Independence Day 2016: Special Mandate During the Year of the Red Fire Monkey




Independence Day 2016: Special Mandate During the Year of the Red Fire Monkey

The American People and 50 States
Must Liberate Themselves

A tyrannical and criminal U.S. Federal Government now terrorizes
the world community of nations which only the citizenry can stop

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Very few are aware but 2016 represents a convergence of uniquely powerful energies which permit the U.S. citizenry to take back their power as the colonists did in 1776 from the British Empire.

In fact 2016 is the Chinese Year of the Red Fire Monkey.  It is also the year when Pluto is cruising through Capricorn representing a restructuring of government and reordering of society.  The last time these two occurrences happened in the same year was 1776.

Who does not feel the raw energy of revolution in the air?  Regardless of one’s political persuasion, it ought to be abundantly clear that some courageous individuals have stepped forward to speak the obvious truth in the public domain as never before in modern history.

Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have done just that.  Regardless of whether their policies and/or politics are sound, the practical effect of their respective campaigns has been to tear down the house.  Trump has effectively taken a wrecking ball to the GOP just as Sanders has kicked up a storm with the DNC.

To be sure, no presidential candidate in American history has ever exposed the workings of the national committee the way that Sanders has.  Ditto that for Trump and the RNC. However, Sanders has really laid bare the outright criminality of the DNC Chair in broad daylight.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been revealed as a covert campaign manager for the Clinton camp.

What is fundamentally different about the 2016 election cycle?

What truly distinguishes this 2016 campaign season from all the previous ones is that there has been a veritable avalanche of unprecedented disclosures about the heretofore hidden corruption and criminality of the US government.  The highest offices in the land have been categorically shown to be occupied by criminally insane psychopaths.

The two Obama Administrations have acted with a breath-taking degree of lawlessness and impropriety.  It is now plainly understood the world over that the USA is but a shadow of its former self.  The nation has sustained irreparable damage and the body politic is completely responsible for this devolving state of affairs.  They have given up their most important civic duties and in so doing allowed the crazies to run the asylum.

*Special Note:
Now everyone is immediately thinking to themselves: “We’re not responsible for this sinking ship. We’re not even on board with anything that comes out of Washington.” While that may be entirely true for some, the fact is that everything the US Government does, either here at home or abroad in foreign countries, is DONE IN OUR NAME and WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS.  This hard fact is a critical piece of the root problem.  Because as long as We the People permit the wars to be conducted in our name and with our hard-earned tax dollars, we have effectively given our implied consent.  In so doing we are fundamentally a part of the problem, not the solution.  This is precisely why it is crucial to do everything in our power to withdraw our consent, both individually and collectively.  In the absence of categorically withdrawing our consent, the current ship of state (aka the USS Titanic) will continue to head straight toward the iceberg.  Remember, it’s all about removing consent in every way possible so as to delegitimize every criminal act that is committed in the name of We the People.

However, all that’s required to reverse the current downward spiral is for the aware and righteous souls to step up to the plate.  Some have already taken back their power from the System and are now speaking truth to power like never before in the American Republic.  Dr. Kelli Ward is one great example of how this new form of political expression (speaking the truth) is about to take the country by storm.

Senate Candidate Exposes McCain, Obama, and Clinton: “Partners in Creating and Arming and Funding ISIS”


We the People must act

Once the American people become aware of the high crimes and misdemeanors being regularly committed by the nation’s top leaders, they are obligated to act.  When those crimes reach a level of high treason and crimes against humanity as they have, the necessity to respond increases dramatically.  The war crimes alone, which have been routinely perpetrated against defenseless countries around the world, have been quite stunning by any standard.  However, what is truly shocking is the consistent lack of will on the part of the American people to bring those to justice who have repeatedly perpetrated the transgressions.  These bad characters deserve nothing less than immediate imprisonment without bail and trial by jury.

“To whom much is given, much is expected in return.”

Many have paraphrased this quote to read that “much is required”.  As a matter of fact, very much is required from those gifted souls who not only have eyes to see, but also ears to hear the highly destructive betrayals of the American people by the U.S. Federal Government.  These profound betrayals by both elected and appointed government officials are now occurring at breakneck speed.  Hence, this extremely damaging trend must be stopped before it’s too late.

