re-imagining, she’s “Reality Winner.”

It’s akin to a person called Kickass McBigtitts being the leaker.

“Oh, Kickass! Her methods are unorthodox, but she’s the best we’ve got.”

After Kickass graduated from Harvard, Yale and Princeton at 13, she went on to win the international kung-fu championship, while patenting new semi-conductor technologies on her weekends at MIT. Then she went off to the deserts of Central Asia to learn 37 languages . . . and then turned 21.

I’ll offer a second possible narrative. (I know it’s crazy, but stick with me.) The CIA has a famous (and well-documented method) of infiltrating institutions by using young and low-level intelligence operatives, who are then given fake severance papers from the branch of the military they were in, to spy for the agency. It’s called “Sheepdipping”.

Many of the most famous twenty-something news cycle cases were sheep dipped intelligence assets: Timothy McVeigh, Lee Harvey Oswald, Edward Snowden, etc.

Now imagine if this low-level Sara Wiener was in a translation unit of Military Intelligence. Now imagine her being recruited to be sheepdipped, whereupon she pretends to take a ready-made job at CIA-sockpuppet CNN. (It’s always good to remember that Anderson Cooper is also a sheepdipped CIA asset, who interned at the CIA when he attended famous CIA-recruiting ground Yale. The CIA, by the way, just got busted giving $600 million to the Washington Post to print propaganda. And CNN whistleblowers have long been saying that CNN gets paid, too, to promote CIA-scripted stories and to suppress real news events that may be damaging to the agency. Read here: Now imagine our wet-behind-the-ears young intelligence operative maintaining her ties to her handlers while working at the CNN job they got her, and being groomed to be a fake whistleblower, who then pretends to release fake documents to hurt Trump (which coincidentally happen to dovetail with the John Podesta Trump-Putin narrative that the DNC has been working hand-in-glove with to promote with CNN and the Deep State).

But let’s give her as much credibility as we can. So now mild-mannered Sara Wiener becomes Kickass McBigtitts: International Woman of Mystery. The millennial for whom all career doors are open.

From the mailroom to CNN’s VP office in 2 months.

Then the 20-something is so impressive that she’s snatched up by none other than the NSA (for her miraculous skills).

  • Footnote: It’s always good to remember that the CIA and NSA are locked in mortal combat with each other. As 85% of defense budgets are being allocated to computer networks, the NSA’s power has grown at the expense of the CIA. The CIA has been trying to discredit the NSA for a long time. Which is why they did their whole Edward Snowden psyop, where we were all supposed to be aghast at the evil NSA. So it’s hilarious that Kickass McBigtitts has CIA-open doors to her at CIA fronts like CNN but it’s the NSA who dropped the ball on this one, lol. Man, looks like that bad NSA is just so incompetent. And hey! What a coincidence, the unveiled documents just happen to advance CIA talking points, which CNN has been promoting since Trump was elected. Good thing we had Kickass McBigtitts to get the truth out. On a side-note, John Podesta’s narrative skills are hilariously tone-deaf. I can’t believe he’s mounting this comic book-level farce. Maybe the next whistleblower will be male model and NSA assassin Biff Bigchin. After dazzling the ladies at photo-shoots (when he was deep undercover as a spy) he moonlighted as a NIST scientist, working on secret molecular manufacturing techniques . . . all before turning 20. Our square jawed, broad-shouldered leaker will promptly release secret (unvetted) documents, alerting the world that John Podesta has the world’s largest penis and that Hillary Clinton should have been president.

Comment #4

How many languages do you speak?

I speak three.

I know exactly how much time it took me to acquire proficiency.

In this girl’s timeline, she breezed into Central Asia and learned 6 languages in the course of 4 months.

Her amazing rise throughout the ranks of CNN is even more breathtaking.

As I said in an earlier post, she has more suspicious upward mobility than Chelsea Clinton.

I’m expecting subsequent news reports to assure us that she acquired a nuclear science degree, became vice president of an oil company, was appointed ambassador to Brazil . . . and then turned 22.