Because the circumstantial evidence is now so overwhelming which points directly to the deliberate incremental abrogation of the U.S. Constitution, the American people have a limited period of time with which to take back their country.  The moves being made by the NWO cabal are now so fast and furious that it is difficult to keep up with their daily perfidy.  It’s what they do best, especially when they feel the growing existential threats all around them.

This is exactly why 2016 is so critical to them as well as to US.  They know that their time is up, particularly if they allow the populace to react appropriately to their unrivaled crime spree. We the People also know that their time is up, and that there is a window of opportunity which must be closed before their escape.  As long as TPTB, whose bloodlines have ruled humanity for millennia, are permitted to escape the noose, they will continue to wreak havoc across the planet.  Only an off-planet prison could sufficiently incarcerate them so that their malevolent influence would not be felt on planet Earth.

Therefore, there can be but one outcome, at the end of the day, where it concerns the ultimate dispensations handed down to these multi-millennial gangsters and banksters. By every indication provided by the laws of dharma, these incorrigible folks must be sent to the waterless region for an eternity, both figuratively and literally.  They cannot be allowed to wield even an iota of influence on this plane of existence, henceforth.  They are simply too dangerous and intractable to even abide by the most basic laws of human reason and common sense much less generally accepted principles of morality and right living.

Whether you like him or not, Winston Churchill said it best.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 3.20.03 PM

The preceding quote is not posted here to unduly alarm or frighten.  Nevertheless, the NWO ruling cabal is now on the ropes.  They know the citizenry is very restless and justifiably angry.  They are also aware that when the truths about 9/11, ISIS and false flag terrorism, to name but a few, are disclosed by the mainstream media (MSM), everything changes. The only reason they are not in prison at this very moment is because they own and operate the MSM at every level.  Otherwise, they’d be toast.

Why 2016 is the beginning of the 2nd American Revolution

The timing of the legitimate overthrow of the U.S. Federal Government is crucial toward maintaining both national sovereignty and personal sovereignty.  The Obama Administration was specifically installed to strip Americans of both.  Obama himself is a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist communist who thinks nothing of killing millions to advance his agenda.  The Middle East was turned into a dystopian apocalyptic wasteland on his watch. The Cold War was restarted through his warmongering imperialism and has evolved into a volatile scenario bordering on a hot phase of World War III.  His reputation as the Drone Ranger precedes him no matter where he travels domestically or internationally, as does his utter mockery of his unearned Nobel Peace Prize.

There is now an air of desperation within the highest ranks of the World Shadow Government (WSG).  The Internet has encouraged the wide dissemination of incriminating information and data which depicts the multi-decade and clandestine crime spree undertaken by the ruling elites (aka the 1%).  They are grimly aware that they could meet the very same fate as the aristocracy during the French Revolution.  Granted most of the WSG leadership is completely secret and hidden from view; however, there is now a deep resolve to hunt down every last one of them so that they will properly receive their comeuppance.

Lord Hanuman, the artful warrior

The very best way to ensure that these incorrigibles experience a permanent reversal of fortune is to perform their takedown at the optimal time.  One need look no further than the ancient story of Hanuman to learn how this might be done in our era.  Lord Hanuman, as he was known by his army of monkeys, was the strongest and most capable warrior in the land.  He owed his every allegiance to his master, Lord Rama.

In the course of time Hanuman was given ample opportunity to prove his extraordinary loyalty. In fact it was though his heroic actions that the powerful demon king Ravana was defeated so that Lord Rama could take his rightful place in the kingdom he inherited.  One of the ways in which Hanuman assisted Lord Rama was by visiting his wife Sita while she was held within the clutches of Ravana who had kidnapped her.


This particular episode ends with Hanuman running throughout the highly defended palace grounds of Ravana with his tail on fire.  In so doing the palace was basically burned down to the great chagrin of Ravana who, theretofore, was never defeated in battle.  This single act of defiance so unsettled Ravana that his judgment was forever weakened setting him up for his final defeat.

What’s the point?

It’s high time to tell the miscreants and traitors to get out of our house.  That would be the Capitol Building as well as the White House.  The current occupiers have defiled them both in the worst ways.  The Founding Fathers can barely stand the stench of treason and treachery wafting up into the heavens.  What they fought so hard for so that a cabal of criminally insane psychopaths could destroy the world does not sit well with them at all. There is no doubt that they have their hand in the kindling of the upcoming Second American Revolution so determined are they to see the great American Experiment resume in earnest, instead of burning down the whole laboratory.

One of ways in which this peaceful revolution can be carried out is by issuing an ultimatum.  Were 10,000,000 Oathkeepers, Militiamen, NRA members, Tea Partiers and other American Patriots just happen to show up in Washington, D.C. on the same weekend, it would take very little to secure the entire city.  Kicking the recalcitrants out of the Capitol by force is far preferable compared to a full-blown and bloody revolution.  It’s also certainly better than the civil war TPTB would love to start to distract us from their ongoing crime spree.

Why is the Year of the Red Fire Monkey so opportune?

The Year of the Red Fire Monkey is the perfect year to start the 2nd American Revolution … a peaceful one, of course.  Just like 1776 it is again necessary for We the People to summon the courage and will and resourcefulness to take back what has been stolen.  The indomitable Fire Monkey represents all of these traits and much more.  Not only is he the powerful and impressive of the signs, he cannot lose when his year has come.  That’s because of his ability to galvanize all of those of like mind to rally around his righteous cause.

If the United States of America is to, once again, be legitimately recognized as the “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” then the American become must become free and act brave.  The circumstances nationwide have never been so dire and demanding each requiring that every patriot quickly awaken their inner Fire Monkey.  In this way the transformative fire of revolution can sweep across the nation in such a way that it will be too hot for the guilty parties to remain in power.

As is always the case, whoever controls the mainstream media always controls the nation and/or society.  Therefore, every initiative must be taken post haste to take control of the major MSM organs of propaganda so that they can be used to disseminate truth.  Now that the alternative media has had time to develop the competence and professionalism to do the job, journalists of every stripe must be at the ready to fill the void when the MSM new outlets are initially shut down.

Now the reader knows just how serious this revolution is going to be.  When the Kardashian dramas are appropriately replaced by public trials of the neocon co-conspirators, everything changes in a heartbeat.  The Year of the Fire Monkey makes all of these possibilities, and much more, entirely possible.  So it is high time to grab your weapon of choice — blog or website, Facebook or Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat — and join the revolution in earnest.

Welcome to 2016— the revolutionary Year of the Fire Monkey.  With Mars showing its glowing red ever so brightly in the night sky, even the heavens are conspiring with the ever-intensifying sentiments of American rebellion.  The whole world is looking to the U.S. citizenry as the last bulwark still standing — quite feebly, albeit — in defense of national sovereignty and personal freedom.  Were the USA to fall to a conspicuous totalitarian tyranny as is planned by the NWO agenda, the whole world will be plunged into the same chaos as created by the European Union dictatorship.



BREXIT has provided a great example of people power in action, for it has irreversibly triggered the breakup of the EU.  No matter what the intrigues were to bring about such a defining moment in the life of Europe, it has served as a glowing example of the people taking back their power.  This highly consequential event occurred in the Year of the Fire Monkey for very good reason.

Now it’s time for the American version of BREXIT to take place.  This is the way it always happens.  First Magna Carta, then the Declaration of Independence.  First the Rock ‘n’ Roll revolution in Great Britain, then the British Invasion bands overwhelm America.  There truly is a special relationship between the Brits and the Yankees, although it is much more profound and philosophical than the one that George W. Bush alluded to.  That clandestine relationship is about to be outed so that the true spiritual relationship can experience a flowering that will serve to liberate the entire planetary civilization.

If the false flag terror attacks of 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombing are not enough to justify a full-blown revolution against the US government that perpetrated them, then no justification will ever be sufficient to take back the country.

New Orleans District Attorney said it best on the Johnny Carson Show back in the 1960s when he said the following.  While prosecuting the only co-conspirators who ever went on trial for the assassination of John F. Kennedy, he took time out to sternly warn the American people.  He stated in no equivocal terms that if the people of conscience did not get to the bottom of the vast government conspiracy that assassinated JFK, then much worse would occur on American soil.  And, that the very same perps would become emboldened and commit even worse atrocities against the U.S. citizenry.[1]

And so they have!

Let’s get busy!

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
July 4, 2016


[1] Jim Garrison’s Interview with Johnny Carson in 1968 re: the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

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